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Урок "My Native City" для 7 класу. Під час уроку учні мають можливість працювати в групах та парах. Родзинкою уроку є використання мобільних телефонів у роботі з QR-code scanner, Edmodo apps/ Learning.apps. за допомогою цих мобільних додатків діти повторюють лексичний матеріал та розвивають пошукові навички.
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План-конспект уроку з використанням мобільних додатків; Edmodo, Learning.apps.

Topic: My Native Town/ City.

Grade: 7

Lesson aim:

1. to activate pupils’ vocabulary on the topic

2. to deepen  their knowledge on the topic

3. to stimulate students to know more about the sights of a native city

4. to bring up pupils to love and respect their city

5. to motivate students to cooperate working in pairs and groups

Learning outcome:

At the end of the lesson students should be able to create  and present  their own list of 5 citys top sights in groups.

Key Competences:

1. Communication in foreign languages

2. ICT and digital competencies

3. Lifelong learning skill.

4. Cultural awareness

Integrated Content Lines: Civic responsibility

Recycled language: to be well known for smth, to be the first choice to visit, to be situated on, to go sightseeing, to be rich in, tourist attraction, to be named after, the place worth seeing

Language support materials: photos of cities and their places of interest, mobile phones, WI-FI, QR-code scanner, Edmodo apps/ Learning.apps, worksheets with tasks.


I The beginning of the lesson

Greeting / Warming-up

T: Good morning, children. I am glad to see you today. How are you?

I know youve come back from a trip to Kyiv. How was it?

How did you get there?

What places did you see?

Its great! Today we'll have an opportunity to travel and to have fun. Don’t forget about your English Pronunciation while travelling.

Phonetic Drill

T: Now let’s revise  sounds [æ] [ei]. Find the words with the sound [æ], [ei].

Take your camera and make haste!

My native city Zhytomyr is a great place.

There are a lot of places to visit in

and different  attractions worth seeing.

Introduction of the topic and an outcome.

QR CodeT: Don’t forget about your cameras and mobile phones. You’ll have an opportunity to take  photos and use different mobile apps during our travelling. Use your QR-code scanner to cope with a task. Your task is to match the pictures of the cities with their names. 

T: Good job! By the way what city would you like to visit? Why?

Look at these pictures and guess what the topic of our lesson is?

P: Travelling/ Cities and what not.

T: The topic of our lesson is “My Native City”. At the end of the lesson you should be able to create  and present  your own list of 5 citys top sights in groups.

II The main Part of the Lesson

Vocabulary Revision

To travel without problems you should  revise the vocabulary.

You’ll work in groups. To make a group choose a picture of a city and join in three groups: Kyiv, Zhytomyr, London.



Group “Zhytomyr”: match the English words with their Ukrainian equivalents.







QR Code 





Group  “Kyiv”:  match the words with their definitions 

QR Code

Group “London” : do the crossword and find  the words connected with the places of the city/town




QR Code



1. Well done! Look at the  web page and the  photo. What social network is it? Whose facebook profile is it?

Friends      Applications     Inbox

Пов’язане зображення     First Name: Ann              Surname: Petrenko

     Age: 12                            Nationality: Ukrainian

     City:Zhytomyr                 Country: Ukraine


Likes and Interests:


Hobby: travelling


Favourite TV programme:

Heads and Tails


Favourite hosts:  

Lesya and Regina


Hi, everyone! I'm Ann. If you love travelling around the world my article is for you! But today's article is special, because it's about Ukraine. Do you know that a new television project “Home is best”, an analog of a well-known TV programme “Heads and Tails”, has appeared in Ukraine? A host of the programme is Yevgeniy Sinelnikov. The main idea of the project is to show people that Ukraine is rich in different cities, towns and picturesque places worth visiting.                                                                        One of the programmes took place in Zhytomyr in December 2018. What interesting places and facts were discovered there? To know more join Yevgeniy Sinelnikov on Youtube    C:\Users\1\Downloads\qrcode (8).pnghttps://youtu.be/Dk64SYfQoEw


Read Anns profile and correct the mistakes if there are any.

1. Ann is from England.

2. She is into travelling and she likes watching "Heads and Tails".

3. Her favourite host is Andriy Bedniakov.

4. Anns article is about new television project “Home is best”, which took place in Zhytomyr in December 2018.


2. Look at the photos. What do you think the facebook webpage is going to be about? Read the text and match the landmarks with the photos.


