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Урок на тему "Where's Grandma?"

Про матеріал
План-конспект уроку для учнів 2-3 класів, які вчаться за НМК "Family and Friends 1",lt вивчається і закріплюється вокабуляр з тем "My Home", "My Family", через розвиток навичок усного мовлення
Перегляд файлу

Topic:Where’s Grandma?

Objectives: ;

           - t- to introduce the new words devoted to the topic;

           - to develop grammar skills;

           - to develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills;   

           - to encourage pupils to learn English and speak about their home in English;

Tools: CB, WB, flashcards with the words, TS23-24,  a video


Plan of the lesson


Lead in.

Greeting  Hello. (A “Hello” song )Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too. How are you  today?

Warmer    Greeting dialogues. Revision of previously learned words


Main part of the lesson


Introduction the topic of the lesson Today we continue speaking about our home and for today’s lesson our task is to practice using the words we have learned.  We’ll speak a lot, read and do some listening and writing tasks . So, let’s start! Let us revise the names of the rooms in a house


Introducing the new vocabulary  Look. Here are some  words we have to learn Working with pictures

                           - a living room     - a kitchen    - a bathroom                          - a bedroom   -a dining room


Working with the words - choral and individual repetition of the words

                    - translating the words from Ukrainian into English and vice versa     ex1,2p58CB

                    - making simple sentences (This is a kitchen.)

                    - practice in writing the new words


A breaktime Worming up, Exercices


Grammar: revision of  to be -am, -is -are



Further practice.Working with the vocabulary


-Where’s Granny?
- She’s in the living room


-Is she in the kitchen?
Yes, she is/ No, she is not

Exercises WB p59
   Acting out the dialogues




Lesson outcome

Summing up the lesson  Today we have done a lot. We have learned new words,  and can ask and answer about  whetre your family members are now.

 Now it’s time to finish our today’s lesson. Thanks for your work. Have a nice day! See you!

 A “Good bye” song