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План-конспект уроку Speak Global-Go Global

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Урок-дискусія у формі круглого столу про необхідність вивчення іноземних мов. Містить елементи інтерактивного навчання.

Знайомить учнів з правилами ввічливого введення дискусії.

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The Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Terebovlia Department








a round-table discussion











                                                                       Prepared by

                                                                   a teacher of English

                                                      Stetsko N.B.




Вчи мову – виходь  у світ

  1. Music

A Teacher: There are so many of us on the Earth

Seven thousand million live on Earth. Why not? There’s room to spare.

And our views on this or that Are different here and there.

But we are all for honest work, We love the same blue sky, In London, Kyiv and New York

So keep our friendship high.

We cannot go on

Pretending day by day

That someone, somewhere will soon make a change.

We are all a part of

God's great big family

We are the world

We are the children

We are the ones who make a brighter day

So let's start giving.

There's a choice we're making

We're saving our own lives.


  1. hola. Mi nombre es Pedro. Hablo español
  2. доброго дня. Я-україночка  і мова моя милозвучна українська
  3. Good morning. I am john. The warmest greetings to you from the foggy Albion.
  4. bonjour. Mon nom est Jean. Le français est ma langue maternelle
  5. Ich bin Frau Anna aus Deutschland und meine Sprache ist Deutsch
  6. Volám sa Marek. Som zo Slovenska. Hovorím slovenské.
  7. A ya yanyk z sąsiedniej Polski. Mam zaszczyt komunikować się ze sobą w języku polskim.
  8. Ciao. Il mio nome è Adrian in Italia. Parlo italiano
  9. Моје име је Томас. Ја сам из Србије. Ја говорим српски.
  10. Jmenuji se Jerzy. Žiji v České republice. Mluvím česky.
  11. Moje ime je Elena. Došla je da ti sa Bosnom. Govorim bosanskim.


You see, there are so many nationalities. They all speak their own native language. Have you ever wondered how people began to speak so many languages?

The Bible tells us. Let’s listen to a story from Genesis, the first book of the Bible:


(pupil) At first everyone spoke the same language, but after some of them moved from the east and settled in Babylonia, they said:

Let’s build a city with a tower that reaches to the sky! We’ll use hard bricks and tar instead of stone and mortar. We’ll become famous, and we won’t be scattered all over the world.

But when the LORD came down to look at the city and the tower, he said:

These people are working together because they all speak the same language. This is just the beginning. Soon they will be able to do anything they want. Come on! Let’s go down and confuse them by making them speak different languages—then they won’t be able to understand each other.

So the people had to stop building the city, because the LORD confused their language and scattered them all over the world.


Teacher: So people were punished by God for their pride and scattered all over the world and speak their own language.

However, there is one language they all can understand which help them to understand each other. Which one-of course English.

My dear guests, as you have already understood that we are going to speak about English-the global language, the most widespread and widely used language, because nearly in all countries of the world people speak it. The modern world is becoming smaller all the time. Every day distances between different countries seem less. For this reason, it is becoming more and more important to know different languages, especially English.

Thanks to our president, the year 2016 is proclaimed the year of the English language.  Unfortunately, according to the research Ukraine occupies the 44th place among 63 countries in Europe by the knowledge of English.


During the lesson, we will try to discuss and to understand why we need to learn English.

So, welcome to the magical land of knowledge of English


English language is known world wide

From all languages that were collide

English is known everywhere

It is great to use it anywhere


Upholding English to everyone

Speaking in English is very fun

Don't be shy and show your greatness

Use it when showing competitiveness


Speaking in English is as good as gold

The language of English we need to uphold

It's very fun when you come to think of it

When you're with your friends who also loves it


When you go to any country

This is the language of everybody

Being expressed in different ways

Different accents on different place


The English language is my proficiency

Never be shy and express it freely

Just be confident and you'll be okay

Uphold English Proficiency and have a great day


If you want to see a lot of countries

 If you want to meet a lot of friends

 You should know many foreign languages

 But English is much better than the rest.

A poem A second Voice

I only speak one language,

My friends at school speaks two.


Sometimes I hear her

Singing to herself,

Talking with her dad,

Thinking aloud

And I wish my brain held

two words for dog

Two worlds of sound

Two countries in one mouth.


I have only one word

For spoon

For sock

For moon

For clock.


My friend sings two songs

And I wonder

If I will ever find another voice.


