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Вправи та тестові завдання на порівняння зворотів «used to» і «to be used to»

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Представлені вправи та тестові завдання можна використовувати для закріплення та відпрацювання таких граматичних структур як зворот «used to» і зворот «to be used to» у 10 класі. Дані вправи можно включати до тестових, перевірочних, самостіних та контрольних робіт. Можна використовувати як на уроках чи контрольних роботах, так і додатково, або для домашнього завдання.
Перегляд файлу

Оборот «used to» и оборот «to be used to»


used to + глагол в форме инфинитива (to do – делать), прошлая привычка что-то делать, «раньше, бывало»

to be used to + имя существительное или герундий (слово с окончанием «-ing»), «привыкать».

to get used to + имя существительное или герундий (слово с окончанием «-ing»), «привыкать».


I used to go school.
Раньше я ходил в школу.


I am used to going to school.
Я привык ходить в школу. 
I am used to school.

Я привык к школе.


I got used to going to school.
Я привык ходить в школу. 
I got used to school.
Я привык к школе.


Тесты и упражнения на закрепление темы «Used to/be used to»


  1. Раскройте скобки, употребив «used to» в утвердительной, отрицательной или вопросительной форме.


  1. Julia ____________ (be) my best friend, but we are not friends any more.
  2. I gave up smoking one year ago. I _____________ (smoke) two packets of cigarettes a day.
  3. Chris ____________ (live) in a small flat, but now he lives in a big house.
  4. Andrew _____________ (drink) milk every day when he was a child.
  5. Ann _____________ (eat) at home, but now she eats out.
  6. I _____________ (not/like) meat, but now I am not a vegetarian.
  7. She ______________ (cry) a lot when she was younger.
  8. _____________ (you/go) to work on foot?
  9. He ______________ (not/watch) news, but now he watches it every day.
  10. Peter _____________ (earn) a lot, but now he is unemployed.


  1. Выберите правильный вариант:


1 - I'm not used to ____ up this early.


2 - I used to ____ a lot.


3 - You'll have to get used to ____ on the right when you live there.


4 - I didn't use to ____ it, but I do now.


5 - I found it hard to get used to ____ in such a hot country.


6 - Where did you use to ____ when you visited?


7 - It took me a while to get used to ____ the language.


8 - I used to ____ hard when I was a student.


9 - Have you got used to ____ it yet?


10 - I'm not used to ____ so much tea.



11 - I like it now, but I ____.

 didn't use to
 didn't used to

12 - I find it hard _____ to the dark evenings in winter.

 get used
 to get used

13 - It took me a while to get used to ____ on a continental keyboard.


14 - I _____ to being spoken to like that!

 am not used
 don't get used

15 - I ____ play football on Saturdays when I was at school.

 was used to
 used to

16 - Before I started cycling, I _____ go to work by bus.

 used to
 got used to

17 - I haven't studied for ages and I'm finding it hard to get used to _____ every day.


18 - I couldn't _____ used to the food.


19 - He never _____ behave like that.

 used to

20 - It's taking me a long time to ____ speaking Norwegian.

 used to
 get used to

21. The Romans ___________ wear long robes called togas.

  1.   ?    use
  2.   ?    used to
  3.   ?    were used to
  4.   ?    got used to

22. When you went to Canada in winter, did it take you long to ___________ the climate?

  1.   ?    use
  2.   ?    used to
  3.   ?    be used to
  4.   ?    get used to

23. Napoleon never ___________ a telephone.

  1.   ?    used
  2.   ?    used to
  3.   ?    was used to
  4.   ?    usually

24. The immigrants had to ___________ the customs of their new country.

  1.   ?    used
  2.   ?    used to
  3.   ?    be used to
  4.   ?    get used to

25. She went to a Chinese restaurant but she ___________ eating with chop sticks and had to ask the waiter for a fork.

  1.   ?    didn't use
  2.   ?    didn't used to
  3.   ?    wasn't used to
  4.   ?    didn't usually

26. I often ___________ a credit card to pay in restaurants

  1.   ?    use
  2.   ?    didn't used to
  3.   ?    am used to
  4.   ?    usually

