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"Music is everywhere"

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Додаю до презентації урок тому, що мабуть не все завантажилось разом. А також, роздатковий матеріал для написання імейлів.
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 8 клас 

«Музика навколо нас»




Штурко О.В.













Лютий 2017

Тема уроку: Музика навколо нас

Мета: вдосконалювати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць;

             розвивати вміння аудіювання;

             продовжувати формувати навички читання;

              удосконалювати вміння діалогічного мовлення;

             виховувати толерантне ставлення до уподобань та смаків ровесників                       нашої країни та за її межами;

             виховувати інтерес до життя людей в інших країнах

Обладнання: роздатковий матеріал для написання е-мейлів, проектор, аудіозаписи, презентація (Power Point), аксесуари.

Хід уроку

1.Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Music… Music…Music…

We hear so much music in a week that we may not even notice some of it.

You should know music is a language. People use it to express moods and feelings.

Many popular songs are love songs.

People make their own music too.

And what about you? Do you  love music?

Do you remember the saying “Tastes differ?” What does it mean?

So, in this lesson we`ll practice to respect each other interests, for example , in music.

2. Основна частина уроку.

  • Listening

And we began our lesson with you listening.

I`ll read you the text about my attitude to music and your task is to listen attentively and then say what is true or false.

  • Reading

The next task will be reading. You`ve prepared some projects about your favourite groups. You can present them.

Who`s first? Any volunteers?

1)Zhenya, let`s begin.

(We`ll listen to a few short lines of this song.)?

2) The next Andrii and Sergii. It`s your turn now.

3) And now we`ll listen about AC/DC. Maksym , please.

(Let`s listen to a few short lines of each of the student`s favourite songs.)?

Unfortunately, we don`t have enough time to read every piece of work.

But we may ask some questions to each other about this work. Take turns to ask your questions, please.

Let me begin.

  • Zhenya, can you say what is CIS, please?
  • (It was Commonwealth of Independent States.) It`s correct.
  • How do group members jokingly called their style of music? (Andrii to Zhenya).- “Electroshaurma”.
  • Does Oleksii Zavgorodnyi participate only in duo with Nadya Dorofeyeva? (Zhenya to Andrii).- No, he doesn`t. He is also in a group “Mozgi” and he takes part in some other projects. 


  • Grammar revision

Now, children, it`s time to grammar revision.

Look at the text of the AC/DC song “Thunderstruck”. You must find out  what tences forms are used  in this text.

Let`s take the first sentence: who knows what time is it used in?

(Who is first?... . Next is….)

  • Writing

We now need to work on writing.

Look at this slide, please.

Let me remind you what an email message is.

You can use certain words or phrases at the beginning and at the end of your


I suggest to start with this sentence and write an email about your favourite style of music. I`ll give you 5 minutes for this job.

  • What style of music did you write about?

    Now, I'll collect your emails.

Hopefully, in the future you'll find pen-friends somewhere abroad and these email will be useful in communicating with them.

  •                      Speaking

Our special guest in the class today is a young musician and our school reporter Maria will interview this cute young pianist Tanya.

M: -Well, when did you start to care for music?

T: - It was 6 years ago. I was at the concert of classical music performing in Dolyna.

I was impressed by their playing.

M: - Why have you decided to choose the piano to play?

T: - Because, I like it.

M: - Did you take music lessons? How long (for)?

T: - I attended music school in Dolyna and I have taken music lessons since 2011.

In fact, I can spend hours playing the piano.

M: - Who is your favourite composer?

T: - Joackino Rossini

M: - What style of music do you prefer?

T: - I prefer classical music. It's got feelings and emotions.

M: - Some words about your plans for the future.

T: - I would like to create my own music.

M: - We wish you good luck.

Can you play something for us?

Can we have a round of applause for Tanya?

  •                      Summarising

Now, children, it's time to summarise.

Some of you have been acquainted with the Edward's de Bono method "Six thinking Hats".

And we'll use it to analyse our lesson.


 Let's start with our headmaster Roman Stepanovych.

W: What types of work did you see in this lesson?

Y: What are the good point? (That's a good job. I would like more lessons like this in our school.)

G: What new ideas from this lesson? (The best idea is to create warm and friendly atmosphere at the lessons.)

R: What do you feel about this lesson? What a pleasant surprise for me. I'm completely satisfied with the lesson.

B: I would to refer to adults. Don't ask your children "how long will you listen to this terrible music?" instead ask them "why do you like this music?"

Bl: What are the weak point of this lesson?

So, we must respect each other interests not only in music, but also in other spheres of life. Because, without tolerance democracy can not survive.

The lesson is now over. Those of you who have prepared well for the lesson will received good marks and those, who haven't will need to give me reasons why not.

Finally, we can't forget the world famous boys from Liverpool, the "Beatles" and I INVITE YOU ALL TO SING TOGETHER THEIR SONG "YESTERDAY".

Thank you all for your attendance!
















I like various types of music - anything from classical to punk-rock.    "The Offspring" and "Okean Elzy" are amongst my favourite groups.  Not only do I like their music but I respect them for their personal academic achievements which match their musical success.  Yes - members of "The Offspring" have university degrees in Microbiology and Economics, and Svytoslav Vakarchuk, from "Okean Elzy" a degree in Physics.  

 I also like musicians who introduce different musical styles to their performances.  The violinist David Garret, for example, will perform compositions  varying from classical music to punk-rock not least to  show the violin to be an interesting, captivating musical instrument. 

In his first album which was released in 2008, Garrett pursues an aim of arousing young people's interest in classical music.

So, in addition to classical music, he also performs rock compositions and film soundtracks.

The German musician has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest violinist.

On the 18th December  2016 David Garrett gave a concert in Kyiv.

  For me and a large number of his fans his music cannot be bettered by anybody.




























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