Сценарій різдвяного карнавалу "Christmas magic"

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Шукаєте ідею як відсвяткувати Різдво? Пропоную вашій увазі карнавал, який неодмінно зацікавить ваших учнів. Ваші учні перевтіляться в улюблених персонажів з мультфільмів та казок. А допоможе їм в цьому магія Різдва

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Santa's elves:


1. Сніжно - сніжно, біло - біло,

Все засипала зима.

Все завмерло, заніміло,

Все до літечка дріма.


2. Літо ковдрою накрилось

З білосніжних кучугур.

Річка в тишу покотилась

Крижаний вдягла каптур.


3. Зимно, тихо. А у мене

Радість в серці та тепло.

Пісня щира та натхненна

Обпече морозне скло.


4. І загляне у віконце

Ясна зірка з висоти

Ніжна, тепла, наче сонце,

Зірка миру й теплоти.


5. Зірка, що колись дорогу

 освітила мудрецям

Зірка щастя й перемоги,

Та, що світить нині нам.


6. Всім розказує на світі:

"Народився вам Христос!"

Ось тому дорослим й дітям

Не страшна зима й мороз.


Вчитель. 25 грудня відзначається найбільше свято християнського світу - Католицьке Різдво. Це день-спогад про диво народження у Вифлеємі Сина Божого Ісуса Христа. В цей день Різдво відзначають у більше, ніж ста країнах світу: Англії, Німеччині, Польщі, Іспанії, Італії, Франції, Угорщині, Нідерландах, США . . .

Різдво чекають всі з нетерпінням: і дорослі, і діти. Готуються до цього свята зазделегідь, купують подарунки. Можна сказати, що Різдво - це день народження для всіх.

Але найголовніше те, що свято має казкові можливості. На Різдво можливі найнеймовірніші чудеса. Такі чудеса стались в нашій школі. наші учні перетворились на… Але зараз ви самі все побачите.


Monster High

Hello my friends!

I am Monster High 

Look at my hair, please.

It is so pink and bright.

I have a lot of friends

They are so cool

We do different things

And go together to school.


Fairy Flora

I am fairy Flora

Believe in the fairies

Who makes dreams come true

Believe in the wonder

the stars and the moon.

Believe in the magic

from fairies above

They dance on the flowers

and sing songs of love.

And if you just believe

And always stay true

The fairies will be there

to watch over you.


Doll Barbie

Do you know who am I?

I am a Barbie doll

My eyes are beautiful

My smile is the prettiest of all.

My dress is wonderful

Do you agree with me?

 I know that all small girls

Want to play with me.


Snow White

My name is Snow White

I am from the fairy tale.

I am a pretty girl

My lips are pink and face is pale.

My friends are dwarfs

So nice and friendly

They live in a small house

And help each other kindly.


Fairy Leila

I am a fairy Leila.

Fairies dance in the moonlight

With hearts that shimmer bright

And wings that flutter softly

Making magic in the night.

Fairies rest in the daytime

Within the forest deep

Or shadows of the garden

Safe heaven for their sleep.



Hello! My name is Buratino

I have a golden key

I escape from Malvina's lessons

Please, don't tell her about me.


Fairy Din-Din

I am fairy Din-Din

If you catch a small fairy

And place it in a jar

Be sure to treat it kindly

And do not take it far.

This fairy is not for the keeping

It has a home you see

The forest is a wonderful place

And fairies must live free.


Black Ninzia

You want to ask me

Who am I?

I am Black Ninzia

I can fight.



We are two snowmen

We are made of snow

We are so funny

We have carrot noses.



Carol "St. Nicholas"


Children who, who love dear St. Nicholas,

Children who, who obey St. Nicholas.

They the ones that won't be missed

 and their wishes will be blessed.

By St. Nicholas.


Look upon our happy smiling faces

Come delight us with your blissful graces.

Don't forget to bring some treats,

Presents, peanuts and some sweets.

Dear St. Nicholas.



My name is Karlson

I live on the roof

I am so small and fat

But I am not Winnie-the-Pooh.

I have an engine on my back

And like to fly in the air

My favourite food is jam

As you can see I am so fair.


Charlie Kwinn

I think you wonder who am I?

I am a super thief and I can fight

My name is Charlie Kwinn

I am a little srange but bright.

I feel you are afraid of me

You know I kill and I am bad

But not today my dear friends

I want to celebrate. Don't be so sad.

It's Christmas time and I am happy

All children are so beautiful and clever

I promise you today to be polite

And not only today but forever.


Harry Potter

My name is Harry Potter

a wizard and very famous boy.

If you don't read about me

Do it immediately. You will enjoy.





I am a pretty girl

My hair is wavy and blue

My name is Malvina

Nice to meet you.

I have a friend Buratino

And teach him every day

I love him, he is funny

And think his Maths will be OK.



I am Neznaiko.

Do you know me?

I don't know anything

Please, don't ask me.

Cat in Boots

My name is cat in Boots

I am the cat of cats

I am so nice and wise

I ate a lion once. Do you know that?


