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"The ways to overcome stress"

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Які є шляхи подолання стрессу? Чи можна отримати користь від стресу? Відповіді на ці питання в цьому матеріалі.

Перегляд файлу

                                           The ways to overcome stress


I. Read the article about stress. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose the best sentences (A–H) to complete the article.


                                                       Are you stressed?

    Most people experience a period of stress in their lives at some time. This is perfectly normal and there are different types of support available. Here are some ideas to help you deal with those difficult times.



     We all know about the physical benefits of running, but the mental effects, such as clarity of thought and relief from stress, are just as important for good health. Running sends blood to the brain and makes it easier to think clearly. (1) ……………………… If you’re feeling stressed, go for a jog. The effect is even better when you run well. How to do it? A good tip is to watch an eight-year-old running. Their steps are springy; the foot gets off the floor quickly and comes down lightly. You should take notice of what your brain is telling you. (2) ………………… You’ll discover how good it makes you feel once you get the hang of it.



    It is all too easy for those who can ‘hit the pillow and go out like a light’ to tell you to just stop thinking about things. If you are a worrier, you can’t just stop worrying, and this can affect your sleep. So, obey the basic rules: try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, and allow some time to relax before bed. (3) ……………………… This should ideally be in the same place, at the same time every day. Give yourself 15–20 minutes to think about your worries and write a to-do list. Try drinking some warm milk and whatever you do, switch off your phone! And if you’re worrying about not sleeping and not being able to cope the next day, remember that sometimes our bodies actually need less sleep than we think. (4)………………………………………



     Writing down the things that are worrying us can be very therapeutic. It is a way of setting a thought free. Once it’s on the page or screen, we can read it, reread it, delete it or think about it. It can help us look at a problem more objectively. (5) ……………………… Try it: take one of your worries, such as a conversation or argument that has troubled you, and write what you wish you’d said or the words of support you'd hoped the other person might say to you. Writing a blog may have replaced diaries, but they are both a means of presenting your thoughts. (6) ……………………… Try some of these suggestions and you may find that your stress levels will begin to go down. But don’t forget – a certain level of stress in the body is good for you!



II. Choose the best answers.

1. Running helps clarity of thought because …

          A blood travels more slowly to the brain. 

 B blood travels faster to the brain.

 C the brain helps you run faster.

 D the fresh air helps you think better.


2 To find out how to run you should …

 A join a gym.

 B watch how children run.

 C listen to music.

 D buy an MP3 player.


3 People who get to sleep easily do the following: …

 A hit the pillow first.

 B get into bed and make lists.

 C get into bed and don’t worry.

 D make lists and then get into bed.


4 If you have problems getting to sleep, you should …

 A allow yourself a short time to worry.

 B not worry at all, but start writing a list.

 C allow yourself as much time as you need to worry.

 D get up very early so that you are tired at night.


5 The author suggests than you can write …

 A in a notebook.

 B in a blog.

 C in a diary.

 D on a computer or on paper.


6 The benefit of writing is that it helps you to …

 A order your thoughts.

 B prepare arguments for tomorrow.

 C improve how you express yourself.in a diary.

 D improve the speed of your writing.  


III. Answer these questions.

1 What are two mental benefits of running?

2 What are two rules about sleeping well?

3 What is a common myth about sleeping?

4 How can writing be therapeutic?


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