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Тренувальні вправи допоможуть закріпити розуміння теми «Conditionals», зробити процес оцінювання більш об'єктивним, надійно і достовірно проаналізувати підготовку студентів, оцінити якість їхніх знань, рівень сформованих компетентностей і компетенцій. Різнорівневі тренувальні вправи охоплюють широке коло дій, прийомів діяльності, що допоможе виявити різні рівні засвоєння навчального матеріалу, прогалини у підготовці студентів і спроектувати заходи з метою їх усунення.
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Exercise 1.  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:

a) 1. If I find your passport, I  _________ (telephone) you at once.
2. You can use my phone if yours  _________ (not work).
3. She will be absolutely furious if she _________  (hear) about this.
4. If London airport is clear of fog, we  _________ (land) there.
5. If you  _________ (not know) the meaning of a word, you may use a dictionary.
6. If he  _________ (work) hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?
7. If we leave the car here, it  _________ (not be) in anybody’s way.
8. If you  _________ (stay) here a little longer, you will see him.
9. We shan’t go out unless it  _________ (stop) raining.
10. I’ll probably get lost unless he _________  (come) with me.
11. If you  _________ (not believe) what I say, ask your mother.
12. We’ll go abroad this year if we  _________ (have) enough money.

b) 1. I  _________ (keep) a horse if I could afford it.
2. I should come and see you off if I  _________ (not live) so far away.
3. I should be disappointed if they  _________ (not come)
4. If you _________  (paint) the walls white, the room would be much brighter.
5. If he _________  (be) here, he would answer you.
6. If we had no luggage, we  _________ (walk) home.
7. I would drive to the country if the weather _________  (be) fine.
8. It would be cheaper if you  _________ (go) by train.
9. I should be delighted if she  _________ (teach) me English.
10. If he were in, he  _________ (answer) the phone.
11. If you  _________ (not belong) to a union, you couldn’t get a job.
12. If I hadn’t a typewriter, I _________  (type) it myself.

c) 1. If I _________  (have) a map, I would have been all right.
2. If I had realized that the traffic lights were red, I _________  (stop).
3. If I  _________ (be) ready when he called, he would have taken me with him.
4. If you had arrived a little earlier, you  _________ (find) me there.
5. If you had prepared for the exam more thouroughly, you (get) a better mark.
6. The man  _________ (be killed) if the train hadn’t stopped quickly.
7. If I had been in your place, I  _________ (not say) this.
8. If he had known that the river was dangerous, he _________  (not try) to swim across it.
9. If he hadn’t lost his spectacles, he  _______(be able) to finish this work in time.
10. I should have called you up yesterday if I _________  (be) in town.

d) 1. You’ll get pneumonia if you  _________ (not change) your wet clothes.
2. If she hadn’t changed so much, I  _________ (recognize) her.
3. If someone offered to buy you one of those rings, which you _______ (choose)?
4. If you _________ (read) the instructions carefully, you wouldn’t have answered the wrong question.
5. If I had been ready when he called, he _________  (take) me with him.
6. If I  _________ (be) you, I should have appologised to her.
7. We _________  (stay) at home if we had known he was coming.
8. They _________  (not believe) me if I told them this.


Exercise 2.  Give sentences with the same meaning omitting «if» from the   conditional sentences:


1. If I had time, I should study French.
2. If he should come, tell him to wait.
3. If he were in town, he would help us.
4. If I had enough money, I would travel.
5. If I had seen him yesterday, I should have told him about it.
6. If you should find them, kindly let me know.
7. The accident might not have occured if they had been more careful.
8. If they had called at the office yesterday, they would have found me there.
9. If I were in his place, I should refuse.
10. If you had seen him, you wouldn’t have recognized him.
11. If I were you, I should go there immediately.
12. If anyone should call, please take a message.


Exercise 3. Follow the arrows and make sentences 













Exercise 3.  Join two sentences into one using if.

  1. It will rain today. We shall not go for a walk.
  2. Don’t move. You’ll fall down.
  3. The wind will change. There will be snow.
  4. I’ll be careful. I will not break the cups.
  5. You have free time now. Come for a walk with me.
  6. I’ll go hiking in summer. I’ll see a lot of interesting things.
  7. He’ll go shopping. He’ll buy some exercise-books for me.









Exercise 4.  Use the picture and the prompts below to make sentences about what each person will do if they win the lottery.



Exercise 5.  Соmplete the Соndіtіоnаl Sentenсes (Type І) by puttіng the verbs іntо the соrreсt fоrm.


1. Іf yоu (send) _________ thіs letter nоw, she (reсeіve) _________ іt tоmоrrоw.

2. Іf І (dо) _________ thіs test, І (іmprоve) _________ my Englіsh.

3. Іf І (fіnd) _________ yоur rіng, І (gіve) _________ іt bасk tо yоu.

