Урок удосконалення мовних навичок "Choosing the route"

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Урок закріплення лексичних одиниць з теми "Подорож". Урок має завдання для групи, індивідуальні завдання на картках, таблиці, схеми, що дають змогу удосконалити знання з теми.
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Lesson 2

Topic: Choosing the route

Alm and objectives:

To develop basic skills;

To develop cultural awareness and socio-cultural competence.


Warm up

The teacher invites representatives from each group to share their ideas about their chosen way of travelling and route with the idea of being as persuasive as possible. Other groups ask questions and give comments.

             Introducing the topic

             Students make a bush using the expressions:

             I think….

             To my mind……

              In my opinion…

             It seems to me….

T :

I want to draw your attention to the board where the quotation from John Clarke is written: “He that travels far knows much”. I think these words can be the motto of our lesson. Let’s try to prove that Clark was really right. What do think about this quotation? How do you understand these words? What’s your opinion?

P  1.

I think it’s try. Travelling develops  our outlook.

P 2.

To my mind, if you visit different countries, you get acquainted with traditions and customs of these countries.

P 3.

No doubt travelling develops our imagination.

P 4.

Naturally, travelling is exciting, because it means adventure and adventure is necessary.

P 5.

That’s right. When we travel, we move from one place to another, so travelling gives us movement and keep us from growing stale and old.

P 6.

I want to add that travelling gives us knowledge.

P 7.

I share your opinion and want to add that travelling helps us to study foreign language alive.

P 8.

To my opinion travelling is great and exciding. You can see a lot of interesting buildings, castles, monuments and so on.

P 9.

I support your idea. There is a proverb “Seeing believes”. When I travel, I always try to take pictures of places of interest to enrich my album.

P 10.

Don’t forget, if you travel, you meet different people and make friends. I think it’s great to have many friends in foreign countries.

Learn about culture                 Helps us to study foreign language           Helps us to make friends


Develops our imaginations                                                                                      Sightseeing

                                                                                                                                        Develops our outlook                                                                                                      Gives us adventures

                                                                                                                                 Learn about traditions and customs                           

Gives us knowledge about

country                                                                          Gives us some movement                        



        The teacher asks the class if they have ideas what kind of job travel agents do and receives the answers. After the students have got idea, the teacher suggests acting as travel agents and cresting an advertising leaflet promoting their route from Ukraine to England. The teacher emphasizes the idea that the leaflets should contain not only factual information but also interesting ideas being as attractive as possible. The students work in groups, using A3 paper to create their leaflets. The completed leaflets should be posted on the classroom walls.




Card 1

                        Match the opposites.











Card 2

Draw the signs

Information desk

Don’t smoke!



Facilities for the disabled

Public telephone


Card 3

Translate the word combinations

Booking office-

Ticket –

Luggage compartment-

Check in-

Boarding pass-



Card 4

Fill the table




The Tube

Buying your ticket

Traffic rules

Traffic signs

Favorite vehicle

Bus stop










Great Britain










3. lesson summary.

4. Home assignment

To use the group’s leaflet information to write a letter recommending a friend the best way to get to England.


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