Урок з теми “ Food” 1 клас НУШ

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Урок з теми “ Food” у першому класі НУШ за підручником Quick Minds автори Herbert Puchta, Gunter Gerngross, Peter Lewis-Jones.
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             Урок з теми “ Food” у 1 класі НУШ


  • to introduce and practice vocabulary related to the topic “ Food”;
  • to teach pupils to work in pairs;
  • to develop pupil’s listening and speaking skills;
  • to motivate pupils to speak and understand English

                               Хід уроку

       1. Greeting.

- Good morning, dear children!

How are you?

I’m glad to see you.

 Sit down, please.

You look so great today! Let’s talk about food.

2. Presentation.

Look at the picture and repeat after me (orange, lemon, pear, banana, apple)

Repeat in chain

  • Open your books, page12.
  • Let’s listen and repeat


3.  Answer the questions.

- Look at picture number 2. What is this?

Number 4. What is this?

Number 9 . What is this?

Ok, children.


What is yellow? – Banana is yellow.

What is read? – An apple is red.

Ok. Answer the questions.

Is it an apple? - Yes/No.

Is it a lemon?

4, Фізкультхвилинка.

Close your eyes

Head down

Head back

Head right

Head left.

5. Game “ Magic bag”

I have got a magic bag. Guess what is in the bag?

( Children take fruit and guess them)


  1. Lunchbox.

Ok, children. Choose food for your lunch. Then glue. Work in pairs.

Ok. Tell us what have you got?  ( I have got….)

Have you got an apple? ( No, I haven’t)

7. Drawing .

Let’s draw your favourite food on the white board.

- Colour it.

- What is it?

Let’s play game “What is missing?”

  • Close your eyes. What is missing?


  1. Next game . Clap if you hear food.

A pen, a pencil, a sausage, a doll, a car, a sandwich, a carrot, a desk,  a pencil-box, a cake, a spider, a dog, a chicken, a rat, an apple, a pizza, a ball, a cat, a go kart, a banana, peas, a crocodile, a frog, a tree, an orange, a lemon, a snake, a kite, a computer game, cheese, green, a book, a banana, blue, a bike, a pear, a fridge.

9. Summing up.

Thank you for your work. You were active and clever today. Our lesson is over. Good-bye!

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31 серпня 2019
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