4. Peggy (gо) _________ shоppіng іf she (hаve) _________ tіme іn the аfternооn.

5. Sіmоn (gо) _________ tо Lоndоn next week іf he (get) _________ а сheаp flіght.

6. Іf her bоyfrіend (phоne / nоt) _________ tоdаy, she (leаve) _________ hіm.

7. Іf they (study / nоt) _________ hаrder, they (pаss / nоt) _________ the exаm.

8. Іf іt (rаіn) _________ tоmоrrоw, І (hаve tо / nоt) _________ wаter the plаnts.

9. Yоu (be аble/ nоt) _________ tо sleep іf yоu (wаtсh) _________ thіs sсаry fіlm.

10. Susаn (саn / mоve / nоt) _________ іntо the new hоuse іf іt (be / nоt) _______ reаdy оn tіme.


Exercise 6.  Put the verbs іn brасkets іntо the gаps.
1. Іf І _________ (tо study), І _________ (tо pаss) the exаms.

2. Іf the sun _________ (tо shіne), we _________ (tо wаlk) tо the tоwn.

3. Іf he _________ (tо hаve) а temperаture, he _________ (tо see) the dосtоr.

4. Іf my frіends _________ (tо соme), І _________ (tо be) very hаppy.

5. Іf she _________ (tо eаrn) а lоt оf mоney, she _________ (tо fly) tо New Yоrk.

6. Іf we _________ (tо trаvel) tо Lоndоn, we _________ (tо vіsіt) the museums.

7. Іf yоu _________ (tо weаr) sаndаls іn the mоuntаіns, yоu _________ (tо slіp) оn the rосks.

8. Іf Rіtа _________ (tо fоrget) her hоmewоrk, the teасher _________ (tо gіve) her а lоw mаrk.

9. Іf they _________ (tо gо) tо the dіsсо, they _________ (tо lіsten) tо lоud musіс.

10.  Іf yоu _________ (tо wаіt) а mіnute, І _________ (tо аsk) my pаrents.

11. If I ______(wake up) late, I ______ (be) late for work.

       12. If my husband ______ (cook) , he  ______  (burn) the food.

       13. If Julie______  (not/wear) a hat, she ______ (get) sunstroke.

       14.  If children ______ (not/eat) well, they ______ (not/be) healthy.

       15.  If you  ______ (mix) water and electricity, you ______ (get) a shock.


Exercise 7.   Complete the sentences.

1. If Jackie studies hard, ______________________________.

2. If you don’t hurry, _________________________________.

3. If I win 10,000 $, __________________________________.

4. If they go to Paris, _________________________________.

5. If Bill eats all the chocolates, _________________________.

6. If it stopes raining, _________________________________.


Exercise 8.   Translate into English

1. Якби автомобіль не їхав так швидко, нещасного випадку не сталося б.

2. Якщо він не прийде завтра, надішліть йому телеграму.

3. Якщо я буду там і побачу його, я скажу йому про нові вікна

4. Цього б не сталося, якби ви були там.

5. Йому доведеться піти в лікарню завтра, якщо йому не буде ліпше.

6. Було б дуже люб’язно з вашого боку, якби ви могли це зробити для мене.

7. Чому ви не покликали його? Я певен, що він прийшов би, якби його покликали.

8. Мені потрібно було багато часу, щоб перекласти цю статтю. Якби ви мені дали хороший словник, я б витратив менше часу.

9. Вона б не губила гроші так часто, якби не була такою неуважною.

10. Якби ви сiли на бiльш раннiй поїзд, ми б змогли подорожувати разом.

11. Якби я знав, що він завтра прийде, я б не поїхав сьогодні ввечері до нього.

12. Якби я був певен, що він уже повернувся до Києва, я б поїхав до нього зараз.

13. Якби ви сказали нам кілька днів тому, що у вас є цей довідник, ми б попросили вас дати нам його на певний час.

14. Якби я знав його адресу, я б написав йому зараз, щo ви згодні допомогти йому.

15. Куди б ви пішли, якби були зараз вільні?


Exercise 9. Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type III) by putting the verbs into the correct. Do you ever think about what would or would not have happened if ... ? Make a chain story, using the following.


If I _________ (not use) so much gas, I __________ (not have) such a big gas bill.

If I ___________ (must not) pay my gas bill, I  _________ (not go) out in the rain.

If I_____________ (not go) out in the rain, I _____________ (not catch) a cold.

If I  ___________ (not catch) a cold, I _____________ (not carry) a handkerchief.

If I_____________ (not carry) a handkerchief, I_____________ (not drop) it.

If I ___________  (not drop) my handkerchief, Juan ___________ (not pick) it up.

If Juan_________ (not pick) up my handkerchief, we_____________ (never meet).

     Moral: Paying bills can be a good thing.

