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Сценарій свята "Thanksgiving Day"

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Позакласний захід для учнів початкової та середньої школи, направлений на розвиток творчих здібностей учнів та ознайомлення з традиціями святкування Дня подяки.
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Thanksgiving Day party

Сценарий праздника для учащихся младшей и средней школы.

Цели: расширить кругозор учащихся;

ознакомить с традициями празднования Дня Благодарения;

развивать творческие компетенции учащихся.


Мелодия Ray Davis Thanksgiving Day


Pupil 1:      All things are bright and beautiful,

                   All creatures are great and small,

                   All things are wise and wonderful.

                   The Lord God made them all.


Pupil 2:      Each little flower that opens,

                   Each little bird that sings,

                   God made their – colors,

                   And made their tiny wings.


Story-teller 1: Autumn… What a wonderful season it is, full of different colors and feelings.

(Song ‘I see colours everywhere’)


We are happy to see you at our party. Today we are going to tell you about Thanksgiving Day. You know that it is a very famous and popular holiday in the United States.


Pupil 3:       T – for time to be together,

                    Turkey, talk and tender weather.

                    H – for harvest stored away,

                    Home, health and holiday.


Pupil 4:       A – for autumn’s frosty art,

                    And abundance in the heart.

                    N – neighbours and November,

                    Nice things, new things to remember.


Pupil 5:       K – for kitchen, kettles, croon,

                     Kith and kin expected soon.

                     S – for sizzles, sights and sounds,

                    And something special that abounds.


All together:  That spells THANKS – for joy in living

                       And a jolly GOOD THANKSGIVING.


Story-teller 1:  Oh, look at these children! They are so happy! They wish you a blessing Thanksgiving Day!

(Song ‘If you are happy and you know that…’)


Story-teller 2:  Thanksgiving Day comes on the 4th Thursday in November. It is a legal holiday celebrated throughout the United States. People of all faiths celebrate this holiday. They give thanks for many good things in their lives.

(Song “Thank you on Thanksgiving day”)


Story-teller 1: On Thanksgiving Day families come together for a special dinner. Turkey with stuffing is the main dish. It is served with mashed potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Apple cider is the drink of the day.

(Song ‘What did the chicken say?’)


Story-teller 2: The history of this holiday is very old. It began 400 years ago. Let’s remember                      America of 1620.


Story-teller 1: On September 16th, 1620 the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, England. The ship was called the Mayflower, they landed at Plymouth Rock, in Massachusetts, on December 26th, 1620.


The 1st pilgrim: Oh, I see a land! Look!


All pilgrims:  Land! Hurray! Land!


(Song ‘What a wonderful world’)


The 2nd pilgrim: Look! There people there! They welcome us!


The Indian leader: Welcome to our land! Who are you? Where are you from?


The 1st pilgrim: We are pilgrims. We are from England. We have come for new lives. And who are you?


The Indian leader: We are Indians. We have been living here for a long time. You may stay here and live on our land.


Pilgrims: Thank you very much.


Story-teller 1: The first winter was a terrible time. The Pilgrims were hungry, sick and cold. Many people died.


The 3d pilgrim: We have nothing to eat. Many people have died and many are sick. What shall we do?


The 2nd Indian: We’ll teach you how to plant corn, build houses and hunt. Our land is very rich.


The Indians: (Song на мотив ‘Twinkle, twinkle’)


Pick the corn and pick the beans,

Pick the squash and other greens,

It is harvest time to see

Come and share the feast with me.

Bring your family out to play,

We’ll call this Thanksgiving Day.








Pilgrim children worked hard all day,

Pilgrim children had little time to play.

The first child chopped the wood,

The second child helped make the family’s food,

The third helped keep the horses fed,

The fourth child made a mattress for his bed,

The fifth child made soap and candles,

The sixth child turned a meat-roasting handle.

Pilgrim children worked hard all day,

Pilgrim children had little time to play.

(Song “Little Pilgrim”)

Story-teller 1: The crops did well, and in the autumn of 1621 the Pilgrims gad a great harvest. They were very thankful and decided to celebrate with the feast. The Pilgrims invited the Indian friends to share this Thanksgiving feast.




19 листопада 2020
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