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Урок "Ukrainian artist – Lina Kostenko"

Про матеріал
Конспект відкритого уроку з англійської мови та української літератури (частина англійська мова)
Перегляд файлу

Theme. Ukrainian artist – Lina Kostenko (Слайд 1)



  • by the end of the lesson learners will be able to exchange information on the topic;
  • to revise active vocabulary аnd grammar;
  • to develop learners skills in reading, writting and listening;
  • to revise about Present and Past Simple Tenses.


  • flashcards, Smart board, Power Point presentation, memory stick.



1.Greeting(Слайд 2)

Т:Good morning everyone! Nice to see you!

Ps:Nice to see you too!

Т:Today we have unusual  lesson. And our guests are the teachers from different schools.Let’s greet our guests.

Ps:Good morning, dear teachers!

      Good morning! How are you?

      We are very happy

      To say “Hello” to you!


        2. Warming-up

T: Now read the riddles and guess the theme of our lesson. (Слайд 3)

  • It has no mouth but speaks.
  • It isn’t a tree but it has leaves.
  • It isn’t alive[e’laiv] but it can be a good friend.


P: These friends are books.

T: Right you are. A book is a main source of knowledge. It is impossible to imagine our life without books.

T: Read the  poem about books in rap style. Who can help me? (Слайд 4)

  • Books are full of many things
  • That I would like to know.
  • Books are full of greatest men
  • That lived long ago.
  • Books are full of good songs
  • That I would like to sing
  • Books are full of our best friends
  • As people often say.

T: Now tell me please what books mean to you? (Слайд 5)



T: Do you agree with the proverb that “Life without books is as tree without leaves” Who can prove it?(“Microphone”) (Слайд 6)



 Reading books is usefull and interesting.

 Books help us to solve tre problems of our life.

         We learn a lot of new facts about famous people, lands and countries from books.

         Books help us to make new friends.

         Books are usefull because they learn us to plan our time and life.

          Reading books is a popular hobby for people of different ages.

          Books have beautiful pictures and photos.

          Books help students to study better.


Do you know the names of famous Ukrainian poets? (Слайд 7)

Right you are. And today we are speaking about Ukrainian artist – Lina Kostenko.


       3.0utcomes (Слайд 8)


  • by the end of the lesson you will be able to exchange information on the topic;
  • to revise active vocabulary and grammar;

                    to develop your skills in reading, writing and listening

      4.Listening(Слайд 9-17)



Complete the saying by Lina Kostenko(Слайд 9) :

“Poets are biographers of their nations, but their own biographies are usually



(by Lina Kostenko)

And now listen to the text about  Lina Kostenko`s life and be ready to complete the sentences… 


Complete the sentences(Слайд18- 19) :


  • Full name:  Lina Vasylivna Kostenko
  • Date of the birth:19th of March , 1930
  • Place of the birth:Rzhishchev,Kiev region
  • Family:teachers
  • Education:Kiev Pedagogical Institute and  Literature Institute
  • The most famous creation: the novel in verses "Marusya Chury "
  • The main problems of her works: war and peace, historical life of Ukraine, the problem of ecology
  • Awards: Taras Shevchenko National Prize, the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise

Look at the saying is written on the board. Do you agree with L.Kostenko that…(Слайд 20) :

  • “Poems touch your heart and soul”
  • “Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things ”

 I’m sure she’s absolutely right. Today we’re going to enjoy her real poetry and exchange our impressions and ideas about it.

Вчитель української літератури (Слайд 21-34)

Emotions(Слайд 35)

Let`s play a game “ Emotions”. You should write what do you feel while reading the poem “Colour mice”. Do you see the difference between these two masks? The first mask is smiling , so you will stick positive emotions here. The second one is gloomy, so these emotions must be negative.

Describing a photo(Слайд 36)

Look at the picture.Who is this girl?

This is Ann, the main hero of the poem”Colour mice”

And your task is to describe Ann’s appearance. You will use two tences, the first group Present Simple and the second – Past Simple Tense.


Вчитель української літератури(Слайд 37-43)


Т:Your homework is to write a letter to your friend (Слайд 44)

  • Say what is poetry for you;
  • what poems do you like and why;
  • express your attitude to the poems by Lina Kostenko.

 Т:Today we are speaking about L.Kostenko’s poem “Colour mice” and we will learn another poem next time (Слайд 45-46)



Т:I’m pleased with your work. Well done! Thank you for your excellent work and I give you the following marks … to … .

I want you to remember:(Слайд 47)

 Read books!
And you will love
this amazing world!”.

T:The lesson is over.I wish you good luck! You may be free for today. Good-bye!

























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