Тест "Entertainment Program"

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The 7-th form         Entertainment program               

I.Find the right variant of the translation

1.an actress          a)грати                                  6.a memorial        f)створювати

2.a cathedral        b)памятник                         7.to be on             g)собор

3.to create            c)відомий                            8.to act                 h) актриса

4.a square            d)твір мистецтва                9. A piece of art   i)іти(про фільм)

5.a stage              e)сцена                                10.famous for       j)площа


II.Choose the right word and fill in the blanks

Famous, actors, audience, tower, scenery, acted, effects 

1.There was a big ….at the Globe Theatre.

2.Have you ever …in a play?

3.The ….is important in a play, isn’t it?

4.London is …for its museums and theatres.

5.I was impressed by computer special …

6.What are the names of ….who played in a play?

7.In fact, Big Ben is really the name of the bell in the …not the clock.


III.Match the descriptions of London Sights and their names

1.A palace where the English Queen lives.                           A)the Royal Observatory

2.Its official name is Palace of Westminster.                       B)the Tower of London

3.The Crown Jewels are kept there.                                      C)Buckingham Palace

4.It is a museum of wax models .                                           d)Houses of Parliament

5.It has got telescopes.                                                             E)Madame Tussauds 


IV.Put questions to each sentence starting with the word in brackets

1.When he came his daughter had done her homework. (who) 

2.By 3 o’clock mother had cooked dinner. (had)

3.By 6 o’clock she had taken some medicine. (what)

4.Max had come back home by 9 p.m.(when) 

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