F:\юля\Выжак\конкурс\36 303.jpg

F:\юля\Выжак\конкурс\Фото 2. Нестерук Анна.jpeg


F:\юля\Выжак\конкурс\Фото 4. Оникійчук Юлія.jpg

F:\юля\Выжак\конкурс\36 274.jpg


As a great lover of my native city I'd like to share more information about it. So Zhytomyr is an administrative centre in the central part of Ukraine. It is situated on the Teteriv river. The population is about 290.000 people.  It is an ancient city. It was founded in the 9th century. Zamkova Gora is a starting point of  the history of our city. One of the legends says that a Slav Tribe of Zhytyches lived there. Zhytomyr means “Zhyto” and “Myr”.                                                                                                                                                      This city with an old history, interesting landmarks and unique landscapes attracts more and more tourists every year. Some of them arrive here to enjoy its amazing nature. Others can't  help admiring cultural attractions and historical places.                                                              

Zhytomyr is proud of its architecture, cathedrals and churches. The number one place to see is the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. Built in the 19th century, the church is considered to be the citys symbol. It's majestic beauty and size are truly impressive. Its towers are 53 meters (170 feet) high.                 

 Another remarkable monument of sacral architecture, the Saint Sophia Catholic Church, built in the 18th century, is situated on the hill of Zhytomyr. Its unique look is the effect of the harmonious mixture of two architectural styles, the Baroque and Late Renaissance.                                                                                                                                                            My city is a significant cultural center of Ukraine. There are many places of interest in Zhytomyr. Here you can visit the Museum of Local History, the Museum of Nature, the Korolenko and Korolyov Memorial Museums, the Museum of Fire Service. The Museum of  Cosmonautics named after Sergiy Koroliov is the first choice to see for a lot of people around the world.  Sergiy Pavlovych Koroliov was the founder of  practical cosmonautics and the designer of the first space rocket. (in 1907 he was born in Zhytomyr). The museum’s exhibitions consist of two parts. One part, which includes his personal items, documents and furniture, occupies his childhood home. Another part is the exposition of the  pavilion "Space", opened in 1991. It represents the originals and models of space vehicles, spacesuits and other equipment including the technological model of the Soyuz spacecraft, the Lunokhod-2 model. The capsule with the soil of the Moon, presented by NASA, is one of the most valuable exhibits.                                                                                                               As for places of entertainment one can go to the Drama Theatre named after Ivan Kocherga, the Philarmonic Society, one of the cinemas, the park named after Yury Gagarin or the hydro park .

 Chatskys Head is  a must see of the city. It is a rock of an unusual shape over the Teteriv River  ( 30 meters), a geological monument of national importance. Due to one of the legends, the Polish nobleman Chatsky, who was pursued by the Cossaks, jumped into the river from it.                                                                                                     

    It's no wonder people of Zhytomyr are lucky to live in a pleasant city and still be able to get out into the picturesque nature landmarks .

3. Read  the facebook page again. Copy the table and complete


Date of foundation


Characteristic features


the Cathedral of the Transfiguration

19th century


Its towers are 53 meters (170 feet)  high.


the 18th century







It presents the originals and models of space vehicles

Chatsky’s Head





4. Read the text again and answer the questions.

1. Where is Zhytomyr situated?

2. When was it founded?

3. Why does Zhytomyr attract more and more tourists every year?

4. When was the Cathedral of the Transfiguration built ?

5. Why is the Saint Sophia Catholic Church a remarkable monument of sacral architecture?

6. What exhibits  does the Museum of  Cosmonautics named after SergiyKoroliov represent?

7. Why is Chatskys Head   a must see of the city?

8. Is Zhytomyr really a place worth visiting?


5. In pairs, ask and answer.

1) Do you admire your city?

C:\Users\1\Downloads\qrcode (9).png2) What landmarks is Zhytomyr rich in?

3) What attraction is the first choice to visit?

4) What is the number one place to see?


6. In groups, use the internet link or QR-code to find more information about sights of Zhytomyr and name 5 new places.



III The final part of the lesson


So, students let’s sum up and share your  ideas about your home city

1) I’ve learnt such facts about my native city …

2) There are some advantages of living in my city. I advise you to visit my city because…

3) I dislike my place of living because… . I don’t advise to visit my place because…

4) That’s exciting to live here because… . Living  here makes me anxious because…

5) I suggest some creative ideas to make my city famous…

Home task: make up your own list of 5 city's top sights in groups. Prove they are worth  visiting. You should mention:

 where it's situated

 what makes it special

 what you can do there

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