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Mother’s Day

Good morning, dear teachers, dear guests, dear pupils. Today is a special day. It is dedicated to our mothers. English people have different traditions. The second Sunday in May is called Mothering Sunday. For children it means a holiday, when they go home to spend the day with their mothers.

May there always be sunshine,

May there always be blue sky,

May there always be me.

P1    Who said “Good night when you were a child?”

Chorus -  My mother.

P2    Who dressed your dolls in clothes so gay and showed you how to play?

Chorus-    My mother.

P1   Who ran to help you when you fell?  And who could funny stories tell?

Chorus - My mother.

P2  - Who sits at your head when you are in bed?

Chorus - My mother.

P1 -Who is so nice, who is so kind? Another so dear you’ll never find!!!

My mother!

A song “ I love you mummy”

It’s spring time, it’s spring time

Cold winter is past

Warm breezes are blowing

And spring is here at last!

The birds are returning

Their songs you can hear

And meadows are smiling

With spring flowers here!

Mother - Look! Here come Sue and Benny!

Sue and Benny - Good morning, Mommy!

Mother -Good morning , Sue

Sue - Good morning, Daddy! -How are you?

Daddy -Good morning, Benny!

Daddy- Good morning, Sue!

- Good morning! - How are you?

Let’s sing “Happy Mother’s Day Song”

My dear mummy, dear mummy

Let me kiss your face

I want you to be happy

Today and always.

Be happy, be happy

Today and always.

 I love you, I love you

Dear mother, dear granny

Do you love me too?

Who loves mummy best

I says Fred

I give her flowers

White yellow and red

One, One, one

I love the sun

Two, two, two

I love my mummy, too.

Three, three, three

My mummy loves me.

Mother is busy
From morning till light
Keeping her family 
Happy and bright.

My dear, dear mummy
I love you very much
I want you to be happy
And love you gently touch

My dear, dear Mommy,
I love you so much.
I want you to be happy
On the 8th of March. 

That is your mother

I agree, she is fine.

You love your mother.

And I love mine.

My mother is very nice. 
She's got beautiful eyes. 
She's got a smile to charm us. 
She's got a song to calm us.

I never have a special day

To give flowers to my mother

I give them to her every day

To show how much I live her

A song  “ I love you mummy”
P1 The hedgehog lived in the forest. Every winter it slept in the hole with his mother. And in spring he woke up and was glad to see the sun. 
Їжачок виходить на галявину. 
Їжачок: Hello sun! Hello sky! Hello flowers!
Вискакує  Заєць. 
Заєць.: Hello hedgehog!
H: Hello hare! What is this? (показує на руки)
Заєць: This is the fresh plant for my mother.
Hedgehog: Is it your mother's birthday today?
Заєць: Oh, no. Today it's mother's day.
Hedgehog: And what is this -"mother's day?"
Заєць: This is holiday for all mothers and grandmothers of all universe. And this plant is for her. And what gift do you present your mother?
Hedgehog: Oh, I don't know. I have not any gift.
Заєць: Think about it, but I must go, Good bye Hedgehog.
Ведучий: Suddenly, the Hedgehog sees the flowers. (виходять квіти)
Hedgehog: Who are you?
Snowdrop: I am a nice little flower in a white dress. I have no smell. I am a snowdrop.
Hedgehog: And who are you?

Sweet and fresh violets,

On every hill and dell;

And ,oh! How beautiful they are!

How lovely do they smell!

Violet.I come next. I don’t like snow. I like warm days.

My dress is violet.

Hedgehog: And who are you?

Bluebell: I am blue like the sky, and my dress like a bell. I like the sun. I am a bluebell.
Hedgehog: And who are you?
Sunflower: Look at me please. I am like the sun. Me color is yellow, I make the fields yellow. I am very nice as you see.

Hedgehog: And who are you?
I come next. I am yellow like the sun.

My name is daffodil.

Once while walking in the hills

I saw a lot of golden daffodils.

Hedgehog: And who are you?
I am red. I am nice. My name is tulip.

A lot of spring tulips.

And sunny warm weather,

And singing and playing

All come together.

Flowers: We are flowers.
Snowdrop: Who are you?
Hedgehog: I am a hedgehog. 
Bluebell: What are you doing here?
Hedgehog: I am looking for the gift for my mother. Today it's mother's day.
Sunflower: Sisters, let's help him.
(Квіти дають по одній квітці для їжачка)
Hedgehog: Thank you flowers. You are so kind. Now I have the gift for my mother.

    ( Tune:  “Mary Had A Little Lamb”)

I picked some flowers, just for you,

Just for you, just for you.    

I picked some flowers, just for you,

To make a big bouquet.

The flowers say, that I love you,

I love you, I love you.

The flowers say, that I love you,

Happy Mother’s Day!                               


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