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Saint Valentine`s game “Love is in the air”

Про матеріал

День Святого Валентина - день, коли любов відчувається навіть у повітрі. Захід орієнтований для 10-11 класів. Інтелектуально-розважальна програма має 5 етапів: вибір нікнейму для гри+самопрезентація, міні-тест про День Валентина по всьому світу, аудіо-завдання з пошуком і підрахуванням конкретного слова, танцювальні стільці з додатковими бонусними запитаннями та відео-конкурс із передбаченням події зі сценами із романтичних фільмів.

Перегляд файлу

 Тема: Saint Valentine`s game “Love is in the air”

Мета: поглибити і розширити знання з теми «Saint Valentine`s day», познайомити учнів з цікавими традиціями свята, виховувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови, розвивати та вдосконалювати  навички аудіювання та говоріння.

Вікова категорія 10-11 клас

Обладнання та матеріали: медіаконтент(уривки відео, пісень, фото співачки) та презентація

Хід заходу:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to see all of you here! Today we have a very romantic meeting, because it is Saint Valentine`s Day! My congratulations to all of you! So let us start topical entertainment «Love is in the air»  I hope this holiday will give you a lot of new information about interesting traditions for love celebrations all over the world! We have very clever participants as all you can see. And I propose to start our love party from new names. Choose it!













Please write down your new name on the paperheart and put it at your desk. Now your task is to introduce yourself with your new names and some phrases.

1)Hi, my name is…

2)I like Saint Valentine`s day very much, because…

3)I prefer …in my free time

4)My hobby is…

5)I wish all the participants …

We`ll give you some minutes to prepare some notes. During this time we have a little competitions. I invite three students here using the lottery. So, … and …. Do you want to get a candy? I think yes. So, give us 5  romantic compliments.

Now it`s time to listen to our guests.  You`ll get marks for your answers, 5 is for the best result and 1-is for the worstone! (Students present theirselves)                                                                                                                          The second our part will be about Saint Valentine`s traditions all around the world.  You have some paper hearts. Write down your game nickname on each one. I ask you a question and, you must write down the answer on paperheart. There are 5 tests.

1.In what country Saint Valentine`s Day is a holiday for adults only. And a symbol of this celebration here is chocolate pig.

a)the USA   b)Germany  c)Poland

2.In what country do women present chocolate to men for Valentine`s Day and the month later, on White day men return candies for them?

a)Japan   b)South Korea c)Russia

3)In what country do lovers exchange hazelnut chocolates and kisses?

a)Italy  b)Spain  c)China

4)In what country Saint Valentine`s day is an official day of love and friendship?

a)Canada  b)Australia  c)Mexico

5)In what country Saint Valentine`s Day is called Qixi Festival?

a)China  b)Japan c)France

I hope it was interesting for you to know such Valentine traditions.

We continue our competitions.

And there is some guest. Do you know who is this?  This is LP, famous American singer. She has some task for you. She asks you to count how many times the word “you” in her song. Here are paper hearts for writing answers. Now we gonna listen this song. It will be one time. After the song will be over, you must write number . (Participants are listening and the teachers are dancing with students )

So, it`s time to take your paper heart with your answers. What are your ideas about the number? (32) And we can move on. Our next stop is “Dancing chairs”. You`ll move around the chairs during the music is playing. When the music is stopped you have to sit on the chair, but if you have a piece of paper on it, you`ll read and try to answer.  If you are wright you have + 1 point. The person who has no a chair finish the participations with result of 1 point.

  1. Is it true: in Estonia, riding a “love bus” gives single people a chance to find romance on Saint Valentine`s day? True
  2. Is it true: in Slovenia Saint Valentine is known as a patron saint of winter? False saint of spring
  3. Is it true: in Peru men give to women orchids instead of roses? True
  4. Is it true : in Israel Valentine`s day is celebrated in summer? True
  5. Is it true: in Czech Republic on Saint Valentine`s day lovers kiss under apple tree for happiness and good health? False under cherry trees

It was very interesting and funny. And  we have our last Valentine`s test.  It is lovemovie quiz. You`ll watch some film episodes, the most romantic scenes. And your task is to say what happened next. Try to imagine yourself  a screenwriter.(Students watch videos and say the ideas, and then they watch  true version)

  1. Cindeerlla
  2. Pride and Prejudice
  3. Thorn birds
  4. One day
  5. Notebook

I hope, you liked this romantic films very much. And I am sure these videos showed real love feelings and emotions. Don`t be afraid to express yourself.

At last  or unfortunately our Loveparty is over and it`s time to get our results.


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