Can bad habbits kill?(презеннтація з англійської мови)

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Дана презентація є наочним помічником для побудови уроку дискусії про здоровий спосіб життя, а також про шкілливий вплив цигарок на організм молоді.

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Can bad habits kill ? Are you killing yourselves ?

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Aims of my work : To analyze the situation with bad habits in the group To study the effects of bad habits on our health To work out my own guide to healthy living

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Some bad habits are really deadly

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Smoking If you think it’s cool , think again A drop of nicotine can kill a horse Smoking kills about 3 million people every year Smokers store more fat around the waist 30 % of all cancer deaths are caused by smoking

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Smoke or not to smoke The average age for a new smoker is 1 3. Your teeth will become yellow if you smoke You will have bad breath. Your clothes and hair will have a terrible smell

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Alcohol Makes you feel very happy or very sad. If you take too much of it you can't walk or speak You can't work if you take it The next day you feel very bad Can lead to mental problems, liver and stomach problems, family problems, and money problems Some people fight when they take this drug

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Taking drugs Is very addictive Can lead to mental problems Can cause sleeping problems Can make you depressed Can kill you easily

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How often do my classmates do these things ?

Номер слайду 9

How many of my classmates try them ?

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Measures to be taken against bad habits : - go in for sports

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Find your hobby ! Have good friends ! You are a builder of your health !

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Recommended literature 1.English 9. Student’s Book. Кузовлев В.П. 2004 2.English 9. Activity Book. Кузовлев В.П. Speak Out. 1/2001