Carol "Jingle bells"

Dashing through the snow
On a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way

Bells on bobtail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh


A day or two ago

the story I must tell

I went out on the snow

And on my back I fell.

A gent was riding by

in a one horse open sleigh

He laughed as there I sprawling lie

And quickly drove away.

Minnie Mouse

I think mice are rather nice

Their tails are long, their faces are small

They haven't any chins at all

Their ears are pink, their teeth are white.

They run about the house at night

They nibble things they shouldn't touch

and no one seems to like them much,

but I think mice are nice!



I am a princess Jasmine

With smiling eyes of brown

On a Magic Carpet

I go from town to town.

My father is a sultan

He sits on the throne

In his own castle.

He is so brave and strong.

I am his only daughter

He cares me and loves

Rich prince wants to marry me

But he doesn't allow.

Once I met prince Alladin

He isn't rich but very kind

I fell in love with him that day

We flew under the stars last night.



My name is Elsa from frozen heart

I am the Queen of snowmen and frosty nights.

I have a sister Anna and like her very much

Because of my hands I don't want her to touch.

So I went to the forest to be there alone

Where only the wind and sky and the golden moon.

There I made a snowman that is always with me

His name is Olaf, so nice and funny you see.

My dear friends don't be afraid of me

I found my gloves and they are now with me.


Peppi Longstocking

I am a funny girl

My name is Peppi

I like to wear stockings

My life is very happy.

I don't go to school

I think it's very boring

I don't like the teachers,

the lessons . . . Oops. I am sorry.


Robin Hood

My name is Robin Hood

I live in Sharwood Wood

My honest friends live all with me

They are called Merrymen, you see.

I have a bow and arrows sure

I help all people that are poor.



I like to swim on the board of ship

I am a pirate, I like to fish.

My dear friends don't be afraid

I am not evil I am kind.



I am Rapunzel as you can see

Today at Christmas you can hear me.

I am a girl with hair of gold

Trapped in a tower in days of old.

I wasn't allowed outside to play

And my golden hair grew longer each day.

The witch who locked me up was mean

With a pointed nose and a face of green.

A handsome prince fell in love with me

So I left the tower and I am free.


White Queen

Who read the book about Alice?

I think you recognize me

I am a proud White Queen

From chess, of course, you see.

I am not angry I am kind

All servants like and listen me

My kingdom is the best of all

I think that you believe me.



I am Cinderella

My mother left me at young age

All happiness went away

I live as in the cruel cage.

Step mother and sisters

Exploited all day long

Tears and sadness

Written out in my songs.

But my dear godmother

Helped to go to the ball

There I met a handsome Prince

That was the end of my life old.



My name is Aurora

I am a beautiful princess

On my fifteenth birthday

 I pricked my finger.

I went to sleep for many years

And every person in the palace

The king, the queen and even cat

Fell asleep in his little mat.

The prince from far away country

In one hundred years came to kiss me

He woke me up in a lovely way

And gave the ring to marry me.


Carol "Good evening to you"


Good evening to you our dear masters

Be all gay, maybe gay all our land

Son of God has been born.


You lay all the tables with new table clothes


Put the bread of spring corn on the table clothes


Be ready for three holidays to come to your house


Let us celebrate today with the whole family


With the whole family and dear Ukraine




My name is Anna from frozen heart

I love my sister Elsa, we cannot be apart.

But once I have been frozen

It was awful, believe me.

My sister Elsa was so frightened

She cried so much about me.

I have a handsome friend

He helped me very much

To find my dear sister

So, to be with her in touch.



My name is Thumbelina

I am so small but very wise

Fit in the tiniest of places

Due to my particular size.

At first I lived with the woman

That was dreaming of a child

She cared about me a lot

And made for me a bed so mild.

But then that ugly frog

She stole me for her son

And from the boring bug

The mouse helped to run.

The worst of all was the mole

So fat, greedy and blind

The swallow saved me from him

Her heart was to me so kind.



Oh, hello my dear.

We are so glad that you are here.

We are three robbers

But don't be afraid

We come to Christmas party

Be kind and celebrate.



Good evening everybody

Oh, I am so tired from the road.

I came to you from far America

My horse helped me, this pistol and the rope.


Sofia the First

I am a princess Sofia the First

My best friend is Clever, a rabbit

We play together and travel a lot

To speak with the animals is my habit.


Carol "We wish you a merry Christmas"


We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year.


Good tidings we bring

 to you and your kin;
We wish you a merry Christmas

 and a Happy New Year.

We all want some figgy pudding;
We all want some figgy pudding;
We all want some figgy pudding

So bring some right here.

We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some, 

so bring some right here.


We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a HappyNewYear.


Нехай прекрасні зимові свята принесуть мир, спокій і злагоду, впевненість у майбутньому. Зичу Вам міцного здоров'я, успіхів, родинного щастя, достатку і благополуччя! Бажаю гарного настрою і любові, нехай у Вашому житті панують гармонія та вдача !


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