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Topical text for the 7th grade students: "My favourite sport".

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Тематичний текст до теми: "Мій улюблений спорт" для учнів 7-х класів. Стане у нагоді вчителеві та учням для підготовки до контролю говоріння з даної теми.
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                                 MY FAVOURITE SPORT

    My favourite sport is basketball. Two times a week I go out to the sports ground near my house to play basketball together with other guys.

    We really like to play this sport. Very often our team wins the team of the neighboring yard. Even if we lose, we are not upset, but we improve our skills in this game. Also we visit the basketball section two times a week. There we learn from the coach to play even better and improve our skills. Our coach explains the rules of the game well, that’s why everything is easy for us.

   Basketball is an excellent game. Do more sports and you will be healthy!

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