27. In the 19th century, factory workers in England ___________ work 10 or more hours a day...

  1.   ?    used
  2.   ?    used to
  3.   ?    were used to
  4.   ?    usually

28. There ___________ be a wall across Berlin.

  1.   ?    used
  2.   ?    used to
  3.   ?    were used to
  4.   ?    usually

29. The boss sometimes shouts at us. I don't like it. I ___________ being treated like that.

  1.   ?    didn't use
  2.   ?    'm not used to
  3.   ?    used to
  4.   ?    not usually

30. A long time ago French people ___________ drink soup for breakfast but now they drink coffee.

  1.   ?    use
  2.   ?    get used to
  3.   ?    used to
  4.   ?    usually

31. When I was young, I ___ to play a lot of basketball.
am used 
32. I ___ waking up early for my new job.
am used to
used to
33. I used to ___ my parents on the weekend.
34. Blackpool in England ___ the most popular tourist destination. These days, English people prefer to go abroad.
used to be
is used to being
35. Did you ___ to work for Softec?
36. She still isn't ___ working at night.
used to
am used to

37. When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I _________ all the work on my own.

А used to do

Б get used to doing

В am used to doing


38. Don't worry, it's a simple program to use. You ___________ it in no time, I'm sure. 

А are used to

Б will get used to

В get used to


39. I'm afraid I'll never __________  in this place. I simply don't like it and never will. 

А used to live

Б get used to living

В got used to living


40. Mr Lazy was shocked when he joined our busy company because he ____________ doing much work everyday. 

А didn't use to

Б wasn't used to

В didn't get used to


3. Соедините предложение из колонки А с предложением с тем же смыслом из колонки В:

A                                                                                                                         B

1. I played football

a. She is not used to speaking to strangers

2. She was a nurse

b. I am used to swimming long distances

3. They usually wore formal clothes

c. She usually trains on Saturdays

4. It is easy for me to swim long distances

d. I used to play football

5. It is not easy for her to speak to strangers

e. We usually go to the cinema on Sundays

6. Working for her is not easy but I will try

f. I had to get used to wearing  a uniform

7. I canґt stand so much tea

g. I will get used to working for her

8. We often go to the cinema on Sundays

h.They used to wear formal clothes

9. She trains on Saturdays

i. She used to be a nurse

10. I didnґt like to wear a uniform but I had to

j. I canґt get used to drinking so much tea


4. Fill  in the blanks with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets:


a.-There never used to (be) computers in the nineteenth century.

b.-I am used to(work) on the night shift.

c.-I used to (work) on the night shift.

d.-She had to get used to(speak) in public

e.-She would get used to(wear) contact lenses if she tried to.

f.-They couldnґt get used to(live) in a flat that’s why they moved to a small house in the country.

g.-They used to (commute) every day but now they walk to work.

h.-We used to (read) a lot of books at school.

i.-I am not used to(wear) make-up.

j.-She used to(bite) her nails.


5. For each sentence, choose a variety of "used to", "be used to" or "get used to". Use the verb in the brackets to make the sentence.

Начало формы1. European drivers find it difficult to  (drive) on the left when they visit Britain.

2. See that building there? I  (go) to school there, but now it's a factory.

3. I've only been at this company a couple of months. I  (still not) how they do things round here.

4. When I first arrived in this neighbourhood, I  (live) in a house. I had always lived in apartment buildings.

5. Working till 10 p.m. isn't a problem. I  (finish) late. I did it in my last job too.

6. I can't believe they are going to build an airport just two miles from our new house! I will  (never) all that noise! What a nightmare.

7. His father  (smoke) twenty cigars a day - now he doesn't smoke at all!

8. Whenever all my friends went to discos, I  (never go) with them, but now I enjoy it.

9. I  (drive) as I have had my driving licence almost a year now.

10. When Max went to live in Italy, he  (live) there very quickly. He's a very open minded person.


6. Insert one of the following in the spaces of the story: used to, be used to, get used to

Katrina's Dance Career

       Katrina  take dance classes when she was a little girl.  She took ballet lessons first, and later she learned out to tap dance and jazz dance.  Every time she had the opportunity, she  practice her dance steps.  When she started wearing ballet shoes, it took some time to  them because her feet often hurt.  

       Now Katrina is 23 and she is a professional dancer.  She  wearing ballet shoes as well as tap shoes and jazz shoes.  She  perform in small theaters, but now she performs in front of large audiences.  She  worry that it would be hard to make a living as a dancer and she is very happy that she is so successful.  

