Sport. Kinds of Sport. Презентація " Спорт. Види спорту"

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Sport. Kinds of Sport. Презентація на урок " Спорт. Види спорту" Sport from A to Z
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When do we use…? GO – if you speak about sport ending in – ing. (e.g. I go swimming.) PLAY – if you speak about ball games and team games (or chess). (e.g. I play football.) DO – if you speak about other sports. (e.g. I do athletics.)

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Check yourself: GO – skating, swimming; PLAY – ice – hockey, tennis, football, handball, basketball; DO – aerobics, judo, karate, gymnastics, athletics.

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Complete the sentences using do, play, or go. 1. Every morning I _________ jogging. 2. On Saturday mornings my brothers ________ football. 3. I _______ gymnastics on Saturdays. 4. My mother and I ___________ aerobics every week. 5. My father and mother _________ golf at the weekend. 6. In winter we ________ skiing. 7. In summer we ________ tennis and ________ swimming. go play do do play go play go

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Write only a name a) Who is fond of training brains? b) Who likes training football? c) Who likes figure skating? d) Who keeps fit for health and good figure? e)Who hates competing? f) Who is fond of many kinds of sport? Alex Peter Alison Ann Alison Peter

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Answer the questions: a) What is Ann's ambition? b) Why doesn’t Alison like sports? c) How does Alex spend his spare time? d)Why doesn’t Ann often attend classes of aerobics? e) Where does Peter play football? b) She is a bit plump and it is difficult for her to run c) He sits on his sofa with a book or in front of the computer. d) Because they are quite expensive. e) At the local football club.

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Sport helps us to be health and Strong

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Sport help us To keep fit To have a good time To be healthy To make a new friends To look wonderful To control the body To be more organized

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HOME ASSIGNMENT Write about your favourite kind of sports using the writing guide: My favourite kind of sports is… . I think that… . I go (play, do)… every … (two times a week). I want to… (take part in…, win cups, medals…).

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