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Позакласний виховний захід у 8 класі “English-Speaking Countries”

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Матеріал містить презентацію визначних місць Британії, завдання множинного вибору, асоціативний кущ та мовознавчі питання.
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  English-Speaking Countries

Сценарій позакласного заходу з англійської мови у

8-му класі




















Мета: - стимулювати інтерес до вивчення англ. мови;                                   

           - розширити кругозір учнів про англомовні країни;

           - повторити вивчені граматичні структури;

           - виховувати доброту та чуйність;















Show “English-Speaking Countries”

1. - Good afternoon, everyone!

2. - Nice to see you here on our intellectual show “ English-Speaking Countries”.

1. - That is evident that all the pupils that are present here are really keen on learning English.

2. - Sure! English is said to be the language of global communication.

1. - And now let’s start our competition. There are four teams here. Each team represents one of the English-speaking country : Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

2. So, we are ready to listen to your presentations.


I. ”Presentations”

1. - Thank you for your bright projects. It’s time for jury to tell us how they evaluated your presentations.

2. - In the next round of your contest you are given 12 questions. The team that first is eager to answer correctly receives a point.

1. - At the end of the round we’ll count the sweets each team has got. And the team with more points is going to be the first in the next round.


II. ”Questions”

1. London is situated on the river:

 a) Severn;  

 b) Thames;

 c) Wales.

2. Which country has the biggest number of  islands :

 a) Great Britain;

 b) Canada;

 c) Australia.

3. What country has Rocky Mountains :

 a) New Zealand;

 b) Great Britain;

 c) the USA.

4. What country presented the USA with the Statue of Liberty :

 a) Spain;

 b) Canada;
c) France.

5. What is the oldest building in Great Britain :

 a) Buckingham Palace;

 b) Stonehenge;

 c) Big Ben.

6. The head of the USA is:

 a) the President;

 b) the Queen;

 c) the Prime Minister.

7. The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from :

 a) England;

 b) Scotland;

 c) Wales.

8. All the English Kings and Queens are crowned in :

 a) the Tower of London;

 b) Buckingham Palace;

 c) Westminster Abbey.

9. Where did the Beatles start their career :

 a) London;

 b) Liverpool;

 c) Manchester.

10. The British flag is called:

 a) the Union Jack;

 b) the United Nations;

 c) the Jack Union.


11. How do the British call the London underground :

 a) Subway;

 b) Tube;

 c) Metro.

12. The capital of Northern Ireland is:

 a) Belfast;

 b) Madrid;

 c) Manchester.

2. In the  next round you will show us your knowledge of grammar.


III. “Language’’

1. Which tense expresses a routine or habit ?

2. Which tense is used in the sentence  ”I’ll be doing my homework at 5 o’clock tomorrow”.

3. Is the verb “to dream” regular or irregular ?

4. What tense is used in the sentence  ” We have been waiting for you for 20    minutes”

5. Name past form of the verb  ” win” ?

6. Name at least one verb which is not used in Continuous form ?

7. Is the word” reading” infinitive or gerund ?

8. What tense is used to show future action ?

9. Make the following sentence passive : ”We wrote dictation yesterday.”

10. Find the mistake : ”Nick play football.”

11. Name 3 forms of the verb  ” to give”

12. Name future form of the verb  ” can”


                                IV . ”London Sights”


1. Now your task is to name sights of London.






















2. And now let us have some rest and listen to the song “Let It Be”.

1. The last our task is for the groups of fans. Each team has their fans present here.

2. Fans, attention. Look at the board. There you will see the images of the English-speaking countries. You should tell us with what country they are associated.

1. The points for correct answers we’ll give to your teams.

2. Remember that you are helping your team to win.







V. ”Images”














1. Nice of you. That was our last round for today.

2. While the jury is counting the hearts and choosing the winner we’ll have a pleasure to listen to a song  “…".

1. Our congratulations to the winner! It is the team representing …

2. Thank you all for participating in our show!




До підручника
Англійська мова (для спеціалізова-них шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови) 8 клас (Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.)
29 вересня 2020
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