To have another language is to possess a second soul. Володіти іншою мовою-це наче мати другу душу. (Карл Великий)

(the students take their seats)



Teacher: For our today’s’ round table discussion I have invited four experts-people who know about English almost everything-let’s greet them; also we have the representatives of 4 different professions-a doctor, a painter, a pilot and a volleyball player. They will tell us about the importance of English in their job.

At first, the floor is given to our experts. Please, tell us why English is considered the global language. You are welcome

Computer World Map.

Teacher: Well. Thank you a lot. Now look at the screen. Here is the map of the world where you should find Top ten English-speaking countries where the English language is used as an official or second language. You should find domans and put them to these places. (на екрані демонструється карта світу, учні шукають країну і позначають її доменом.)

What is more-can you name the first three countries in this list? (The right answer is:  USA-India-Philippines-Nigeria-UK-Germany-Canada-France-Australia-Italy).


Teacher: Right you are! Beyond a doubt, you know that Britain’s influence on the world has been great. And we’ll speak about the influence of the English language around the world, because nowadays, English is not just the language of English-speaking countries like Great Britain and the USA. It is the language that people in many countries use today.


Before we start our discussion, I would like you to watch a video about the importance of English in a modern world.

Discussion 1. Pros and cons of learning English


Teacher: As a teacher of English, I consider the English language to be of great importance. I would like to listen to your ideas, points of view. First I‘d like to draw your attention to some speech phrases which can be useful to you while discussing the problem. If you agree with your group mate, you can use the following statements: right you are; I have the same point of view; I totally agree with you: I share the same idea, etc. On the other hand, if you have a different point of view you can use the phrases of disagreement like: I do not share your opinion: I completely disagree with you; you might be right but I doubt it; my opinion is different, etc.

Moreover, we cannot discuss anything without keeping to the rules of conducting a discussion. We should be aware of the discussion/debate etiquette. Here are some I would say golden rules of having a discussion/round table talk: be respectful; be polite; be objective; keep to the point; do not get defensive; do not interrupt; stay on topic; listen actively; suggest solutions.


So, let us begin. Remember to be polite and objective.


P 1: English is necessary for communication with people when you are abroad.

P 2: I agree with this statement, because if you go to any European country and if you can speak English you may find everything you want: a hotel, a bus stop, an airport, a shop, a cafe.

P3: I disagree because when you are abroad as a tourist, the guide helps in all situations and explains everything in Ukrainian.

P4: I think English is necessary because many books by British or American authors are translated from other languages. Whatever you`re interested in, you can read about it in English!

You can buy English - language magazines and newspapers in every part of the world.

P5: I disagree with you. To my mind, there are many newspapers and radio programmes in Ukrainian - there is no need in reading newspapers and listening to radio programmes in English.

P6: That is true and most of interesting films are translated in Ukrainian. Why to watch them in English?

P7: Well, girls, you are right but in my opinion watching English and American films in the original is more interesting than watching them in translation.

P8: I am sure, if you know English you can get information from different newspapers and radio stations. You will always get the news first if you watch the international television networks: CNN, the BBC that broadcast news fast and more professionally.

P9: When you listen to songs in English, it is better to understand the words. When people listen to foreign songs, they enjoy the music and words.

P10: I totally agree with you. You will learn all about your favourite music groups, pop singers and Hollywood celebrities in magazines and newspapers written in the original.

P11: You can use most pages on the Web. That`s over a billion pages of information! I suppose learning one language gives you a chance to get almost all knowledge of the Internet!

P12: It can expend your knowledge in different fields: in science, politics, medicine, social and human relations, history, culture, arts and sports.

P1: You can be politicians, scientists, doctors, lawyers everywhere in the world, or girls just can be a secretary who has to write letters in English and speak English on the phone.

P2: You will be able to travel all over the world and communicate with people everywhere. In addition, you can find a job abroad and earn a lot of money.

P3: Yes, that is right. You can make friends and communicate with people from other countries.

P4: Sure, you can go if you have a lot of money, and if you have a lot of money, you can have a guide.

P5: You will find a good job and earn enough money to travel. However, this is only if you live in a big city, not in a small town like Terebovlia.

P6: Do not forget that almost all business today is international. English prepares you for a successful career.

P7: If you know English, you can get access to the Internet and find information on any subject. In addition, you can go on holiday abroad.

P8: You can travel everywhere in the world; watch films in the original; go abroad on an exchange programme.

P9: You can also work as a secretary and make presentations at international conferences.

P10: I do not know, friends.  I think learning foreign languages takes too much time.

