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Are youth subcultures good or bad?

to investigate this problem and find out whether youth subcultures bad or good and find out how to help some of their participants to cope with this problem.

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Other young people are sports and music fans. They follow their idols in their tours throughout the country and support them. Unfortunately they are intolerant to those who do not share their view. - What can you say about the culture of the youth?

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WHAT IS A SUBCULTURE ?A subculture is a group of people within a complex culture who have interests that are different from those of the mainstream culture. Informal groups such as Hippies, Rockers, Bikers, Skinheads, Punks, Goths, Emo appeared as a kind of protest against the values and lifestyles of the older people.

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WHAT IS A SUBCULTURE ?Teenagers unite in groups, they create their own rules, policy and, of course, they have the main idea that serves as base for the whole movement.

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Some children shock their parents with their dress, language, behaviour. The existence of subculture which is specific for every generation is a form of protest of the young people against the values of the adults.

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- What can you say about Hippies? - Hippies belonged to the opposing young people of the late 1960s. Their forms of protest corresponded to the standards of their contemporaneous society.

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Hippies. Coming against the war in Vietnam the young Americans, who associated themselves with Hippies, established their communes. The movement spread throughout Europe. Hippies led a primitive life in their own countries and then moved to the East. They rebelled against the values of their society.

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Skinheads Skinhead – literally skin head, other words bald-headed. This is a kind of youth subculture that was formed in London in 1969 and later gets wide subdivision. Clothing style of skin -heads is: camouflage trousers, boots and T-shirts.

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PUNKSPunks appeared in Britain in the 1970s as a reaction to the glamour of the pop star world of the 1960s. Punks are easy to identify among other movements because of their hair-do. They are opposed to the values, norms and materialism in the society. They prefer loud and violent music, lyrics which frequently contain oppositional themes , anti- romantic love songs, anti-parents, anti- police, etc.

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- What do you know about Punks?Punks are inactive and politically indifferent. Their real attraction to the young has been their ability to insult middle-aged opinion, especially among the guardians of social values. They have done it by using vulgar language, wearying green and pink hair, dressing in torn clothes, mutilating their bodies with safety pins.

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Gothic is a blend of 1970s Punk and 1960s Hippies. "Goths" wear their hair very long and dyed black, and dress in cheap, loose clothes. They put on make-up, looking very pale with cosmetics around the eyes. They are not aggressive, and seem to feel nostalgia for the youth culture and music of the 1960s. GOTHS

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GOTHSGoths appreciate everything, connected with love and death. Their point of view on life can be called as «depressive Romanism». They find loneliness, passionate love with a tragic end beautiful and fascinating. Sometimes Goths pierce their lips, noses or eyebrows. The main idea of their style is to look like vampires, witches or black magicians.

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They are a mixture of quite a lot of fashions. But what makes them really different is their philosophy. They are into mystical things and wear silver decorations often with religious significance. Another thing is that they have a rather negative view of life. Everyone expects young people to be optimistic and full of life and enthusiasm, but Goths aren’t like that. They are quite pessimistic and interested in death; they have this attitude that everything is tragic. GOTHS

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- Are there other cults within urban sub-culture?- Yes, there are. "Heavy metal" is one of them. This music of failure is widely despised by those who enjoy pop, reggae or soul. Unlike other rebel cults the followers of heavy metal behave themselves as victims. They wear gothic script and grinning sculls, expression of disheartened interests.

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Emo. It derived from the English word “Emotion”. A person who can express himself or herself freely. Expression of emotion is a main rule of Emos. They can be sad or happy. They are sensitive and they can be easily depressed. They are thin, tall, with pale faces, black haired, hair should be straight a fringe closing one eye. A black eye-liner make- up back nail polish.

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Emo. Favorites colours are black and pink. Tight jeans with holes and patches. Skin tight T-shirts. Rubber soled sports boots. Piersed ears, nose, tongue. Scream is a keyword of Emos favourite music. Wispering and crying are often heard in their song. Texts are about unhappy love, unjustice the world which is full of violence and agression

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- What made the greatest impact on the development of urban sub-cultures?- Black music made its impact on urban sub-cultures. Such types as reggae and 'Hip-hop' evolved in the Caribbean and the United States, developed in Britain during the 1970s. In our country reggae is the music of the teenagers.

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Reggae and 'Hip-hop'Many sub-cultures developed as a result of music fusion of black and white cultures. It is known that cults arise and disappear over periods of a decade or two. Raggae arose in the 1980s. Raggae are American-inspired. They are clothed in baseball caps, tracksuits trousers and chunky trainers.

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Are youth subcultures good or bad?While researching and analyzing youth subcultures we have come to the following conclusions: They are formed in reaction to society’s values;They help young people become independent of their families;These cultures give youth the opportunity to be something different before they agree and accept society’s values. Youth subcultures enable young people to express themselves by choosing the style that suits them. Are they good or bad? No one can say. But youths cultures can bring change to a society and help young people in their search for identity.

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