Тест "Passive voice exercises"

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Тестові завдання для закріплення граматичної теми " Пасивний стан". Подборка тренувальних вправ на краще запам'ятовування і відпрацювання граматичних структур.
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Tense/Verb form

Active voice

Passive voice

Present simple


Am/is/are made

Present Continuous

Am/is/are making

Am/is/are being made

Past Simple


Was/were made

Past Continuous

Was/were making

Was/were being made

Present Perfect

Have/has made

Have/has been made

Past Perfect

Had made

Had been made

Future Simple

Will make

Will be made


Would make

Would be made


Must make

Must be made


  1. Put the sentences into Passive.
  1. The printing press…( invent) by Johan Gutenberg.
  2. The new cinema…(build) last year.
  3. Mr.Smith…(interview) at the moment.
  4. A speech    (give) by me tomorrow.
  5. The car ….(repair) next week.
  6. Our house …..(often/clean) on Sundays.


  1. Rewrite the sentences into passive.
  1. Mark gave me the present for my birthday.
  2. Jim has painted all the walls.
  3. Our teacher is checking our tests.
  4. He will read the book tomorrow.
  5. Tom wrote the letter yesterday.
  6. He plays football every day.


  1. Rewrite the text into active voice.

Fourteen – year-old Martin Dunlop was found late yesterday by the police. Martin had been kidnapped by an escaped prisoner. He was kept in a farmer’s barn. He was seen by a local person.

The police were called. Martin has been returned to his parents.  


Put the sentences into passive.


1.They will send the reporter to the scene of the accident.

2. They are taking the survivors to the hospital.

3. They didn’t inform the police about the theft.

4. Fire planes dropped water on the burning forest.

5. They have found twenty people in the building.

6. The lifeboat team have rescued five crew members.

7. Police are carrying out an investigation.

8. The authorities are rebuilding the houses.

9. Charity organisations have sent food and medical supplies to the homeless.

10. Parents must keep medicines out of children’s reach.

11. Red Cross volunteers were helping the victims and doctors were treating the injured.


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