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Вікторина “ What do you know about Great Britain?”

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Країнознавча вікторина “ What do you know about Great Britain?” має на меті перевірити та показати рівень знань учнів з теми “Great Britain”. Матеріал може бути використаний на уроках та позакласних заходах.
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Вікторина “ What do you know about Great Britain?”


1. What is the official language in Great Britain?

a) English   b) French   c) Russian     d) Chinese

2. Great Britain is divided into …

a) five parts    b) three parts   c) four parts   d) two parts

3 What is the Tower of London now?

a) a prison     b) a museum   c) a house   d) a fortress

4. The name of the Palace where the Queen lives is …

a) the Tower of London   b) the White House  c) the Windsor palace d) the Buckingham Palace

5. What is a Piccadilly Circus?

a) a circus    b) a square   c) a street   d) a house

6. The capital of Great Britain is …

a) Manchester    b) Liverpool   c) London   d) Cardiff

7. What can you see in Trafalgar square?

a) Nelson statue     b) King memorial   c) Queen memorial   d) Michael Gorbachev memoria 

8. Big Ben is …

a) a clock    b) a horse   c) an animal in the zoo   d) a famous name

9. When can you see the flag over the Queen's Palace?

a) When she is out   b) When she is abroad   c) When she has a party   d) When she is at home 

10. England is in …

a) Europe     b) Africa    c) America     d) Asia 

11. The name of the river in London is …

a) The Severn   b) The Thames   c) The Avon   d) The Clyde

12. Westminster Abbey is …

a)   the chapel  b) the monastery    c)the inn    d) the famous Royal Church

13. Who is the head of England?

a)  the Queen   b) the Tzar   c)  the Prime Minister  d) the President 

14. In what country do men wear skirts?

a) France    b) England   c) Scotland   d) Norway 

15. What is the fastest way to cross the English Channel? 

a) by boat  b) through the Channel Tunnel  c) by ferry d) on foot

16.What holiday has a symbol as the pumpkin?

a)  Halloween   b) Easter  c)  New Year  d) Mother’s Day

17. … washes the west of the British Isles.

a) the Indian Ocean b) the Atlantic Ocean c) the Red Sea d) the Pacific Ocean

18. What Scottish scientist invited penicillin?

a)  James Maxwell b)  Isaak Newton c)  Alexander Fleming d)  Ernest Rutherford

19. What English poet and dramatist was actor of the theatre “The Globe”?

a) Oscar Wilde b) William Shakespeare c) Rudyard Kipling d) Robert Burns

20.What is the Union Jack?

a) flag of England  b) flag of the UK c) flag of Wales d) flag of the USA

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