P11: That is true but in my opinion/from my point of view/personally for me learning English is interesting and exciting !!!!!!!




Students one by one choose a question from a list and ask a person of a certain profession the following questions.

 (Possible questions and answers):

Q.: I have a question to Miss Nastia, a doctor. Tell us, please, is it true that English is important to doctors in some countries?

Q.: My question is to Miss Solomia, a painter. Why is English so important in your profession?

Q.: My question is to Miss Mary, a pilot. We have heard that the ability to speak, understand and write English is necessary if you wish to fly internationally.  But why? 

Q.: My question is to Miss Natalie, a player. So you claim that as a sportsman you should know English. Tell us, please, why it is necessary for a sportsman?

Q. (to a doctor). Miss Nastia, as I know, most medical terms are in Latin, and this language is universal for all doctors.

Q.: (to a pilot). We often hear the term “aviation English.” What does it mean?

Q.: (to a pilot). Are there special language courses for international pilots?, etc.


A volleyball player: English is very important in my profession because volleyball players of different nationalities can be in one team, so we need English for communication and understanding each other, our coach and a referee.

When you want to play for a famous club you must know English, this is a main condition when you sign an international contract.

When a sportsman gives an interview after the game or at the conference, he also speaks English because English is universal for understanding.


A painter: English is necessary for painters as well, because if you want to develop yourself professionally you should read a lot, and most useful information about art is in the Internet and in English.

As a painter, I also visit different conferences (meetings) where I communicate with people from different countries. Most of them speak English, so, if you want to share your ideas you should know English

English is also important for business in my profession. If you want to sell your pictures you look for the clients globally, mostly through the Internet and you communicate in English.


A Pilot: Well, English is the universal language for all pilots and air traffic controllers who operate any international airlines. That is why it is necessary to speak English.

The term “aviation English” is very popular.  You should know in English different things- aviation, physics, maps, electronics, air traffic control and more. Why, because the lives of hundreds people depend on him.

Yes, if you want to be very proficient with your aviation English, you should take flight training. For many international pilots, English is not their first language.  They understand, however, that if they want to fly internationally as a career, their English must be excellent.

Clear communication between pilots and air traffic controllers is absolutely necessary for safety. What happens when a flight crew flies to a country that speaks a different language? Just imagine: an Air China flight crew that speaks Mandarin arrives in Paris and must speak with French controllers. In order to communicate flight crews and controllers must share a common language. And this language is English.


A Doctor: I would say English is important to doctors all over the world, first of allbecause much of the medical and scientific literature is written in English. Most doctors whose first language is not English should know English to communicate with other doctors at international conferences and meetings. Therefore, this is important for his career. What is more important, medicine is a very "people-oriented" field of learning, and doctors need to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently.

When you work abroad with other doctors and you do not know English, it is not a big problem because the medical language is universal. However, when you speak with English-speaking patient  you should know English to tell your patient what is wrong.

If the doctor and the patient cannot communicate, something may go wrong. For example, if the doctor didn't know the English word for "cancer," he can say the wrong thing, and the patient would become very sick (or possibly die).


Discussion 2. Why do you learn English?

Teacher: thank you for your answers. Good job/well done. There you can see some reasons why people all over the world want to learn English.


I would also add that people learn foreign languages especially exotic ones to impress other people around them; develop confidence; increase their brainpower; become more open-minded; discover new culture; meet people and develop life-long friendship.


However, What about you?- (Students share the main reasons why they learn English).

  1. I learn English because it's fun
  2. My parents want me to do it
  3. I like reading English
  4. Personally I want to use English in my future job
  5. I want to use computer in English
  6. As for me, I like English songs
  7. I learn English ‘cause my friends are learning English
  8. I want to go to the UK of GB or the USA, other English speaking countries
  9. I want to travel and meet a lot of people, then I'll talk to them in English
  10. I would like to read English or American books in the original
  11. It helps me to be a better learner of my own language and culture
  12. It is a good exercise for the intellect
  13. I learn English because I want to be a teacher of English



Teacher: Two students had a task as their homework to conduct an Internet survey in the social nets to find out why people - mostly teenagers – learn English. Girls, you are welcome to show us the results (two students present the findings of the Internet survey).


Discussion 3. The third question. What is the best way of learning English?

So, we see without doubt that English is the most popular language in the world and it represents the nations with great history and culture: Americans, English, etc. However, as each foreign language, it is difficult to learn, to speak and to comprehend. So, you have to figure out how to be a good speaker of English. And here is my pro-tip: if you want to speak well English, you must understand English as a particular culture. You do not have to read a lot of books or take English courses, but you must learn the way native speakers think.

