Музика в нашому житті

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Шаляпіна Ольга Григорівна, вчитель англійської мови (за підручником А. Несвіт «Англійська мова», 8 клас, 2016 р.) Урок містить посилання на сайт аудіювання
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Шаляпіна Ольга Григорівна, вчитель англійської мови (за підручником А. Несвіт «Англійська мова», 8 клас, 2016 р.)


-to give pupils information about different styles of music

-to enrich their vocabulary;

-to foster students’ listening and speaking skills;

-to motivate the students in expressing their own opinions and views on the topic,

-to teach them to collect information.



T: Good morning, pupils! Glad to see you! How are you today?

The topic of our lesson today is “Music in our life”.


T: On the board, you can see the quotation: “Music is a universal language” Henry Longfellow

How can you comment on it?

P1: People all over the world listen to music, play different musical instruments. They can understand each other without any words.

P2: Music unites people.

P3: There are a lot of international contests and concerts where a lot of people meet and make friend

P4: People of different nationalities listen to the beautiful sounds of nature, its music and enjoy.

  1. Speaking

T: Answer the questions:

  • Do you like to listen to music?
  • What is music?
  • How often do you listen to music?
  • Can you imagine your life without music?
  • Why do people listen to music?

Possible answers: (Music gives us pleasure and excitement, helps to relax, entertains us, it is the main source of inspiration, it washes away the dust of everyday life, arise various emotions, makes us forget about the problems of everyday life)

T: Of course, music accompanies us through the ages because it reflects our life.

T: Where can we hear music?

T: Can we hear music in nature?

Sounds in nature (the surge of the sea lapping the shore, humming of the bees, the birds’ singing, murmuring of the river, moaning of the wind, drum of the rain).

T: What do you think these sounds of nature inspire people to do?

P1: People were inspired to write music.

T: There are a lot of music styles.  On the board the list of styles (The Blues, Country and Western, Rock and Roll, British Beat, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Reggae, Rap, Jazz, Classical music)

T: Let us listen to these styles. What do you know about them?

Pupils listen to different styles and give information about them.

  1. Listening

T: Listen to six people talking about music and choose the right variant.


  1. What does Jeff mention about music?
  1. Situations when he listens
  2. His favourite band
  3. Music he doesn’t like
  1. What does Shibika love to listen?
  1. Rap and Hip-hop
  2. English podcasts
  3. Indian music
  1. What is Fred’s favourite music?
  1. Blues
  2. Jazz
  3. Folk
  1. What does Lupe have?
  1. Favourite genres
  2. Favourite singers
  3. Favourite songs
  1. What does Rebecca prefer?
  1. Live music
  2. Local radio
  3. Classic rock
  1. What does Swinki like to listen?
  1. The sounds of weather
  2. The sounds of whales
  3. Only R&B and hip-hop
  1. Work in groups

T: Work in groups of five. The leader of the group interview the partners.

  1. Do you like to listen to music?
  2. When do you listen to music?
  3. What is your favourite style of music?
  4. Who is your favourite musician (singer, composer)?
  5. Do you usually listen to music on the radio, on TV, on CDs, on the Internet or on the mobile phone?
  6. Can you play any musical instrument? If so, which one?
  1. Make up sentences to sum up the topic

(The peoples make up sentences from cut ones in pairs)

1. Music expresses our feelings and emotions in a melodious and pleasant way.

2. Music plays an important role in people’s life.

3. Music expresses the most beautiful and sincere  feelings.

4. Music is  a source of inspiration.

5. Music reflects our moods and emotions.

6. Music has accompanied people through the ages.

7. Music offers up  refreshment from  our daily life.

8. Music carries our culture to the next generation.

9. Music talks to our heart and souls.


  1. Summing up

Your home task is to write about the role of music in your life.








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Англійська мова (8-й рік навчання) 8 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
26 серпня 2019
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