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Це підсумковий урок по темі "Україна". Урок проведено у формі презентацій. Учні представляли свої проекти за такими темами як "Geographical Position of Ukraine", "Symbols of Ukraine", "Ukrainian Cuisine", "Traditions and Customs of Ukraine", "Major Cities of Ukraine". Після презентації проектів був проведений тест "The Country We Live in"

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Form 8

Topical area “Countries, People, Lifestyle: The UK and Ukraine”

Textbook: Alla Nesvit, We Learn English, form 8

The subject of the Lesson: The Country We Live in

The objectives of the Lesson:

  1. Practical: to revise vocabulary on the topic, to improve pupils’ speech skills and skills in listening, to practise pupils’ skills in doing test, to play educational games.
  2. Educational: to enrich pupils’ knowledge about our country, its geographical position,  population, traditions and customs, national clothes, folk crafts, cuisine and famous sights of Ukraine, to broaden their outlook.
  3. Developing: to expand speaking skills of pupils through method of interactive activity (group work, project work), to develop attention, interests, artistic abilities.
  4. Upbringing: to bring up the proud of our native country.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able:

  • to summarize information about Ukraine
  • to work in group
  • to do the test on the topic

Equipment: multimedia system, pupils’ project works


The Procedure of the Lesson

  1. Starting point.

Good morning everyone! I’m glad to see all of you in good health and mood! Today we have an unusual lesson. It’s a Presentation Lesson, and its topic is “The Country We Live in”. The aim of our lesson is to improve your knowledge on the topic, to learn more interesting information about our country, to broaden our outlook, to develop your speaking skills, to watch pupils’ presentations, to play educational games.

  1. Warming Up.(Educational Games and Group Work).

So, let’s start our lesson with an educational game “Adjectives”. Tell, please, what is the English for ‘унікальний’ – unique; ‘відомий’ – known; ‘винятковий’ – rare; ‘привабливий’ – attractive; ‘незалежний’ – independent; ‘рідний’ – native; ‘європейський’ – European.

Now, look at the first letters of our adjectives and what word have we got? – Ukraine. So, the topic of our lesson is Ukraine. Speaking about our country I want you to play another educational game “Block Buster”. This game is too popular among British pupils. I’ll divide you into two groups and each group has to guess the word after the listening to its definition. The winner is who guesses more quickly. So, let’s start!

  1. One of the six main areas of the land washed by water. (Continent)
  2. As a rule a continent is divided into these areas.(Country)
  3. The salt water that covers large parts of the surface and washes the continents, but it’s not an ocean. (Sea)
  4. A very high hill. (Mountain)
  5. A piece of cloth with a pattern or picture on it used as a symbol of a country (Flag)
  6. The number of people living in a particular area, city or country. (Population)
  7. A large and important town. (City)
  8. The main city of each country. (Capital)

Pupils, how are these words connected with our topic? Make up sentences with these words. The winner is who does it correct and quick.

Thank you, well done!

  1. Main part.

     Now imagine that you are the organizers of the meeting with foreign guests. They want to know some facts about our country because they are going to study and work in Ukraine. So, it’s high time to start your presentations.

  1. Geographical position and symbols (Report and Poster, program PowerPoint)
  2. Population.(Report and Poster)

Speaking about Ukrainians I want to mention that our Motherland is rich in outstanding people who became famous all over the world because of their achievements in history, culture, science, literature, education and so on. Last year we had the lesson-presentation “The Greatest Ukrainians’. Pupils made up the list of famous Ukrainians. Ideas and thoughts were different, but as for the first place Taras Shevchenko was supported as a winner. You can see some of the projects on the wall. Pupils named Yaroslav the Wise, Prince Volodymyr, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa, Mykhailo Hrushensky, Borys Paton, Serhiy Koroliov, Mykola Amosov, Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Leonid Kadeniuk, Serhiy Bubka, Ruslana and others. So, we are proud of our well-known people.

So, let’s go on our presentation.

  1. Ukrainian traditional holidays and celebrations. (Report and Poster)
  2. Ukrainian traditional folk crafts and cuisine. (Report and Poster)

To learn the country better we have to know the places to visit.

  1. Famous places of Ukraine. (Program PowerPoint)

Our presentation wouldn’t be enough without information about Kyiv.

  1. Kyiv – the capital of our Motherland (Program PowerPoint)

Well done! Thank you! I’m sure that you’ve convinced our guests that our country is the best.

And the last task for you to do the final test on the topic. I’ll dictate you the beginning of the sentences and you’ll have to write down only their ending.

Test “Ukraine”

  1. Ukraine is situated …..
  2. The symbols of Ukraine are …..
  3. The population of Ukraine is …..
  4. Ukraine is washed by …..
  5. The mountains of Ukraine are …..
  6. As for the Ukrainian cuisine it is famous for …..
  7. Speaking about Ukrainian traditional folk crafts we mean …..
  8. The most important holidays in our country are …..
  9. Ukraine has got its wonders I mean places of interest such as …..
  10. The capital of Ukraine is …..
  11. Kyiv attracts people/tourists/guests with …..
  12. The Greatest Ukrainians are (write at least 3 names).

Evaluation: as for your marks I’ll evaluate not only your projects, I mean information, materials, facts, slides, which you have collected and prepared, but also your own presentation. The highest mark is 12 because it’s a creative work. So, your marks are ….. And as for your test evaluation I’ll tell your marks at our next lesson after checking-up.

Homework: You have to make up a dialogue about Ukraine. The situation is the following: one of you is Ukrainian and your partner is a foreigner. Advise him/her what to do and to see to make holidays in Ukraine pleasant and unforgettable.

Thank you for being active and hard-working. Our Presentation Lesson is over. Have a nice day! Good-bye!

25 липня 2018
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