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Урок на тему:" Здоров'я. Здоровий спосіб життя".

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Активізація вживання ЛО до теми у мовленні. Формувати навички діалогічного, монологічного мовлення на основі вивчених ЛО. Навчити учнів говорити про симптоми хвороб. Виконання лекстчних, граматичних вправ.
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Stage, Activity,


activity, Technique (прийом)


Procedure, Teacher’s instructions


n Mode


Presentation of

new vocabulary

Technique: Eliciting

Giving models



Purpose: to

familiarize pupils

with names of different illnesses



T:How often do you visit a doctor?

When do we begin to take care of our health?

S: Not very often.

I go to the doctor when I have problems with my health

T: Today we will  learn new words to the  topic Illnesses.


1Do you catch a cold more than once a year?

When do you often catch a cold?

2. Do you go for regular medical check – ups ?

When was the last visit?

3.Do you take medicine when you are sick?

What pills you take exactly?

3. Look at the slide 2 and say Have you ever had one of the illnesses which are represented in the slide ?




5 min

Controlled practice

Activity 1


Purpose: to

familiarize pupils

with collocations

with names of sport

Look the slide 3

T In English we can use illnesses and diseases .

So we should use the world Illnesses when someone  has a virus or infection (like the common cold or the flu).

What about the world diseases.It  generally a sickness that can't be easily cured (like cancer or diabetes).

Write down 6 sentences with using active words: diseases.Illnesses


T -Ss 


 2 min

Activity 2

A card game



Divideintotwogroups. Eachgrouphas

a setofcardswithnamesof different illnesses.

Pupils` task is to make sentences from the letters andguess the illnesses

S -S


Activity 3

A card game


 Pupils work in pairs. They got a set of cards with symptoms and Illnesses . They should match  Illnesses with propriate symptoms 


S -S

5 min

Activity 4


Pupils work in pairs. They got a set of cards with illnesses and doctor`s a peace of advice.The task is to decide which a peace of advice refers to what disease


S -S

4 min

Activity 5

Reading and

translating the text

T Read and translate the text (Handouts


S S– T

7 min


Activity 6

Answering questions

to the text using

topical vocabulary


T: Answerthefollowingquestions.

1 HowdidtheKingofBhutanmeasurethecountry’sdevelopment?

2.Which iseasiertomeasure?

3 WhywasIcelandnumberonein a survey?

4 Whatdidfamousdoctorsay

5 Whatisthehealthiestcountryintheworld? Whythiscountrythehealthiestone?

Whatare the colorsof lightsonthebuildingwhenStockholmishappy?



7 min

Freer / Free


Activity 7

Answering open-

ended questions

(with more than one



T: Answer the questions about your personal  ways to keep fit in order  not  to catch a cold .



10 min

Activity 8

Dramatizing a

dialogue with the

given scheme


A: 1 Howdo / Doyoufeel?

 B: Notverywell / ill. I’vegot a pain / sorethroat.

A: 4 Doyoufeel / Haveyougot a hightemperature?

B: I don’tknow. I feel a bithot.

 A: 5 Try / Youneeddrinkingsomehoneyandlemoninhotwater.

 B: Goodidea.

 A: But 6 youshould / it’s a goodideaalsoseeyourdoctor..


S -S

5 min


Activity 9

Making mini

dialogues without

any prompts





Student A: Youhave a medicalproblem. (ChooseonefromExercise 1.) Student B: Youare a pharmacist. AskhowStudent A feelsandgiveadvice.

 S -S




Task 2. A game

Task 3. A game

Task 4. A game

Task 5. Read and  translate the text.






ThesmallcountryofBhutanintheHimalayanmountainsisoveronethousandyearsold. Inthepastitwas a poorcountryandnotmanypeoplevisitedit. Butnowadays, itisbecomingmoreandmorepopularwithtourists. Medicineandhealthisimprovinganditseconomyisgrowing. KingJigmeSingyeWangchuck, thekingofBhutanuntil 2006, talkedabouthiscountry’s ‘GrossNationalHappiness’. Inotherwords, hethoughthappinessisthewaytomeasurethecountry’sdevelopment.

 Buthowdoyoumeasurehappiness? Perhapshealthisthebestwaybecause a famousdoctoroncesaid, ‘Happypeoplegenerallydon’tgetsick.’ It’salsoeasytomeasurehowmanypeoplefeelillorunhealthyin a country. Forexample, onesurveysaysIcelandisthe ‘healthiestcountryintheworld’ becausemenandwomenlive a longtimethere, theairisverycleanandtherearemoredoctorsavailableperpersonthananywhereelseintheworld

 However, therewasanothersurveyofthehappiestcountriesintheworldandIcelandwasnotnearthetop. Thequestionsonthissurveyincluded: Howmuchdoyouearn? Howhealthyareyou? Howsafedoyoufeel? Aftervisiting 155 differentcountries, theresearchersdecidedthatDenmarkfeelshappier

Sodoeshappinessequalmoneyandgoodhealth? NotaccordingtotheartistErikKrikortz. Hefeelsthatthereareotherwaysofmeasuringhappiness. Krikortzhas a websiteandvisitorsclickondifferenthappyorsadfacestocommentonhowwelltheysleep, theirfamilyandfriends, theirlevelofstress, theirinspirationandtheirphysicalactivity. Whenyoufinish, hiswebsiteaddstheresultsforeachareaanditgivesyou a finalresultforyourhappiness. thanothercountries.

InhishomecityofStockholm, Krikortzalsoshowstheresultsofhissurveyasdifferentcolouredlightsonthesideof a largebuildinginthecity. Forexample, redmeansthepeopleofStockholmareveryhappy, greenis OK andpurplemeansmanypeoplearesad. ‘A lotofpeoplelookatthebuildingeverydayandseehow “we” are,’ Krikortzsays. Thecolouredlightsarealsousefulifyoufeellikevisitingthecity. Forexample, ifthelightsarered, youknowthelocalsarefeelinghappy!


Task 6. Answerthequestionstothetext:


2.Which iseasiertomeasure?

3.WhywasIcelandnumberonein a survey?


5. Whatisthehealthiestcountryintheworld? Whythiscountrythehealthiestone?

6.Whatarecolours ofthelightsonthebuildingwhenStockholmishappy?



Task 2. Read the test and answer the questions.




Task 7. Giveyourpersonalanswerstothequestionsbelow, thendiscussthemwithyourpartner.

Task 8.

A:Howdo / Doyoufeel?

 B: Notverywell / ill. I’vegot a pain / sorethroat.

A:  Doyoufeel / Haveyougot a hightemperature?

B: I don’tknow. I feel a bithot.

 A:  Try / Youneeddrinkingsomehoneyandlemoninhotwater.

 B: Goodidea.

 A: Butyoushould / it’s a goodideaalsoseeyourdoctor..




Task 9Production.

Imagine that you are a doctor and you have a patient who complains of headache backache and a high temperature.  You should make a correct diagnosis and write down a prescription.


Slide 2 (Presentation ofnew vocabulary) Task 3















Lesson plan

Date : 06.04.2020

Form: 7

Topic:  Нealth

Aims:  to present new vocabulary

to practice new vocabulary

to practice speaking in the situation when you are ill          

Language level: A2

Time: 45

Meterials: О.Карпюк ,2015р, 7 class handouts
























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Англійська мова (7-й рік навчання) 7 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
18 травня 2020
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