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Урок "How to live up to 100?"

Про матеріал
Розробка уроку з англійської мови у 8 класі з використанням мультимедійної презентації та анкетуванням.
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Спеціалізована загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів № 59

з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови








уроку англійської мови у 8 класі

з теми “How to live up to 100?





Вчитель: Чиченко Марина Миколаївна
















Тема: How to live up to 100?

Мета уроку:

  • мотивувати учнів до обговорення проблеми здорового способу життя;
  • cтимулювати учнів до створення власних ідей, як подовжити тривалість та покращити якість життя людей в сучасному світі;
  • розвивати комунікативну компетентність учнів через залучення їх до дискусії, активувати їх здатність вільно висловлювати, а за необхідності і відстоювати власні думки з приводу запропонованої теми;
  • розвивати креативне мислення учнів та здатність до навчання протягом життя, використовуючи інформаційно-комунікативні технології, розширювати свої знання з теми, залучати їх проводити власні дослідження;
  • формувати негативне ставлення учнів до поганих звичок та вчити вдумливо ставитись до свого здоров’я.

Обладнання: відеофільм до уроку “GM food”, анкети з результатами соціального опитування, плакати–спайдерграми з ідеями як подовжити життя людства.

Методи, прийоми та форми роботи: комунікативний підхід, кейс-технології, колективна, групова, парна, індивідуальна форми роботи.



Хід уроку:


  1. Привітання


T: Good morning my dear students! I “am glad to see you. I hope our lesson will be useful and interesting for you. I am sure you will work hard and do your best to succeed in the lesson.


  1. Цілепокладання


T: The goal of our lesson is to work with the “case” entitled “How to live to 100” and to find out what is really important for people in order to live long and healthy life.


III. Передбачення


T: Do you expect our lesson to be interesting (exciting, useful)?


IV. Фонетичні вправи


So in case we want to live to 100 we should be healthy, first of all. There are a lot of proverbs about health in English. Please, pronounce some proverbs after me.

Good health is above wealth.

Worrying never did anyone any good.

Wealth is nothing without health


V. Розминка


 T: As you see, the English really think much about health and what are your ideas how to make our life longer? What influences the duration and quality of our life?

Now, let us divide our class into two groups. Discuss in groups and put your ideas on the paper on your desks. Do it in the form of a spidergram but you are limited by five ideas each. Please, choose the captain to inform the rest of the class about the results of your cooperation.

(some time later) The pupils, who were chosen to be the captains, tell the ideas suggested by the teams.

P1: We believe that to live to hundred people should have more free time for pleasure and work less, to avoid stress and to sleep at least 8 hours.

P2: Our team thinks that people live long if they get a good medical treatment, live in clean environment and have enough money to pay for all these things.

T: As we see from your posters, your opinions are different. I hope that at the end of the lesson we will work out our common opinion concerning the most important factors that can help people to live longer. But before we continue let me share some interesting information with you so we can add it to our case. Our life can be difficult sometimes. Different natural and manmade disasters happen. So you should remember the Rule of Three! Special Forces in the US Army use it during their training sessions. 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 hours in cold surrounding and not more than 3 minutes without air… That’s how long can an average person survive.


VI. Говоріння


T: Well, at home you were to get some information about your ancestors (the age when they passed away, how stressful their life was, if they worked with machines or with people and weather they had bad habits or not.

Two pupils (one from each team) will gather all the information and give us the results of your survey.

Supposed answers:

P1: My great-grandmother lived to 89…

P2: My dad’s grandparents lived long lives. They lived in the village…

P3, P4…

T: It was interesting to listen to your families’ stories and now let’s listen to our statistics.

P5: Based on the results of our research we can say that the average vital cycle in our families is around 78,5 years. Most of our ancestors never had any bad habits. According to the information given by our survey participants most of them had stress-free lives. The last question was dedicated to the working environment specifics and the results show that the majority of our ancestors worked with people.

T: In accordance with your reports and your spidergrams the most important things to live up to 100 are nutrition, environment, sports, sufficient amount of sleep, high financial income, good healthcare, absence of bad habits and overall stability. Let’s start our discussion beginning with nutrition. You know we are what we eat. What can we take from our food?

P1: We get proteins, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates.

T: That is correct. But the only way to get the sufficient amount of all of these nutrients is to have a well-balanced diet. But let’s proceed further. Some of you will be given the task to create your own daily menu. While those students are busy I will work with the rest of the class. I will give you the cards with the names of different sections at the supermarket. Tell me what you can buy there. By the way your budget is unlimited.

P1, 2, 3, 4 … (Students speak on the topic)

T: How can our food be prepared?

P1: It can be mixed.

P2: It can be boiled.

P3: It can be fried, roasted.

P4 …


Презентація міні-проектів учнів


T: Now let’s listen to your menus

P1, P2: … (students present the menus they’ve just created)

T: Ok, so food dictates your mood, right? I hope these menus will help you stay in a good mood. You’ve also mentioned that clean water is extremely important in our goal to live up to 100. Prove this fact.

P1, P2, P3: … (Students speak about the role of water in people’s lives, daily amount of water needed to be consumed etc.)

T: Prove me wrong but you also insisted that sports play an important role in our life. Now let’s hear your arguments in support of this statement.

P1, P2: … (Students speak on the given topic)

T: Your next idea was to avoid bad habits and stress to live a healthy life. What exactly do you mean?

P1, P2: … (Students speak on the given topic)

VII. Аудіювання


T: Scientists say that in future humankind will face some new problems and lack of food is among them. One of the solutions is genetically modified food. But is it really the way out? Your task is to watch the video and to make up your mind towards this problem.

Students watch the video about genetically modified food.


Зворотній діалог T      Cl.


T: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about GM food and why?

P1. P2: … (Students share their ideas and opinions about GM food)


VIII. Підсумки


T: Taking into consideration all the ideas during our discussion we need to work out our common conclusion on this problem. (Students draw a table consisting of 5 facts)

(Supposed answer: 1. Food; 2. Sports; 3. Proper sleep; 4. Avoiding too much stress; 5. Good medical care)


IX. Рефлексійно-оцінюючий етап


  1. Інформування про домашнє завдання


T: Your task will be to write a letter to your friend to pursue him about the importance of a healthy lifestyle in order to live up to 100. Your compositions should be around 100 words long. Please remember to use proper linking words in your letters.


  1. Підбиття підсумків уроку


  1. Оцінювання



  1. T: Our lesson is over now. You worked very hard. Thank you and see you next time.



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