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Вправа "Are you good at English grammar?" надає можливість пригадати та систематизувати особливості часових форм дієслів в англійській мові. Вправу можна застосовувати з учнями різних вікових груп
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Are you good at English grammar?

Read the sentences , open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper grammar forms. Be attentive and smart. Remember about word order

  1. As a rule, he ….(get) to work by car. Sometimes he ….(give) me a lift.
  2. Yesterday I…. (get) up later than usual but ….(manage) to get to my office in time.
  3. They …( come) back just from their vacation. Look, they (be) so suntanned!
  4. The trip last weekend …(be) amazing. I….(forget) never it.
  5. He …(graduate) from the college more than 10 years ago. He …(be) a successful lawyer now.
  6. Hi! I ….(not see) you for ages. You ….(look) gorgeous.
  7. By the time my parent (get) home, all my guest ( leave) already.
  8. She …(be) absent at the previous meeting.
  9. He ….(be met) at the airport by my uncle in a couple of hours.
  10. I am sure she ….(get) this job if she … (apply)  for it. She …(be) experienced and enthusiastic.
  11. He is unemployed and ….(look) for a job.
  12. What ……(wait for) you? Let’s hurry up.
  13. I …(look) for my sunglasses  for half an hour but I can’t find them.
  14. He ….(wait ) for her for an hour. He …(be) really very patient.
  15. He ….(work) as a builder.
19 серпня 2019
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