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Урок на тему "Різні види комунікацій". Урок -круглий стіл.

Про матеріал
Урок для учнів 10 класу. Учні підготували повідомлення про різні види комунікацій: інтернет -спілкування, мова тіла, пантоміма, мова танцю. Учні також обговорювали первісні види комунікацій.
Перегляд файлу

Theme:           Communication: now and then. (Get the message)

Objectives:     -to practise students’ speaking and listening skills;

                          -to develop students’ abilities to express their thoughts and feelings while speaking;

                          -to encourage the students’ work in groups;

                          -to talk about various ways of communicating and conveying messages;

                          -to acquire skills and strategies that will help you in the exams



Teacher:  Communication has always been an unseparable part of human’s life, it’s the main thing which differs us from other species. We can communicate through time and record what we say and think for future generations.  In fact communication is the key life skill that children need in order to learn all other skills. Our goal is to find out about earliest ways of communication and to determine the most effective modern ones. So, the theme of our lesson is “Communication: now and them”. The objectives of the lesson are: (on the screen). All the students of our group have been organized in groups and have chosen the topic which seemed to be more interesting to them. According to the students’ suggestions we have made the following mind map.


       Modern means of communication     Body language     Internet chatting VS verbal communication




                                                    The system used by different civilization                                

­­Let’s start with the system of communication which was used by different civilizations.

                                                                        (Students’ speaking group №1)

Teacher: You can notice how greatly the systems of communication differed. What can you say about modern ways of communication. What are they? How greatly do they differ and what are the most popular?

                                                                                 (Students’ answers)

 Teacher: A recent psychological survey in UK has shown that about half of school children have communication problems. Although it’s not clear what causes these problems, researchers believe that lifestyle plays an important role and factors such as more exposure to video games and television at an early age are partly responsible. Let’s see this situation in our country. We’ve invited a psychologist to have a talk (on line).

                                                                             (Psychologist’s survey)

Teacher:  We must admit that the way people communicate with each other has undergone radical changes since the advent of the Internet. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages of the Internet chatting and we can’t but mention some forms of modern communication.

                                                                            (Students’ speaking)

Teacher:  As you know communication is not only the way to get and give information but to express our emotions and feelings. Nonverbal communication or body language is also the way to help us while communicating.

Now, we are going to hear part of a talk in which an expert is talking about body language. Listen and complete the sentences.

                                                    Tape (Students do the task (New Destinations p.136))

Teacher: How would you define “body language?”  In your opinion can body language indicate a person’s real feelings?

                                                                               (Students’ answers)

   Creative group about facial communication and pantomime.   

Teacher: Do you know that sign language which is used mainly by deaf communities is considered even older than speech. Let’s read the text about sign language and do the task.

                                                                     (New Destination p.144)

Teacher: This time I’m going to send you a message with the help of unusual way of communication. Watch enjoy and express your feelings ?

Conclusion. In conclusion I’d like to say that all people, especially young children need to spend more time interacting with each other, in order to communicate effectively. Parents and teachers should focus on helping children to improve their communication skills. Get together as a family, make warm atmosphere around the table when you have a meal, and do fun activities that require conversation.



Imagine we aren’t alone in the universe, and aliens really exist. Send them a message:

  • What form of messaging would you choose?
  • What would the contest of the message be?
  • What questions would you ask them?

(Write about 100-120 words)



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