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Ukraine- the dearest land a man can see!

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Це сценарій дає можливість систематизувати й узагальнити знання учнів по темі "My Motherland is Ukraine", активізувати вживання тематичної лексики та вдосконалити монологічне та діалогічне мовлення, розвивати навички аудіювання, комунікативні вміння, мовну здогадку, розширювати світогляд учнів. Обладнання: комп'ютер, мультимедійний проектор, карта. Підготовлений матеріал можна використати на уроках з теми"Ukraine" and "Kyiv", окремі фрагменти на позакласних заходах у формі вікторини.

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Theme: My Motherland is Ukraine.
-to practise vocabulary
(lexical units on the topic);
-to develop pupils` skills of speaking;
-to develop communicative approach in oral speech.
Equipment and visual aids : a projector,photos of the village, photos of the great Ukrainian people, sayings of the Ukrainian poets and writers.

The dearest land a man can see!
When down the Dniper I go boating
And birds are flying high above
I hear a song and it is flowing
to those green trees, the land I love
God saw  a beautiful girl in an embroidered shirt and asked:
Who are you?
Why are you crying?
P1: I am Ukraine and I am crying because my land is suffering from blood and fire.
Why are you so late?I have already given all talents.
I gave Frenchmen beauty and elegance,
German – order and discipline;
Poles-the ability to trade
Italians-talent for music
Ok.I’ll give you immortal  treasure,which will make you famous all over the world. It’s a song
And take a towel. It is a very important attribute of Ukrainians. It marks the celebration of marriage, birth, death, Cristmas and Easter. In old times a house without towel was compered with the family without children,it shows unity, peace  in family and respect to people.
“He,who loves not his country, can love nothing”(G. Byron)
“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries, because you were born in it.“(B.Show)
“Love your dear Motherland,
Love it with your whole heart...” (V.Sosyura)
Such words can be said only by real patriot of their country.Do you understand the meaning of the words patriot and patriotism?
P3:Patriots are the people who are devoted to their Motherland.
P4:Patriots are the people who are ready to give their life for future and happy life of their people and country.
P5:Patriots are the people who are ready to defend their country and people.
P6:Patriotism is feeling of great and deep love to Motherland.
P7: It’s really so.For you your Motherland must be the best,the dearest, the most beautiful place on the Earth.
But when you speak about your Motherland you recollect first of all your small motherland,your native village(town,city),your house, your garden, your school friends and school teachers.
You can go to the East,
You can go to the West,
But at home it is better,
But at home it is best!
Now we`d like to present some information about our village. Our village is very beautiful.Many hard-working people live here.
Gyryavi Iskivtsi is situated on the left  bank of the river Sula. It was founded in the 17th century. The name of the village was inherited from the surname of the vilage landlord Gyrya. The name of his son was Is`ka. Later the name of the village was transformed into  Gyryavi Iskivtsi
In the 1890s the population of  Gyryavi Iskivtsi was 1258 people,among them only 6 men could read and write.
people took an active part in the revolutionary movement, 332 men were killed in the Great Patriotic war.

The leading collective farm ”Victory of Kommunism” had great results in the development of agriculture in Lohvytsya district.
Now our pupils will tell you about some places in our village.(Use of slides and video projector)
I`d like to tell you about my school. It has 2 floors.There are many classrooms, a canteen, the teachers`room and the headmaster`s room on the ground floor. Our workshop, gymnasium and the medicial room are on the ground floor too. You can find many classrooms, library and assembly hall on the first floor. Every morning 100 pupils and 17 teachers hurry to school.
This is our House of Culture. It is  in the center of the village . It is a very  big and nice building. We have concerts and meetings in it. We sing songs, dance folk and modern dances and play musical instruments here.There is a village library in the House of Culture.
Every town or village has the place,which people visit on Victory Day or the Day of Liberation.This is the monument to the Unknown Soldier. We come up to this monument,put flowers,sing songs about war,recite poems there. We listen to the veterans, who fought for our freedom and happy life

There are shops, bars and cafes in our village.We can see a sports club with a swimming pool and our village museum in the centre. But it`s a pity they don`t work now. There is a small hospital in Gyryavi Iskivtsi. There are many nice houses in my village. We love our native village.

A song(music from “Fairy-tales” by O. Rybak)
I was born in lovely village
And for me it`s fairy-tale
I invite to see its beauty
Come and be my real friend

Years ago I went to school
It became my second nest
I suppose you`ll agree
Our teachers are the best

Years ago I went to school
It became my second nest
I suppose you`ll agree
Our teachers are the best

They teach us to read and write
Sing the songs and paint the pictures
They help us and every day
They` re making our souls richer


