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Тематична контрольна робота з англ. мови у 9 кл. за темою '' Amazing Britain '' (підручник А. Несвіт)

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Тематична контрольна робота з англ. мови у 9 кл. за т. " Amazing Britain '' ( підручник А.Несвіт ) включає лексико-граматичні завдання та написання письмового повідомлення у вигляді листа.

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          Тематична контрольна робота у 9 кл. за темою: 

               «  Amazing  Britain »   (підручник  А.Несвіт )


  1. Complete the following sentences with the words and phrases from the vocabulary :
  • a regimental museum
  • a ford
  • to revolt
  • a henge
  • to revolve
  • a venue
  • refurbishment
  1. …..  is a museum, the exhibits of which are connected with a particular regiment (a large group) of soldiers.
  2. …..  is a place where people meet for an organized event, a concert, a sporting event or a conference.
  3. …..  means to rebel, to take violent actions against the people in power.
  4. …..  is to move around something in a circle.
  5. …..  is a process of cleaning and decorating a room (building), etc. in order to make it more attractive or useful.
  6. …..  is a shallow place in a river where it is possible to drive or walk across.
  7. …..  is a circle of large vertical wooden or stone objects built in pre-historic times.


  1. Read and say what city it is : Belfast or Cardiff.
  1. This town has been known since the Bronze Age.
  2. The Romans built the earliest settlement there in the mid-first century A.D.
  3. This castle was built in 1177 on the steep slopes of Cave Hill.
  4. In 1708 this castle burnt down.
  5. There were a lot of conflicts and rebellions, during which the castle passed from one owner to another.
  6. The castle has hosted a number of rock concerts and performances.


  1. Complete the sentences with the gerunds or write the correct form of the verb :
  1. I’ve always dreamt of ….. (to visit) Great Britain.
  2. I enjoy ….. (to read) books about wonders of the world.
  3. My friends don’t mind me ….. (to join) them in a tour.
  4. I couldn’t help ….. (to smile) when they were planning their trip.
  5. I promise ….. (to take) her on a trip to Scotland.
  6. Our family has decided ….. (to visit) our friends in England.


  1. You were staying in England for some weeks at your friend’s house. Now you have just returned home and have decided to write ‘’a thank you’’ letter to the family.


Write a letter of 50-100 words including the following :

  • say ‘’thank you’’ again ;
  • praise English food ;
  • praise their hospitality.


Begin your letter like this :

Dear Ann / Mike,



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