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The importance of English and Technologies

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I try to broaden pupils outlook and master the knowledge of English and technologies to make them successful in future,
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The importance of english and technologies. Iryna avramova. Mangush school №1

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Ukraine-our motherland1. Where do you live?2. Where is Ukraine situated?3. Is Ukraine a big country?4. What is the capital of Ukraine?5. What language is the official language in Ukraine?6. What foreign languages do you study at school?7. What other languages do you know?8. Why is English so important?

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The earth is our home We live in the global world Ukraine develops relations with different countries and needs young specialists with the knowledge of English and technologies. English is one of the official languages in the united nations, the international Olympic committee, the international space station. English is the language of science, technology, communication, education

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The number of native speakers and second language speakers vary greatly from 470 million to more than 1(one) billion. Democratic changes in Ukraine opened many opportunities for young people. We can travel to different countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and English is always a great helping hand.

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English is a global language. What English speaking countries do you know?THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND 60(sixty million)

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258 Million

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CANADA-19 Million

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AUSTRALIA-25 Million

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IRELAND4,7 Million

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NEW ZEALAND-4,9 Million

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125 Million

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58 Million

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There is a very good quote: The more languages you know the richer you are. You can travel via Internet using different sites. There are very many resources for young learners. Websites -learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/britain-great -learnenglish.net.ua. Apps -English Channel -Free open online Courses -English webinars for teens -Writing better E-mails-What do people do when they meet?-They communicate.

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You can learn and practice English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary by learning songs, poems, watching videos, cartoons, movies, playing games, doing tasks, etc. I’d like you to learn a song: “Do you speak English?” There are some rules to learn English songs: Read the text and translate.2. Listen and look at the text.3. Listen and recognize the words.4. Try to sing and imitate English sounds and words.5. Sing with joy, pleasure and loudly. Singing is Fun!

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Alice: Do you speak English?Do you speak English? Victor: Yes, but just a little bit.2 times Alice: Are you from Chile?Are you from Chile? Victor: No, I'm not. I'm from Brazil. 2 times Victor: My name is Victor. My name is Victor. What's your name. And where are you from? 2 times Alice: My name is Alice. My name is Alice. I'm from Washington, D. C. 2 times Alice: I'm glad to meet you. I'm glad to meet you. Victor: I'm so glad to meet you too. 2 times

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- I need salad, Pete! I need salad, Pete!- There's a little grocery store right across the street.- I need lamb chop, Pete! I need lamb chop, Pete!- There's a little butcher's shop right across the street.- I need pastry, Pete! I need pastry, Pete!- There's a little pastry shop right across the street.- I need flowers, Pete! I need flowers, Pete!- There's a little florist shop right across the street.- I need aspirin, Pete! I need aspirin, Pete!- There's a little pharmacy right across the street.

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Great to Create Create the Great. The Teacher Can Open the Door, but You Must Enter Yourself. Good Luck! Enjoy English!

Avramova Irina
31 січня 2020
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