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Урок "Відомі англійські письменники"

Про матеріал
Мета уроку -практикувати активний словниковий запас, граматичну конструкцію пасивного стану та узагальнити основні знання з теми "Література"
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Урок за темою: Відомі англійські письменники


  •        To broaden students’ knowledge of the topic ‘Literature.  English poets and writers’;
  •        To consolidate and develop students’ vocabulary by its active using;
  •        To develop reading, listening and speaking skills.


Practical: by the end of the lesson pupils will have revised the information they have learned about English writers.


Developing: all skills (pupils will have practiced listening, writing, reading, speaking).

Aims: практикувати активний словниковий запас за темою, опрацювати фонетичні вправи,узагальнити основні знання з теми «Література. Англійські поети і письменники», сприяти формуванню навичок діалогічного і монологічного мовлення, активізувати вживання граматичних структур пасивного стану, сприяти формуванню інтересудо країни, мову якої вивчаємо.

Equipment: портрети письменників, музикальний супровід до використаних пісень, TV презентація ”English writers

Хід уроку

  1.                     Greeting and defining the aims of the lesson

1.T. Good morning.

P.s Good morning to you..

We all at our places

With sunshiny faces

 Good morning to you.

Look at each other!

Smile to each other

Enjoy our lesson.

A warm smile at the lesson

Will encourage our work


T. We need to be open and fine-tuned.А good word will encourage our work:        You are:                          На дошці синоніми:

Perfect      Empyreal

Amazing     Engaging

Stunning     Gifted

Astonishing     Heavenly

Fantastic     Cute

Fabulous     Glamorous

Astounding     Faithful

Excited      Dizzying


T. Read these words together.

(учні читають слова)

T. And today we`ll have an unusual phonetic drill to build up your self-



I`m a pupil.

I`m a clever pupil

I`m a talented pupil

I`m a fantastic pupil

I`m the most enthusiastic pupil

I`m trying to be best pupil in the world


T.Look at the blackboard and tell us the theme of our lesson. (Pupils all together) На дошці і на екрані - портрети англійських письменників і поетів

Certainly. Our theme is: Outstanding English writers.

II. Main part of the lesson.

T. Today we`ll speak with you about the writers you know.

We`ll revise our grammar material about some Passive constructions.

These nice words can be the motto of the lesson:

Reading is the best school

T. Do you like reading?

 Well, What English Writers do you know?

P-s учні називають і показують письменників   Asforme

          I suppose…

          To my mind…

 In my opinion…

T. I suppose this grammar construction will help you to tell us about

some English writers.


T. Look at the screen. What grammar construction is this?

 be + V(p.p.)      TV

have(has) been +V(p.p.)




T. Now look at the blackboard andread the sentences.

1. Choose the Passive construction and write down them in your copy-books:


The sonnetsweredevoted tounusual beauty of the lady

1.His first book was “Treasure Island “  (Robert Stevenson)

Heis consideredone of the best poets in the world.

2.He is often called “Our National Bard”  (T.G.. Sh.)

3.We really know few facts of his life and many of them are doubtful. (W.  Shakespeare)

4.He was considered a national hero of Greece, the poet of liberty  (Byron)

5.In fact, even having some physical disabilities, he voluntarily took part in the Greek War     

of Independence  (Byron)

6.The poet was born inScotland

He was the leading actor of the Royal theatre group and hisplays were shown in the

Queen`s palace.

He wasdelighted with her natural beauty.

She was fascinated by his mind.

Most of his workswere translated in different languages

His poemswere published in many countries.

Nicolay Gogol wrote novels, stories and plays.


T. Let`s check up your work. Change your copy-books with your neighbors. Two points are given for each correct sentence. Now, read the sentences:

(учні виходять до дошки, читають та підкреслюють Passive)

T. Pay attention to the underlined phrases and read them once more:


2. Well, read sentences 1-6. Who is he?


T. I suppose you are ready to tell us about English writers.

    These phrases help you:    

      To be known for

      To be famous for

      To be admired by

                                                              To be charmed by

                                                              To be proud of

(Example:We are proud of our national poet)


P-s(учні розповідають про письменників (3-4 речення)



T. You are quite right. Now look at the blackboard and find pairs. Whom do these works belong to?  Match the pairs

P.учні виходять по черзі до дошки, читають та відмічають пари.


William Shakespeare   “Othello”, “Hamlet”, “King Lear”

      “Romeo and Juliet”, “Much Ado About Nothing”

George Gordon Noel Byron  “Don Juan”, “Childe Harold`s Pilgrimage


Robert Burns    “A Red, Red Rose”

Daniel Defoe    “Robinson Krusoe”


Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson “Treasure Island”


Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes”

(1859-1930) “The Red-Headed League”

Sir Joseph Rudyard Kipling  “The Jungle Book” (“Mowgli”)-Nobel prise

 Oscar Fingal O’Flaherty Wills Wilde “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

Lewis Carroll    “Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland”

Roald Dahl     “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”


Taras Shevchenko    “Kateryna”


T. I see that you are a little tired and we are going to have a little break.       Let`s sing and dance. Where is our magic mirror?

(один учень виходить, показує рухи-всі повторюють)

P-s My Bonnie   (учні співають і танцюють)


T. So you had a little rest and we have more work to do.

Now we are going to work in three groups


You are going to read the text and fill in the missing word-it is the writer`s name. But before reading look around and find the text. It consists of 3 parts.

(учні знаходять текст і складають його, потім читають)


P. The text is about….

T. Repeat the words, please. (Glory, creative, admired)

-glorious, admirable       

T. What`s about our home task? Are you ready?


(учні показують сценки з «Ромео і Джульєтта» та « Пригоди Тома Сойєра»)

T. Thanks a lot!

T. Now, listen to the letter

Who is the recipient (addressee)? Whom was the letter written to?

(учень читає лист-інші відповідають)


T. Another letter, please


T. Good for you. You’ve done lots of work. We are as busy as a bee.

 We know that practice makes perfect

Let`s say what have we done at the lesson today, using the pattern:

  1. The compliments to each other were said.
  2. The Grammar material was discussed.
  3. The sentences were written
  4. The exercises were done
  5. The words (synonyms) were revised
  6. The song was sung



T. What grammar construction did we use?

P. Passive Simple.

T. That’s right!You are perfect.


Now let’s revise well-known Shakespeare`s words:


Summing up

T. Your home task for the next lesson is to write a short composition about your English poet or writer

You have worked hard; you have done your best.

Your marks are good and excellent… Today you`ve shown a good knowledge of the topic…

And now I`d like you to finish our lesson with our song. (L. Armstrong“What a beautifulWorld” (учні співають пісню).


T. Thank you. The lesson is over.

Good bye!


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