We live in Ukraine.It is one of the largest countries in Europe. It proclaimed its independence on the 24th of August, 1991. Tourists from  different countries visit museums, exhibitions,memorials, monuments, churches in the towns and cities of Ukraine.They enjoy the finest dishes of the Ukrainian kitchen: borsh,varenyky,pancakes and dilicious Ukrainian brown bread.
Ukraine is a beautiful country where tourists can spend their holidays and learn information about cossacks.The history of cossacks is a very dramatic moment. 5 centuries ago Zaporizhian cossacks appeared. Thanks to them the Ukrainian people could develop into  a great nation.Those brave people were full of heroism and fought for national independence of Ukraine. Later they united in a single military organization. Cossacks defended the country from polish land-lords and Tatars.They cherished freedom above all.
There are many poems about Ukraine in the Ukrainian Literature.Let`s listen to one of  them and love Ukraine as Volodymyr Sosyra did
Love your dear Motherland
Love it with your whole heart
Love Ukraine when the days are happy
Love it, when the days are dark
Cherish your mother tongue,
Cherish your family root,
Never stop thinking of your parents
And make their life good.
We are proud of our country and we have our national language.
My dear language
The one my mother talks
The one the ground yarns
Same one I speak and think
Some one appoints and give me wings
You take your path and where to live
Even the world falls at your feet
You can`t forget your native words
And return to dear land.
Рідна мова,
Якою мати розмовля
І гомонить в степу земля…
Такою мислю і спілкуюсь,
Вона і вчить, і окриля
Вона і гріє, і сія,
Вона-мов пісня солов’я.
Якби змінив її на іншу-
Себе зневажив би я сам.
З усіх чужин, усіх доріг,
Який би світ не впав до ніг,
Хто рідної не зрікся мови,
На рідний вернеться поріг.
(Юрій Питак)
Ukraine has given the world many brilliant names in literature, science and art.
(Use slides”Outstanding  people  of Ukraine”)
The names of T. Shevcheko, I. Franko, L. Ukrainka, M. Kotsubynskyi are well- known in the world. By Unesko decision the anniversaries of their births are celebrated in the world.
Ukrainian Historians  M. Hrushevskyi and M. Dragomanov played a very important role in the world scince. M Hrushevskyi was the first president of the Ukrainian Republic. Taras Shevchenko was a poet ,an artist and a democrat. He was born into a serf family. All children like to draw, but  for Taras it was a passion.Shevchenko`s second passion was poetry.
T. Shevchnko  was a very talented man. His life was very difficult. But Russian people freed him from his master. He wrote in Ukrainian and in 1840 he published his first book of poems”Kobzar”.
Now let`s listen to his poem “Testement”. It has become immortal literary masterpiece in the Ukrainian literature.
When I am dead then bury me
in my beloved Ukraine,
among the fields and hills and steppes
among luxurious plain.
Oh berry me, then rise you up
And break your heavy chains
And water with the tyrants blood
the freedom you have gained
And in a great new family
the family of the free
With softly spoken kindly words,
Pray,men,remember me!
Every country has its capital. The heart of our Motherland is Kyiv.Kyiv is the center of culture ,education,bisuness and industry.
(Use slides “Kyiv”.)
Let`s speak about it.

About 4 million million people live in Kyiv. Kyiv is one of the greatest cities in Europe. There are many long streets and big squares in  Kyiv. There are many parks and 2 botanical gardens with bright flower-beds there. Kyiv is an educational center. There are 300 schools and  many universities in the capital.
Kyiv is a cultural center.There are many cinemas in Kyiv. You can visit 20 museums, 1.300 libraries, 41 theatres and 121 parks.
Kyiv is the business and an agricultural centre. Hundreds of business people from all over the world come to Kyiv to make their business.
The national bank of Ukraine is in the capital.The biggest plants and factories are there, too. We are proud of our capital.
A song ”Kyiv of mine”

Greenary lays like an ocean
Piece of days burns to night
Dearer grows my devotion
To the Dnipro`s steep hights.
Swaying branches before you
Love`s dreams may enshrine,
How can I not adore you,
Kyiv of mine!

Грає море зелене
Тихий день догора.
Дорогими для мене
Стали схили Дніпра,
Де колишуться віти
Закоханих мрій...
Як тебе не любити,
Києве мій!
We are coming up to the end of our talk today. We are sons and daughters of our beautiful motherland. We know its history,we remember its heroes.
And we are proud of land where we were born. We honour the memory of great and prominent people of Ukraine. We are proud of the fact that we are Ukrainians,because Ukrainians are...
-kind and polite people;
-friendly people;
-strong and heroic;
-sociable people;
-hard-working people;
-with a sense of humour;
-open-handed and generous people
talanted people,nobody can dance and sing better then Ukrainians.
A song(music from «Маленькая страна» by N.Korolyova)

I love my dear dear country
My beautiful Ukraine
Its river,lakes and big forests
high mountains and plains.
I`m proud of it`s nature
and its hard-working people
I like your trees and flowers
Your  towns big and little.

I am happy|3 times
to live in beautiful Ukraine
I am happy|3 times
to live in beautiful Ukraine

I love my dear dear country
My beautiful Ukraine
Its river,lakes and big forests
high mountains and plains.
I love my native, native village
And friendly people there
My house and my little garden
Sun`s shining everywhere.

I am happy|3 times
to live in beautiful Ukraine
I am happy|3 times
to live in beautiful Ukraine

At  the end of the performance Ukrainian dance

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