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Сценарій заходу з англійської мови 4 клас "Magic Winter"

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Новорічний римований англомовний сценарій "Magic Winter" для учнів молодшої школи (3-4 класи)
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«Magic Winter»




Good day, boys and girls. Today we are going to have an unusual lesson. Can you try to guess my puzzles?

  1. Who’s got a beard that’s long and white,

Who comes around on special night? (Santa Clause\Father Frost)

  1. Who helps Santa\Father Frost? (elves)

Let’s meet Father Frost and his elves.


Father Frost:


I am modern Father Frost.

I have Pad and I have got

Modern car instead deer,

Cool I-phone and Mail and dear…

Dear elves, they are with me.

Let’s them meet!

Girls! Come to me.


1st Elf:


We are elves.

We are so small.


2nd Elf:


But we’re cool!

And we are all…


3d Elf:


All together at this place.

Good day, children!

Want you playing?


4th Elf:

Magic game we start today.

Father Frost, show us the way!




Father Frost:


Want to start from game, like this.

Can you guess my message, please.


Ex.1 Father Frost’s message.


12334 56378918 10.11.12. 610.13.13.4 11.214. 4210.3

1-m     2-e     3-r     4-y     5-c     6-h     7-i 

8-s 9-t 10-a 11-n 12-d 13-p 14-w

(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)


1st Elf:


Father Frost, what’s happened? Say.

Can we help you?


Father Frost:


Yes, you can.

I have tried,

But made mistakes.

Can you find them?


2nd Elf:


Yes, we can!

Girls and boys!

Your task will be

Find the words

Which are unnecessary.


Ex.2 Find the odd word in each line.


Snowman snowflake snowball snowaunt

Halloween Monday New Year Easter

March January February December

Stockings pudding fir tree flowers

Candle crackers books cards


3d Elf:


It’s so cool!

You did the task.

Now try to guess the puzzles.



Ex.3 The elves’ puzzle.


1. What kind of bird can write? (A PENguine)

2. What kind of candle burns longer, a red candle or a green candle? (Neither! Candles always burn shorter!)

3. Is it better to write a letter to Santa on the table or on the desk? (On the paper)

4. What is the end of Christmas? (The letter S)


4th Elf:


And I have another task.

Can you guess the crossword-puzzle?


Ex.4 The Christmas crosswords


1st Elf:


Do you like to paint pictures?

It’s so cool, and funny it’s.


2nd Elf:


Can you draw Picasso picture?

Take your pencils!

And start, please!


Ex.5 Picasso picture.

  1. Paint three balls. They are light blue. The first is the biggest. The second is middle size. The third is the smallest.
  2. Paint two small balls instead of hands.
  3. Paint two eyes, a mouth and a carrot instead of a nose.
  4. Paint a bucket on the head.
  5. Whom did you paint? Show us. Wow, they are cool snowmen.

3d Elf:


We are so tired, Father Frost!

Can we rest and dance a lot?


Father Frost:


Yes, you can, I dance with you.

Call the penguins! It’s for you!


Ex.6 The penguins’ dance.




1st Elf:


You are so cool. But our time is over.


2nd Elf:


We should go out. But holidays are so close.


3d Elf:


We were glad to see you. And want to tell you.


4th Elf:


Merry Christmas! And


Father Frost:


A Happy New Year!


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