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Урок англійської мови в 7 класі "Traditions in different countries"

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Розробка уроку англійської мови у 7 класі по темі: "Traditions in different countries" за підручником “Access 2” Virginia Evans-Jenny Dooley Express Publishing (мультимедійна презентація додається)

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Англійська мова

7 клас

Автор: Підобід Наталія Іванівна,

вчитель англійської мови Білоцерківської загальноосвітньої школи І-ІІІ ступенів №20 Білоцерківської міської ради, спеціаліст вищої категорії

Topic: Traditions in different countries


  • to train using the lexical material on the topic;
  • to practice lexical and grammar skills
  • to improve reading skills
  • to train and practice using of the Present Continuous
  • to teach students to express their opinion about traditions in different countries and celebrating festivals, holidays, special events.

Equipment: Access 2”, tape-recorder, multimedia equipment.


  1. Greeting.

T: Stand up, please! Good afternoon, children!

Ps: Good afternoon.

T: Sit down! Get ready for the lesson. Let’s start our lesson.

  1. Warming up  

T: At today’s lesson we are going to speak about Traditions in different countries and celebrating festivals, special events. (Slide 1)





T: What celebrations (holidays) take place each year in our country? (Slide 2)

(Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day, 8 March - International Women’s Day, Victory Day, Independence Day)







  1. Vocabulary Ex. 1 p.24 (Slide 3)

T: Read and translate the phrases







T: Which of the phrases in the list best match the pictures A or B?

Answer key

A – throw sweets from decorated cars, wear funny clothes, watch a parade

B – light candles

  1. Reading and Speaking Ex. 2 p.24 (Slide 4)









T: Listen to the text and answer the question:

  • What are people celebrating in each picture?

Answer key

A – Carnival

B – Loy Krathong

T: Read and translate the text

Ex. 3 p.24 (Slide 5)

T: Complete the sentences.

Answer key

  1. February
  2. Masks, red noses
  3. Throw sweets
  4. The rainy season ends
  5. Apologise
  6. Carry away bad luck




  1. Listening Ex. 5 p.24 (Slide 6)

T: Listen to Bill talking to his friend. What is he talking about?



Answer key

A - Bill is talking about a celebration in his country.

  1. Grammar Revision

Present Continuous Tense (affirmative form) (Slide 7)

We use the Present Continuous for actions happening at the moment of speaking.

Read the table. Make sentences.






Ex. 6 p.23 (Slide 8)

Look at the pictures and complete the texts with the verbs in the list. Use the Present Continuous

 Answer key


1. are wearing

2. isn’t snowing

3. are ice-skating

4. are having

5. are getting

6. are buying



1. is watching

2. are wearing

3. are dancing

4. aren’t wearing

5. is taking

6. are throwing

7. are having




Present Continuous Tense (negative and question form) (Slide 9)

Read the table.











Ex. 7 p.23 (Slide 10)

T: Write the questions and answer them

Answer key


1. Are people wearing heavy clothes? – Yes, they are

2. Is it raining? – No, it isn’t

3. Is John dancing? – No, he isn’t

4. Are people buying presents? – Yes, they are


B  5. Is Lucy watching a parade? – Yes, she is.

6. Are the girls wearing masks? – No, they aren’t

7. Are the girls dancing? – Yes, they are

8. Is Lucy’s father throwing streamers? – No, he isn’t

9. Are people having a great time? – Yes, they are


Extra exercise (Slide 11)

Look at the picture and complete the description













  1. Summing up

T: Your work at the lesson was very good. You were very active. Your marks are…

Now you know your marks. Tell me please, did you like our lesson? (Yes, of course.)


  • Open your daybooks, write down your homework Ex. 1, 2 p. 16 WB to complete the text in Ex. 1 and choose the correct word in Ex. 2
  • Thank you very much and good-bye!


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