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Виховний захід " До дня Святого Валентина". Цю розробку можна використовувати як вчителю в позакласній роботі так і керівнику гуртка англійської мови.

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Song "Love Story "

P. 1. Valentine's Day, Happy Day

We are glad and very gay. 

We all dance and sing and say: 

"Welcome, welcome, Valentine's Day. P.2.

I ani a little Cupid
And I come to visit you,      
To tell you that I love you, 

And to know if you love me. P.3.

I am a little valentine, Can't you see?

All decorated, 

I'm pretty as can be. 

I say, "I love you!"

And "Won't you be mine?"

So give me to a friend.

Oh, don't waste time!

Take away love, and our earth is a tomb. Robert Browning.

 Love makes the world go round.

P.l. Dear friends, teachers, children! You are welcome at our party, dedicated to St. Valentine's Day, which is always held on February 14

  and brings us happiness and good luck.

P.2. St. Valentine is one of the popular holidays in Europe and America. It is the day, when boys and girls, sweethearts and lovers, husbands and wives, friends and neighbours, and even the office staff, exchange greetings of affection, undying love, or satirical comment.


   P.l. Let's listen the history of this holiday. History of the holiday.

Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day started over 2000 years ago, as a winter festival, on February 15th. On that day pagans asked gods to give them good fruit and vegetables, and strong animals.

When Christians came to Britain, they came with a story about a man called Saint Valentine. The story is that Valentine was a Christian who lived in the third century. The Roman Emperor at that time, Claudius, wasn't a Christian. Claudius decided that his soldiers must not marry, because married soldiers do not make good soldiers. Valentine worked for the church, and one day he helped one soldier to get married. The Roman Emperor said that Valentine had to die. In prison Valentine started to love the daughter of a man who worked in the prison. The day he died he sent a note to this woman and at the end of the note he said: "Your Valentine" .He died on February, 14th, so the date of the festival changed to February, 14th.

In the 19th century, when the post office started in Britain, people started to send Valentine's cards to the person they loved. People still send each other Valentine's cards, but they do not write their names inside. Some children give their friends cards or chocolates. A man gives his girlfriend or wife red roses.

A lot of people go out to restaurants and have dinner for two, with candles and soft music

P. 1. It seems there is no thing simpler than love and at the same time more complicated than love. Everybody feels love to another person but it is hard to explain what love is.

P.2. There are different kinds of love. We love our parents, relatives, friends and pets; we love our homes and our Motherland Ukraine.

P. 1 .The most mysterious feeling is love between a man and a woman. There is an old legend about it.

(Ha сцені чотири пари стоять спиною одна до одної. У руках тримають по половині сердець. Звучить романтична музика.) God l

Have you met those strong people? They could do everything and they are very happy.

God 2

Oh, yes. They are so strong and wise. You see, even stronger and wiser than we are.

God l

We should do something with it. Nobody can be stronger, wiser and

happier than we are.

God 2

But what can we do?

God l

Let's think. We are clever and inventive. We shall find the way out. We

must win them. 

God 2



No, no. Oh, I've got an idea. What about dividing each person into two


God 2

And let's make them a man and a woman.

God l

And mix them on the earth. They should try to find the lost half. Ha-ha-


(Боги розділяють пари. Кожний шукає свою половинку.)

God 2

But if they do it?

God 1

Let's praise them. Those who find each other fall in love and will

become as strong as we are.

(Співпадає лише одна пара.)

PA. A nice legend, isn't it?

P.2. A legend is a legend but love really makes wonders. Great love
makes lovers better and kinder. And the world around them becomes
lighter, brighter and kinder. It inspires poets and musicians to create
their immortal works. 

Song "Moon River"

P.l. St Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries in the world. In Italy there is a tradition to get engaged on St Valentine's Day. Some shops sell china baskets and cups that are filled with valentine candies tied with a ribbon, which you can give as valentine present

P.2. Germans and Austrians give chocolate and roses to their wives on
that day. And in Spain wives give presents to their husbands while
husbands give flowers to their wives. In Denmark people swap poems
and candy snowdrops. Some people also send funny love notes, without
signingtheir names.   


P.l. Mother is the dearest for us in the world. We give all our love to her. We want her to be happy, healthy, stay with us all the time.


P.2. Love is the highest value of life. We can not be happy without love to our Motherland, parents and friends or without love to a person.


P.l. Love makes friendship, happiness. Love is a stream of living water, which we drink every day and need it always. At the same time it's the sun that gives people light along the river of life.


P.2.The pupil of our school created poems about love. Now she is
representing them.



P. 1. In love we give a hand to another, in love we change and make other people happy. In love all people are beautiful.

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