Now, think a little bit and share your ideas. Again, do not forget to use speech phrases.

The best ways of larning English are (students share their ideas):

  1.                Watching movies in English. While enjoying your favorite movie, you can listen to amazing English accents and dialects, such as Australian, Jamaican or American accents. An easy way to watch movies is with English subtitles or to watch short-footage film.
  2.                Internet sites. Of course, Internet is not the most trustful source of information, but you can find here a plenty of sites for interactive learning (Duolingo) and people to communicate with. You can find a lot of fun and interesting stuff that can help you to learn English easily
  3.                Discussing with English speakers I find this the most interesting way of learning English language because you train your English skills in reality, you find new people, and you make new friends. Of course, you cannot find any English speaker at any corner, but you can improvise speaking with your friends or a teacher.
  4.                Have grammar and vocabulary drills. Learn as often as possible! Only by studying things like grammar, words, and doing exercises, you can really improve your knowledge in any language.
  5.                Watch DVD Play Courses; Watch videos and educational programmers.

6. Listen to English. By this means the phone calls, listen to radio broadcasts, audiobooks or CDs in English.

7. Read texts, poems, tales, etc.

8. Write tests, dictation, etc. Many people think that exercises and tests - it's boring. However, when you finish the exercises and run the test, you can really improve your English.

  1. I suppose a good way to learn English is to write itself. Nobody likes to hear their own voice on the tape, but try to compare your voice recorder from time to time.
  2.            Sing songs and play games in English. Music can be a very effective method of learning English. In fact, it is often used as a way to improve understanding of the language. The best way to learn the songs, is to recite the words to songs that you listen, and try to read them as presents to the singer.
  3.            Speak about different things. Make up and act out dialogues.
  4.            Translate texts and poems into your native language Learn words in isolation/ in context.
  5.            Many people learn languages outside or after classes. Use as many different sources, methods and tools that allow you to learn English faster. Surround yourself with the English language - take notes in English, listen to English radio broadcasts, watch English news, movies and TV shows. Speak English with your friends whenever given the chance.
  6.            You should read many English books, listen to English songs, learn English poems and texts by heart, do English crossword, puzzles, watch English films in the original and lots of things that help you to understand and speak this wonderful language.
  7.            I suppose very important is to Speak without fear. The biggest problem for most people who learn a new language - it is their own fear.  They are afraid of making mistakes or that their conversation would look stupid, so they do not speak at all. The fastest way to learn anything is to do it - again and again until you do it right. Like everything else, learning English requires practice. Do not let fear stop you get what you want.
  8.            And finally. Enjoy learning English!


Yes, learning any foreign language is very difficult and takes a lot of time and efforts. We have one girl who is crazy abpit learning languages; she wants to recite a poem. You are welcome.


4. The fourth question. What about you?

What things do you usually do to practice English?

I borrow English books from the library and read them

I watch English films, cartoons and educational programmers at home

I like to make up and act dialogues in English

I try different exchange programs and receive guests from abroad

I have a pen friend and write letters to him/ her

I take English course outside school

I go to international summer camp

I use educational computer pragrammers

I like making wall newspapers in English

I have concerts and parties in English

I try to speak English as much as possible with my teacher and friends at school and at home. I enjoy speaking English.

I take part in different competitions in English

I listen to English songs and translate them


GUEST-TIME (during the round table discussion the guests are involved in debates)


Teacher: let us make a conclusion; choose from the pile of the pictures only those that refer to the English language and stick them to our tree of ideas.


W. Goethe said, “Those who don’t understand a single foreign language, don’t know their own”. We absolutely agree with it. Knowing one or more foreign languages enables us to broaden our horizons, to be acquainted with different ways of thinking. It stimulates mental abilities and gives us an opportunity to understand a new literature, a different culture. The list of its values has no bounds. That is why, people all over the world learn languages.

Our lesson is going to be end. You’ve worked hard and learnt a lot of useful things. Everybody deserves A’s and B’s. Thanks everybody for active participation. But I also want you to mark your answer yourselves.  Please fill in the evaluation cards. You should answer the questions about difficulties at the lesson and your impressions of the lesson and fill in the chart to evaluate your work. During our next lesson we’ll discuss your answers and compare my marks and yours.

I wish you good luck in learning English!

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Stetsko Natalia
14 лютого 2018
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