Урок - літературознавче дослідження "В.Шекспір - видатний англійський письменник"

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Урок має на меті дати учням основні факти з життя відомого англійського письменника. В ході уроку можна провести невеличку конференцію, де учні можуть ділитись інформацією. В якості закріплення матеріалу учням пропонується розгадати кросворди, пригадати крилаті вислови письменника та їхні українські еквіваленти.
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Мета: узагальнити знання учнів про життя і твор­чість В. Шекспіра, показати майстерність поета на при­кладі його творів; активізувати вивчений лексичний матеріал; формувати навички монологічного мовлен­ня; розвивати пізнавальну діяльність, мислення, мовну здогадку; виховувати почуття прекрасного, любов до мистецтва.

Обладнання: портрет В. Шекспіра, презентація, присвячена Шекспіру, кросворд, портрети з творів митця, strip-story, череп, проектор, ноутбук.



Оголошення теми

Т. The theme of our lesson is "Shakespeare is alive. He is immortal". Today we'll speak about W. Shakespeare, listen the biography, recite sonnets and his tragedies.

Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу

Прийом: «Відкритий мікрофон»

Т. The epigraph of the lesson is   "He is not an age, but for all the time"

 (Benjamin Jonson). How do you understand such quotation?

Постановка проблеми

T. What do you want to know about at today's lesson?


Засідання англійського клубу "Friends of Shakespeare". Презентація біографії В. Шекспіра


The birthday of W. Shakespeare

Imagine please, it's April 23, 1564, Stratford-on-Avon, in the middle of England. The family of John and Mary Shakespeare lives here. They had eight children, four girls and four boys, but their two eldest daughters died at early age. The third child that was born to them was a son. He was named William.



# 2

Parents of W. Shakespeare

The poet's father was engaged in the wool industry. Some documents of the time indicate that John Shakespeare was illiterate, he marked his name with a cross because he was unable to write it. Mary Shakespeare was a woman of a lively dis­position. She liked music, old English and Scottish songs. Here William spent his childhood listening to his mother's songs.

 # 3

William's Education

William was a boy of free and open na­ture, much like his mother. He was a bright pupil at school at Stratford.  At this school William learned to read and write and was taught his first Latin. He was still a boy when he began to produce plays. Though he had to work hard in his father's business, nothing would make him give up his hobby. On leaving school Shakespeare began to learn foreign languages.

# 4

Marriage of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway

But William's days of youthful study ended ear­ly as at the age of eighteen, he married Anne Hatha­way. The bride was eight years older than her hus­band. Before Shakespeare was twenty-one, he was the father of three children, a daughter Susanna and the twins a son, Hamlet and a daughter Ju­dith. Life in Startford was difficult for him there was no money to earn. He decided to go to London. At this time his first poems appeared.

# 5

Sonnets of W. Shakespeare

Shakespeare began to write sonnets in 1590. During this time there was a sonnet vogue in Eng­land. He was quick to follow this popular trend. His 154 sonnets were published in 1609.

# 6

Theatre company "The Lord Chamberlai's men"

In London Shakespeare joined one of the city theatre companies and in 1594 he was able to pur­chase a share in the Lord Chamberlain's Men which was one of the most popular acting companies in London. By 1594 at least six of his plays had been produced and staged. His Fame and good fortune grew rapidly.




# 7

Theatre life

From 1594 to 1608 Shakespeare was fully in­volved in London theatre life. He wrote in average two plays a year.

In 1596 a great sorrow fell upon the poet: his only son Hamlet died at the age of eleven. By the late 1590s Shakespeare had not only become an es­tablished writer but he also become a prosperous citi­zen. He purchased New Place, one of the two largest houses in Stratford. He was a good son as a truth­ful and generous friend. He helped his parents very much. His visits to Stratford were periods of rest and recreation, probably also of quiet literary labour.

# 8

Shakespeare's Grave

 Shakespeare died in 1616  in his native town. There is bust of Shakespeare that was carved by a Dutch sculptor who lived near Shakespeare's Grave theatre and who must have seen William many times. His tomb is in the Stratford church .

Робота над висловлюваннями з творів Шекспіра

Т. Match quotations from Shakespeare's works with their translation.



1) All's well that ends well.

2) All that glitters is not gold.

3) Much ado about nothing.

4) To be or not to be, that is the question.

5) All the world's a stage, all the men and woman are merely players.

6) Delays have dangerous ends.

7)  Brevity is the soul of wit

А) Багато галасу даремно.

В) Усе добре, що добре закінчується.

С) Життя наше — гра, а люди в ньому — актори.

D) Не все те золото, що блищить.


E) Стислість — душа таланту.

F) Бути чи не бути — ось питання.

G) Зволікання смерті подібне






Розгадування кросворду

T. And now complete the crossword and in the vertical line we'll read the name of a character from one of his plays.

  1. What is William Shakespeare's father's name?
  2. Continue the sentence.

William studied at a Grammar School because his father wanted to give his son a good ... .

  1. What was the name of the theatre, founded by Shakespeare?
  2. The month in which Shakespeare was born and died?
  3. Is Shakespeare's play "King Lear" a comedy or a tragedy?
  4. A name of the young Prince of Denmark who de­cided to be or not to be?




































































Keys: 1 John; 2 education; 3 Globe; 4 April; 5 tragedy; 6 Hamlet.

In the vertical line: Juliet



Т. So tell what these years mean?

1564; 1590;1594;1596; 1616

  • 1564 — W. Shakespeare was born.
  • 1590 — He began to write sonnets.
  • 1594 — He joined one of the city theatre com panics.
  • 1596 — His son Hamnet died.
  • 1616 — He died.

T. Give answers on the questions:

  1. What is W. Shakespeare?
  2. When and where was he born?
  3. Where did he study?
  4. Why did William have to go to London?
  5. What was his first work?
  6. What did he describe in his works?

T. You were very active today. Your marks are..

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Retell the biography of W. Shakespeare.

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