     The most difficult thing about Katrina's career is her schedule.  She had to the long work hours during performances.  She often has to practice and perform for 10 hours per day.  Even though she  it now, her boyfriend often misses her while she's working.  He says he will never  eating dinner alone.  When he had more time, he  go to all of her performances, but now he usually just goes to one or two.Конец формы 


7. Choose the correct sentence:


a.- We aren’t used to listening to that kind of music

      We aren’t used to listen to that kind of music


b.- She will soon get used to work here

     She will soon get used to working here


c.- I used to working for that company

      I used to work for that company


d. -We never got used to getting up so early

     We never got used to get up so early


e.-We used to getting up early but  we are retirednow and  we donґt need to

    We used to get up early but we are retirednow   and we donґt need to


f.- When she moved to France she had to get used to drive on the right

     When she moved to France she had to get used to driving on the right


g.-We couldnґt sleep very well in Japan, we arenґt used to sleeping on the floor

    We couldnґt sleep very well in Japan, we arenґt used to sleep on the floor


h.-We used to travelling a lot before having children

    We used to travel a lot before having children


i.- The most difficult thing was to get used to eating such spicy food

    The most difficult thing was to get used to eat such spicy food


j.-  I am used to working on the night shift

     I am used to work on the night shift


8. Type USED TO or BE USED TO or GET USED TO in the space provided.


Начало формы1. At first I was really nervous about driving in Vancouver, but now I have  it.

2. I don't think I'll ever  the rain in Vancouver.

3. Because of the devaluation of the Canadian dollar, the people of Vancouver  seeing more American tourists in the shopping malls. 

4. Mike is Chinese. He is not  speaking English in the office. 

5. The smell of fish is awful, but you'll  it after a couple of months on the job. 

6. There are some things in this life that you'll never . 

7. It will take a while for the office staff to become  the new computer software.

8. She  hard work. She grew up in a very poor family.

9. My children  eating hamburgers, but I don't think I'll ever  eating them.

10. People from Africa  hot weather because of the dry and hot climate there. 

11. I wasn't happy about working the evening shift but I have  it now. 

12. When I was a teenager I  dress up for Halloween, but not anymore. 

13. The administration was not  the union playing a major role in running the company.

14. Two years ago, the students  have four hours a week of language tutorials, but now they have five hours. 

15. When I was starting to write, I  think I would never be as good as Margaret Atwood. 

16. People  politicians blaming the media for their downfall. 

17. Mr. Blundell  do lots of interviews when he was the mayor of Vancouver. 

18. He never  flying a helicopter, even after years of working as a co-pilot. 

19. Once people have  the fact that not all dreams come true, then they set achievable goals. 

20. He  difficult times because he was born during the war.


  1. Match each half sentence to the correct ending.
  1. Tom is getting used to ...........
  2. We’re getting used to ...........
  3. I’m used to .............
  4. They weren’t used to ...............
  5. Maria is used to ............
  1. Sharing my room with my sister
  2. Working for herself
  3. Driving their car on the motorway
  4. Living in our new home
  5. Working in his new office










 10. Make sentences using ‘be used to + verb-ing’ or ‘be used to + noun / pronoun’. You need to choose the correct tense:


1) I  (live) in London, so the crowds don't bother me..



2) She  (the Tokyo subway) so she doesn't get lost..



3) He  (not/deal) with animals, so he's a bit scared of the dogs..



4) John  (drive) in heavy traffic..



5) I  (wake) up in the night with my baby. I drink lots of coffee!..



6) It was very hard to get up at five when I first started this job, because I  (not/it)..



7) She  (drink) a lot of coffee, so she doesn't have a problem with going to sleep afterwards..



8) I've lived here in Hokkaido for three years but I  (not/the snow)..



9) He  (do) a lot of exercise, so a ten-mile walk is easy for him..



10) Julie's flat is in the centre of London. When she visits a friend in the countryside, it's difficult for her to sleep because she  (not/the quiet)..




