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Reading Comprehension

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This reading comprehension gives beginners some reading practice. They first have to read the passage, then complete all the activities that follow. Please don't get the meaning of the word 'Barbie' mixed up with a famous doll. They are two different things.
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Reading Comprehension: What is a Barbie?

Read the passage below and then complete the tasks:

Barbecue clipart bbq australian, Barbecue bbq australian Transparent FREE  for download on WebStockReview 2020Summer is all about great weather, good company and great food. There is nothing quite like enjoying a good meal with a cold drink, listening to music with friends and feeling the grass in between your toes while you soak up some sun. Bank holidays in the United Kingdom generally fall on a Monday, which means that everyone gets to enjoy a three-day relaxing weekend. In the summer, if the weather is warm and the sun is shining, friends and family gather and have what the British and Australians call a “Barbie”, a short form of the word barbeque, in their backyard, park or on the beach. Children get the chance to run around and play while the adults cook the food, drink and have a good chat. There is no doubt that meat and chicken that is cooked on a grill with charcoal outside, tastes much better than meat that is cooked in a traditional cooker or oven. The aroma itself is mouth-watering and is much healthier too. On the menu you will find grilled steak, chicken legs, chops, hamburgers and bangers. A seasonal salad, potato salads, corn and coleslaw are the nations favourite side dishes that go well with a barbeque. Trifle, cheesecake and fruit salads are popular foods for summer barbecue gatherings. 

Answer the following in full sentences:


1. What is a barbie? ____________________________________________________

2. Where do people have a barbie? _________________________________________

3. What do people cook on a barbeque? ______________________________________

4. What are the traditional side dishes? _____________________________________

5. What do people usually have for dessert? __________________________________

Circle (True) or (False). And then correct all mistakes:

1. Bank holidays usually fall on a Friday.                              True            False

2.  Barbeques only happen in gardens.                                   True            False

3.  Children have a fun time.                                                  True            False

4.  Barbeques are healthier than ovens.                                 True            False

5. Chicken is only used on a barbeque.                                   True            False                       

Exercise: Do you like barbeques? If yes, what do you usually eat? 


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