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Muzzy comes back, part 13, 14 (роздатковий матеріал)

Про матеріал

Aims: to practise "to be going to", revise the vocabulary

Перегляд файлу

1. Find the correct answer:

Z:\My documents\Юля\ГУРТОК\muzzy\snapshot20120326220914.bmp1. Who found the black box?

a) queen;

b) king;

c) Bob;

c) Muzzy.


2. Who likes driving fast?

a) king;

b) queen;

c) Sylvia;

d) nobody.


3. How did the king and the queen travel?

a) by car;

b) by bike;

c) by plane;

d) on foot.


4. Where did Corvax and Timbo stop the car?

a) by the river;

b) near the forest;

c) in the city;

d) near the mountain.


5. What did Muzzy eat?

a) black box;

b) cakes;

c) clocks;

d) fruits.


6. How did Muzzy feel after eating?

a) worse;

b) so-so;

c) awful;

d) better.


2. Match the answers to the questions:

1. How fast are we going?

a) 35o

2. How far is it?

b) 120 m

3. How hot is it?

c) 50 km/h

4. How fast is the boat going?

d) 120 km/h

5. How far were Bob, Sylvia and Muzzy?

e) 30 km


3. Find the opposites to the following words:


Z:\My documents\Юля\ГУРТОК\muzzy\snapshot20120326221033.bmp


1. dangerous -  _______________

2. entrance -  _______________

3. fast -   _______________

4. far -  _______________

5. no one -   _______________

6. open -   _______________


4. Make up sentences using construction “to be going to”.

Bob and Sylvia / find Amanda.

(+) Bob and Sylvia are going to find Amanda. (-) Bob and Sylvia are not going to find Amanda. (?) Are Bob and Sylvia going to find Amanda?

1. They / get lots of clocks for Muzzy.

2. What / we /do?

3. Corvax / show his secret place.

4. Norman / teach the boy.

5. I / to find the little princess.


Z:\My documents\Юля\ГУРТОК\muzzy\snapshot20120327235539.bmpZ:\My documents\Юля\ГУРТОК\muzzy\snapshot20120327235734.bmpZ:\My documents\Юля\ГУРТОК\muzzy\snapshot20120328000115.bmp5. Match the phrases to the correct picture.

Z:\My documents\Юля\ГУРТОК\muzzy\snapshot20120328000004.bmpZ:\My documents\Юля\ГУРТОК\muzzy\snapshot20120328000246.bmp









6. How does it work? Put the events to the correct order:

  1. Push the handle in.
  2. The water comes out.
  3. The water is in.
  4. You put that bit in the water.
  5. Then you pull the handle.


7. True or false?

1. Bob brought some clocks for Muzzy.

2. Bob phoned the King and his wife.

3. The Queen drove the car.

4. Amanda can speak.

5. Corvax showed Timbo a big house.

6. Norman likes to be wet.

7. Amanda wanted to eat.


8. Find the opposites.

1. go up - ___________

2. get in - ___________

3. No one - __________

4. Turn on - __________

5. outside - ___________

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