Конец формы 

11. Выберите правильный вариант:


  1. I ------------ go to the beach every day.

use to 

uses to

used to   



  1. I didn’t ------------- play tennis.

use to 

uses to

used to   



  1. Susan --------- drink milk when she was young.

didn’t use to

use to




  1. I didn’t ----------- watch television.

use to 

uses to

used to   


  1.  What ---------- you use to wear at school?  






  1. Did they ----------- go to the cinema?  

used to



use to  


  1. People ------------- travel on horses.

used to



use to  


  1. Ted used to -------- my best friend, but he lives in Canada now.






  1. We ------------ play marbles.

used to


use to  



  1. My mother -----------cook for me, but now my wife cooks at home.

used to


use to  



  1. I ---------- start work at 9 o'clock.

used to


use to  



  1.   We didn’t --------- swim in the river.

used to


use to  


  1. Pele -------------- play football in Brazil.      

used to


use to  



12. Выберите правильный вариант:


  1. After the holidays it takes me a week __________ up early again.
    1.   ?    to be used to getting
    2.   ?    to be used to get
    3.   ?    to get used to getting
    4.   ?    to get used to get
  2. I _______ to play football when I was young. I'm too old and fat to play now.
    1.   ?    got used to
    2.   ?    was used to
    3.   ?    use
    4.   ?    used
  3. At first it was difficult for her to speak in French all the time but she _________ to it now.
    1.   ?    gets used
    2.   ?    's used
    3.   ?    uses
    4.   ?    was used
  4. Do you mind if I ______ your phone?
    1.   ?    am using
    2.   ?    used
    3.   ?    use
    4.   ?    get used to
  5. I've been getting up early every day for years but I ________ to it.
    1.   ?    used
    2.   ?    'm already used
    3.   ?    use
    4.   ?    'm still not used
  6. The queue in the baker's ___________ to be so bad but now it's terrible. It must be that new chapata bread they bake. It's delicious.
    1.   ?    didn't used
    2.   ?    didn't use
    3.   ?    use
    4.   ?    was used
  7. People ________ Internet yet but in a few years time everybody will be surfing around like crazy.
    1.   ?    aren't used to using
    2.   ?    don't use
    3.   ?    are used to using
    4.   ?    isn't used to using
  8. Jim doesn't have a girlfriend now but he __________ .
    1.   ?    was using to
    2.   ?    used to
    3.   ?    was used to.
    4.   ?    didn't use to
  9. If you go to live in Britain, you __________ on the left.
    1.   ?    'd have to get used to
    2.   ?    'd have had to get used to
    3.   ?    'll have to get used to driving
    4.   ?    'll have to get used to drive
  10. Pepe Juan was in London for a year. He liked England but he ______________ the insipid food and the disgusting coffee and of course, the miserable weather.
    1.   ?    couldn't ever get used to
    2.   ?    could never get used to
    3.   ?    wasn't used to
    4.   ?    could ever get used to


13. Выберите правильный ответ:


1. Carol ……………to have long dark hair, didn’t she?

a)      is used

b)      used

c)       would

2. I have never driven an automatic car before, but I am sure I will soon……………to it.

a)      get used

b)      be used

c)       used

3. When we were little, mum always …………… read us a bedtime story.

a)      was used to

b)      used to

c)       got used to

4. I am surprised you are not tired. I didn’t know you……………to walking long distances.

a)      are used

b)      got used

c)       used

5. I remember Uncle Bob very well, because he always …………… bring us some sweets.

a)      used to

b)      was used

c)       used

6. ‘How do you know that woman?’ ‘She ……………to work with me.’

a)      was used

b)      used

c)       is used

7. They……………to the cold.

a)      are used

b)      used

c)       would

8. I……………to getting up early and find it hard.

a)      will get used

b)      am not used

c)       was used

9. I……………to exercise often when I was younger.

a)      used

b)      will get used

c)       am used

10. My brother……………to travel a lot before he got married.

a)      didn’t use

b)      used

c)       was used

11. Do you remember the things we……………to do when we were kids?

a)      used

b)      were used

c)       got used

12. Tom……………to using a computer, but now he enjoys it.

a)      isn’t used

b)      will get used

c)       wasn’t used


  1. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in brackets:
    1. When I was a student I ...........................(not be) used to ....................(wear) a tie.
    2. I don’t really like hot countries but I’m ...........................(get) used to ...................(live) here now.
    3. Liz often goes to France and ...........................(be) used to ......................(speak) French.
    4. Now I .............................(get) used to ............................(do) this type of exercise.
    5. Karen doesn’t like her new job. She ...........................(not be) used to ...................(work) in a small office.
    6. Students .......................(be) used to ........................(have) long holidays.
    7. When I lived in Finland I ..........................(get) used to ..................... (wear) lots of warm clothes.
    8. I think that people .........................(get) used to ........................(live) in a fast world.


15. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык.

1. Моя подруга раньше была полной. 2. Он раньше не изучал английский. 3. Где раньше они работали? 4. Она раньше не любила его. 5. Твой отец путешествовал раньше? 6. Мы раньше были соседями. 7. Вы были лучшими друзьями раньше? 8. Сколько ты раньше весил? 9. Он жил раньше возле парка. 10. Она раньше не рисовала картины.


16. Выберите правильный ответ:


  1.   I’m used ____________ alone
     to stay
     to staying
  2.  When I was a small kid, I ___________ hide-and-seek
     used to play
     used play
  3.  I’m not playing golf now. But I ______________ it earlier
     used to do
     had used
  4.  I’m not used _____________ so early
     to get up
     to getting up
  5.  I used __________ a lot
     to working
     to work
  6.  I’ve got used ________________ English all day
     to speak
     to speaking
  7.  Before I bought a car, I _____________ to go there by bus
     got used


17. Выберите правильный ответ:


Начало формыWhen I was a kid, I ________ in a small town. Now I live in Prague.

got used to liveused to liveused to livingwas used to live


  1. She ________ camping, when she was younger. She doesn't anymore.

used goingused to goused to goingwas used to go


  1. When Michael moved to England, he ________ on the left.

didn't use to drivinggot used to drivewasn't used to drivewasn't used to driving


  1. When I started working, I had to ________ early.

be used to get upget used to get upget used to getting upused to get up


  1. Where ________ your parents ________ when they got married?

did / get used to livedid / use to livedid / used to livingwere / used to live


  1. Jack has lived in London for more than 20 years. He ________ there.

got used to liveis used to liveis used to livingused to live


  1. When I moved to our new house, I didn't like the fact that I had to commute to work every day. I soon ________ a bus to work though.

am used to takegot used to takingused to takeused to taking


  1. When I was a student, I ________ jeans and a T-shirt. Now that I have a proper job, I have to wear a suit.

got used to wearused to wearused to wearingwas used to wear


  1. I know that this flat is quite small. We will have to ________ here.

be used to livingget used to livinguse to livingused to live


  1. Are you sure you want to drive back home? ________ such a big car?

Are you used to driveAre you used to drivingDid you use to driveDo you use to drive

Конец формы 

Test 18. Вставьте "used to do", "get/be used to doing"



When we were children we ……………… our holidays on a farm.



I ……………… a heavy truck when I was in the army.

I haven't driven a car since then.



I ……………… in heavy traffic, it does not get on my nerves.



Don't blame them for pushing! They ……………………in lines.



When we just went out I ……………… for her for hours on end. Now she always comes on time.



As students we ……………… all night talking. Now I go to bed very early.



He works in shifts, he ……………… all night.



When he needed extra money years ago he………………… overtime. He is pretty wealthy now.



She didn't want to move down South. Now she……………… there.



I ……………… patient but as I get older I can't stand rudeness.



She ……………… a very punctual but now she is always late.



When I was a boy we ……………… at 5 in the morning and ……………….. fishing.



Our grandma ……………… us a story before we went to bed.



He is very good. He ………………… with this toy for hours.



I ………………… for walks in the country when my wife was alive.



I ………………… to foreign countries, so different languages don't worry me at all.



 As a child Ann ……………… him very well.



Before coming to this city we ……………… on a farm.



…………….. you …………………… in a big city now?



It ………………… a poor country before they discovered oil.



19. Выберите правильный ответ:

1. She is used--------------- her own way.

(A) to have (B) to be having (C) to having (D) having

2. My mother always -------------wash me.

(A) used (B) has used to (C) was used to (D) used to

3. It is better to get used ------------alone.

(A) being (B) to being (C) to be (D) be

4. I also remembered when I was little how you used ----------------with us.

(a) to be played (b) to played (c) to play (d) to playing

5. He used to------- bright-eyed and almost pretty-looking.

(a) be (b) been (c) to be (d) being

6. You're going to have to get used to --------------someone worry about you, Eve.

(a) have (b) be had (c) to have (d) having

7. You are always knocked down - so you'd better start ------------it.

(A) get used to (B) getting used to (C) getting use to (D) used to

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