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„ Traditional dishes of different countries ” Підготувала Вчитель англійської мови Возняк Г. О.

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“Hello song”—greeting song

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Guess the riddles and fill the basket. It’s a vegetable. It’s round and yellow. It makes you cry when you try. 2) It's a long, orange vegetable. Rabbits like it.3) It’s white. You like to drink it. We get it from the cow. 4) It’s not a vegetable, not a fruit. It is cold and sweet. It is made of milk. It can be different colours. 5) ) It’s oval and green. It’s a vegetable.6) It is long and yellow fruit. It is sweet and tasty. It grows in the tree. Monkeys like to eat it. 7) It is a vegetable. It is red. 8) You can drink it hot or cold. It can be green, black, white and red.

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1) Where were pilgrims from? 2) What was the name of the rock? 3) What did pilgrims do in spring? 4) Who helped pilgrims to survive-taught them to fish and hunt?

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“Turkey Advertisements” {5 C22544 A-7 EE6-4342-B048-85 BDC9 FD1 C3 A}Why I am a bad choice. Why my partner is a good choicerstyle.colorfillcolorfill.typefill.on

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Have a rest! Sing a song “On Thanksgiving Day”

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STUDENTS’ PROJECTSNative Americans’ food. British meals

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Various seafood,especially fish,played an important dietary role in the Northeast and Pacific regions Of USA. Meat was the central dietary ingredient for the Indians of the Midwestern plains, where large herds of buffalo roamed.

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Deer and rabbits were also hunted. Native tribes of the Northeast hunted elk, moose, and bears. Corn has always been a sacred food for Native Americans. Different tribes have different names for corn, but all of them mean “life”.

Номер слайду 12

Corn was the most important dietary staple. It was served at almost every meal. Ears of corn were boiled or roasted over a fire. Corn was also pounded into flour and then cooked as cereal (mush) or baked in bread. Native Americans were also the first people to cook popcorn.

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English Meals

Номер слайду 14

English people usually have four meals during the day:breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper. At about 8 o’clock in the morning people have breakfast.

Номер слайду 15

They eat porridge or cornflakes with milk or sugar, fried or boiled eggs with bacon, bread and butter or toast with marmalade, or jam and a cup of tea.

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At about 5 o’clock the English have tea with milk, a cake or a roll with jam.

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The English have the evening meal,dinner or supper, at 7 o’clock. People usually have a plate of soup, meat or chicken with vegetables, cheese, tinned fruit, ice cream or an apple pie.rrstyle.colorfillcolorfill.typefill.on

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Americans eat a lot. They have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of Americans don't eat home but prefer to go to restaurants. They can choose from many kind of restaurants. An American institution is the fast food restaurant, which is very convenient but not very healthy. Americans drink a lot of juices and soda, eat a lot of meat, fruits and vegetables, not much bread.

Номер слайду 21

In the morning Americans have cereal or scrambled eggs, milk or orange juice.

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Chicken or fish, fried potatoes, vegetable salads, and desert: this is the most common menu for lunch.rstyle.colorfillcolorfill.typefill.on

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Dinner is probably the most important meal of the day, some people have family dinner, when all members of family have to be there. For dinner Americans usually have meat, fried or baked potatoes with ketchup or sour cream, corn, peas, sometimes macaroni and cheese or spaghetti; ice-cream, fruit or cake may be for dessert.

Номер слайду 24

Ukrainian food

Номер слайду 25

The Ukrainians have meals four times a day and their cuisine is quite varied. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is usually light – bread with butter or cereal with milk. Some people may have pancakes with coffee or tea.

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Some people even eat soup but, of course, sandwiches and coffee are very popular. Lunch is usually in the middle of the day. It is the biggest meal of the day. It includes three courses.style.text. Decoration. Underlinestyle.colorfillcolorfill.typefill.onrrrrr

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People have a starter ( salad, cheese, etc.), soup, steaks, chops or fish fillets with a side dish, a lot of bread and something to drink like compote.

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At four or five the Ukrainians may have something for snack : cakes with juice, tea or something for the kind. Dinner in Ukraine means one more big meal at seven.

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Reflexion. Making “a Thankful turkey”

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