Exercise 10. Make a conditional sentence  

1 you place a floppy disk near a magnet

a) the cursor moves to the left

2 you press Print Screen

b) the computer hangs

3 you input the correct password

c) it is not lost when you switch off

4 you add memory to a computer

d) you damage the drive

5 you move the mouse to the left

e) you copy the screen

6 you store data in RAM

f) youhave access to the network

7 you use a faster modem

g) you destroy the data

8 there is a memory fault

h) it runs faster

9 you press the arrow key

i) your phone bills are lower

10 you move a CD-ROM drive with the disk in place

j) the cursor moves across the screen


Exercise 11.   Make a conditional sentence using the words

  1. if / no / rain / the grass / not / grow
  2. you / not / eat / you / die
  3. iron / rust / it / get / wet
  4. ice / float / you / drop / it / in water

     5. my daughter / eat / too much chocolate / she /get / sick


Exercise 12. Correct the third Conditional sentences if you see any mistakes. Some of the sentences are correct.


  1. Molly might have thought that Paul was enjoying the weather, if there had been any to enjoy.
  2. If Krassotkin had known what an effect his words might have on the child, nothing would have had induced him to play this trick on him.
  3. Even if Jack had died, he wouldn’t just the same has escaped from his horrible position.
  4. It can all have gone off more harmoniously if Peter had taken the trouble to embellish his story.
  5. I wonder what might have happened if a Gatling had been used.
  6. But if Molly had stayed in her home, she wouldn’t have any home left to stay in.
  7. Bill dreamed of it at the age when everyone would laugh to his face if they could have guessed what was in his head.
  8. If the robber had been someone like Molly Smith, she’d simply have put the chain straight in her pocket and get away as fast as she could.
  9. If Greg could have moved, Greg would have leapt upon me.
  10. If Sally had been with us, the sense of complicity would be cloying.


Exercise 13. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.


  1. If the government ________ (give) more money to the factory it _____ (not close).
  2. If the government ___________ (build) flood barriers, we __________ (not have) the floods last year.
  3. If Dan ___________ (know) how to swim, he ____________ (not drown).
  4. If Molly __________ (listen) to the weather- forecast, she _________ (know) it was going to rain.
  5. If Greg ___________ (tell) me he was ill, I  __________  (be) more sympathetic.
  6. If she __________ (prepare) for the exam, she  __________ (pass) it.
  7. If Bill _________ (see) the house, he ________ ( not buy) it.
  8. These words _________ (roughly express) Bob’s feelings, if he _________ (be) capable of reasoning.
  9. But what ___________ (you do), if you ________ (see) what I saw
  10. It ___________ (be) all done though, if Jill __________ (help) at the right time.


Exercise 14. Put verb into the correct form.

1. If you _________ (find) a wallet in the street, what would you do with it?

2. I mudt hurry. My friend will be annoyed if I _________ (not/be) on time.

3. I didn’t realise that Gary was in hospital. If I _________ (know) he was in hospital, I would have gone to visit him.

4. If the phone _________ (ring), can you answer it?

5. I can’t decide what to do. What would you do if you ________ (be) in my position?

6. A: What shall we do tomorrow?

    B: Well, if it ________ (be) a nice day, we can go to the beach.

7. A: Let’s go to the beach.

    B: No, it’s too cold. If it _______ (be) warmer, I wouldn’t mind going.

8. A: Did you go to the beach yesterday?

    B:  No, it was too cold. If it _______ (be) warmer, we might have gone.

9. If you _________ (have) enough money to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

10. I’m glad we had a map. I’m sure we would have lost if we ________ (not/have) one.

11. The accident was your fault. If you __________ (drive) more carefully, it wouldn’t have happened.

12. A: Why do you read newspaper?

      B: Well? If I __________ (not/read) newspaper, I wouldn’t know what was happening in the world.


Exercise 15. Complete the sentences.

1. Liz is tired all the time. She shouldn’t go to bed so late.

    If   ____Liz didn’t go to bed so late, she wouldn’t be tired all the time._____

2. It rather late. I don’t think Sarah will come to see us now.

    I’d be surprised if Sarah _________________________________________.

3. I’m sorry I disturbed you. I didn’t know you were busy.

    If I’d know you were busy, I ______________________________________.

4. I don’t want them to be upset, so I’ve decided not to tell them what happened.

   They’d ________________________ if ______________________________.

5. The dog attacked you, but only because you frightened it.

    If ____________________________________________________________.

6. Unfortunately I didn’t have an umbrella and so I got very wet in the rain.

    I _____________________________________________________________.

7. Martin failed his driving test last week. He was very nervous and that’s why he


    If he __________________________________________________________.


Exercise 16. Use your own ideas to complete the sentences.

1. I’d go out this evening if __________________________________________.

2. I’d have gone out last night if ______________________________________.

3. If you hadn’t reminded me, ________________________________________.

4. We wouldn’t have been late if ______________________________________.

5. If I’d been able to get tickets, _______________________________________.

6. Who would you phone if ___________________________________________.

7. Cities would he nicer places if _______________________________________.

8. If there was no television, ___________________________________________.


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