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Презентація до онлайн-уроку з англійської мови за темою "Holidays in Britain", містить посилання на тести з платформи НаУрок, потребує редагування дати проведення та нові посилання на тести задані як домашнє завдання або тестування в реальному часі.
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Welcome to the English lesson!Today we are goingto speak about holidays in Britainto speak about your favourite holidays to do some written tasksto read and translateto do the test

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Open your copybooks, write down the date. Wednesday, the 21st of April. Classwork. Holidays in Britain

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What is your favourite holiday?My favourite holiday is …When do you celebrate it?I celebrate it on the … of …What do you usually do?I usually go to …, play with…, prepare cards (presents) for …

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What holidays in Great Britain do you know? Halloween. Valentines Day New Year Christmas

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1. We celebrate_________________________on the fourteenth of February. 2. We celebrate_______________on the eighth of March.3.______________ Easter in spring. 4. We celebrate Constitution Day _________________ 5. We celebrate Independence Day _______________ 6. ______________ the Day of Knowledge on the first of September .7. We celebrate __________on the thirty – first of October 8. We celebrate _______________on the nineteenth of December St Nicholas Day. Halloween. We celebrateon the twenty-fourth of Auguston the twenty – eighth of June. St Valentine’s Day. Women’s Day. We celebrate

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Open your textbooks at p.172, ex.1

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Do some tasks in written form

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Answers№2 F/T/F/T№31) public holidays2) the 31st of October3) jack-o-lanterns4) tasty things5) flowers, dances, games6) the May Queen

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Let’s have a break and do exercises for eyes

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Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st of April, 1926 in London. Her birthday is officially celebrated in Britain on the second Saturday of June each year. The Queen's Official birthday

Номер слайду 12

Prepositions in, on or at1 day = on (on Monday)many days = in (in April)hours = at (at 5 o’clock)

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Do the testhttps://naurok.com.ua/test/join?gamecode=3590605 Прізвище та ім’я обов’язково!After test match the pictures to the holidays. Після тесту гра на швидкість!

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Homeworkto do the test online (link in Classroom)https://naurok.com.ua/test/join?gamecode=1187979 ONE TRY for 30 minutes! TODAY!

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Thank you for the lesson!

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