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Розробка уроку для учнів 11 класу загальноосвітніх закладів освіти з використанням методу критичного мислення "Фішбоун" до підручника Карпюк
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Save our planet

(Form 11)

Objectives of the lesson:

     Identify the main causes of environmental pollution and their consequences;

     To raise the general ecological culture of students;

     Educate a responsible attitude towards the environment;

     Improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


     Students will be able to speak about the main causes of environmental pollution and their consequences; express their opinions how to protect and save our planet.

Equipment: student`s books, workbooks, Power Point presentation, fishbone diagram, HO.


  1. 1. Introduction(2 minutes)

Teacher: Good morning, children. I`m glad to see you.

Children: Good morning, teacher. We`re glad to see you too.

Teacher: Today we`re going to talk about the environmental problems, their causes,

                 consequences and their solutions, but first of all let`s warming up.

              2. Warm-up (4 minutes)

Teacher: Fill in the table and guess the name of environmental protecting organization.

G – garbage

R – rainforest

E – earth

E – environmental problems

N – nuclear testing

P – pollution

E – energy

A – animals in danger

C – cars

E – ecology

(Green Peace)

II. Main part of the lesson.

  1. Plan of the lesson (Slides 1-2, (2 minutes))

Teacher: Here is our plan -

  1. Identify  problems and make a list of environmental problems of our planet
  2. Find out the causes of environmental problems
  3. Find out the consequences of environmental problems
  4. Find solutions of environmental problems

Teacher: Let`s get acquainted with the Fishbone diagram (Slide 3).





    List of

environmental                                                                                                       Solutions








  1. Listening and writing practice (10 minutes)

Teacher: Let`s watch video and identify environmental problems (Slides 4-5).

               After watching video pupils name the environmental problems one by one and

               check their answers with the help of Power Point presentation, than pupils write

               down their answers on the board (List of environmental problems) (Slides 6 -14).


Global warming


Natural resource depletion

Waste disposal

Climate change

Loss of biodiversity


Urban sprawl

Ozone layer depletion

  1. Checking Homework (6 minutes).

Teacher: And now let`s check your homework and share some information about the

                environmental problems (3 -4 pupils read some information about the

                environmental problems).

  1. Reading practice. (6 minutes).

Teacher: We have list of problems and we have to identify their causes. So, let`s match the

                 environmental problems with their causes (6 minutes).


  1. The causes of ____________________________ are: harmful chemicals, gases or waste materials from factories, cars that we gone to the air, land or water.
  2. The causes of _____________________________ are:    general increase in the temperature of the world, caused by pollution from cars, factories, etc.
  3. The causes of _____________________________ are:  raising the standard of living of people.
  4. The causes of _________________________  are: population growth.
  5. The causes of ____________________________ are: the population and waste growth, shortage of processing factories.
  6. The causes of _____________________________ are: changes in the weather around the world, which result in much higher or lower temperatures, violent storms, floods, etc.
  7. The causes of _____________________________ are: a type of plant or animal that is likely to stop existing completely, for example because of hunting or pollution.
  8. The causes of _____________________________ are:  a situation, in which most of the trees in an area are cut downor destroyed, resulting ingreat damage to the environment.
  9. The causes of ______________________________ are: people move from some areas to try to find better areas to live.
  10. The causes of _____________________________ are: pollution causes holes in it.

Teacher: We have list of problems, their causes and we have to find out the consequences of

                these problems. So, let`s match the problems with their consequences and add

               them to the fishbone diagram. Checking the answers with the help of Power Point

                presentation . (Slides 15-17), 5 minutes)).

Holes in ozone layer

Shortage of water

Shortage of food

Illnesses (cancer)

Natural disasters

Acid rains

Disappearing of animals and plants

Too much waste

Greenhouse gases

Rising sea level

Destruction of rainforests

  1. Speaking practice (5 minutes).

Teacher: We have a list of environmental problems, their causes and consequences. So, let`s

               find out the solutions of these problems.

Pupils` answers:

     We should use the alternative sources of energy;

     We should recycle the garbage;

     We should greening  the environment;

     We should organize the environmental organizations;

     We should use ecologically safe technologies;

     We should grow organic food:

     We should use public transport;

     We should plant trees;

     We should control amount of fuels;

     We should build waste disposal plants;

     We should buy low energy light bulbs;

     We should become environmentally friendly.

  1. Summary
  1. Questions to know results (3 minutes)

Teacher: So, what should we do for saving our planet?

               Pupils` answers.

2. Homework (2 minutes)

Teacher: At home write a short essay about the most urgent environmental problem in

                your opinion.

               Was this lesson interesting for you?

               Good bye.









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