Quiz "Cities of the UK; Passive Voice"

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Quiz on Cities of the UK; Passive Voice

  1. Read the text and complete it with the missing sentences:

Often when people make plans to visit Britain as a tourist, the only city they consider is London. Although, as the capital city of England, it is a lively and interesting place with many historical and cultural sites, 1)___________________________________. So here are some of my favourite cities of the United Kingdom that you may not have heard much about ...

1. Glasgow
One of Scotland's biggest cities, Glasgow sadly has a reputation for being ugly, dirty and dangerous. The first time I visited,  2)______________________________The city has many universities, so it is full of young people, and it is also home to many museums and art galleries, making it one of Scotland's cultural hubs. There are also beautiful historical sites, from ancient churches to the Mausoleum, where many of the city's most famous people are buried.

2. Manchester
My grandparents live near Manchester, 3)_________________. It's a very diverse and vibrant city, 4)_______________________. This means you can find lots of interesting people and authentic restaurants here: for example, the 'Curry Mile' is a long road famous for its Indian restaurants and takeaways. The city is a wonderful mix of historic sites and modern developments.

3. Bristol
As it is in the south of England, Bristol is very easy to travel to from London. It is a very beautiful city that 5)__________________________. The River Avon runs through the city, and the suspension bridge allows you to walk high over the water and watch it stretch ahead for miles. I also loved the numerous vintage and second-hand clothing shops I found along its back alleys!

4. Newcastle
I go to university in Durham, which is only ten minutes away from Newcastle on the train, and in three years I still haven't run out of things to do in this bustling city. Many people associate Newcastle with the television programme Geordie Shore,6)__________________________! Newcastle is one of the North's biggest cities, renowned for its shopping and busy nightlife,7)____________________.

So if you ever find yourself in the UK, consider trying something different than London! Some of our best cities are in the North, 8)_______________________and I personally think it's definitely worth a few hours of travel time!

  1. I realised how wrong this stereotype was
  2. but train journeys can be easily affordable if booked well in advance
  3. but don't let that stereotype put you off 
  4. people often forget the rest of the United Kingdom and all the exciting things it has to offer
  5. but it also boasts a beautiful river, art galleries, theatres and restaurants
  6. features a gorgeous cathedral and scenic cobbled streets
  7. where many different cultures collide
  8. so I've spent a lot of time in the area


  1. Grammar:

Put the sentences into passive voice.

  1. They speak English and French at this hotel.
  2. English and French_____________ at this hotel.
  3. The little boy broke the window last week.
  4. The window ________by the little boy last week.
  5. Our secretary typed this enquiry.
    This enquiry _________by our secretary.
  6. Jill uses the computer quite often.
    The computer ____________by Jill quite often.
  7. Next year George will visit Marc in London.
    Next year Marc ____________by George in London.
  8. Lucy buys many books.
    Many books ___________by Lucy.
  9. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning conductor.
    The lightning conductor_________by Benjamin Franklin.
  10. All students learn the irregular verbs.
    The irregular verbs ____________by all students.
  11. David writes letters every month.
    Letters _____________by David.
  12. People must protect animals.

Animals must ________ by people.

  1. She will buy some new toys for her children.

Some new toys _______ for her children.

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