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Зразки тематичних мовленнєвих зарядок ("Warm up")

Про матеріал

Зразки тематичних мовленнєвих зарядок, які можна використати як засіб введення в іншомовне середовище в 5-9 класах. За допомогою таких мовленнєвих зарядок активізується зацікавленість учнів у вивченні нового матеріалу.

Перегляд файлу

Warm up ” Holidays”

Try to change the places of the letters so that you can read the names of the holidays we are going to speak.



Warm up  “Geographical outlook)

1.Which island is the largest on the world ?

2.Which river is the longest in the world?

3.Which ocean is the biggest ?

4.Which sea is the biggest?

5.Which sea is the deepest?

6.Is the UK an European country?


Warm up  “Hobbies and Leasure”

So there are lots of things to do in our free time and lots of ways of pastime.  

Look at the board and say:

*what we can collect

*what we can enjoy doing

*where we can go in our free time

Use the given phrases and make up sentances

*I like to…

*I’m fond of …

*I’m keen on …

*I’m crazy about…


Warm up ”Animals”

Which of the teams knows more animals belonging to the different groups?

1)wild animals (hare,bear,fox…)

2)farm animals (dog,cat,calf…)

3)farm birds (hen,chicken,duck…)

4)wild birds (parrot,eagle,peacock…)

5)reptiles (turtles,crocodile,lizard…)

6)fish (shark,herring,pike…)


Warm up  “Appearance”

Find a person who:

*is wearing smart clothes

*is wearing casual clothes

*is wearing make up or jewelery

*has long ,wavy hair

*has a tattoo

*has a dyed hair

*has piercings

*is wearing  something tight

*is wearing  something baggy

*is well-dressed

Warm up  “Sport”

We’ll begin our lesson with a poem about sport but you have to make up it

 ( the poem is cut into strips)

Sport is fun for girls and boys ,

It’s much better than the toys.

You can swim and play football!

Hockey ,tennis,basketball.

You can jump and you can run,

You can have a lot of fun!


Warm up ”I live in the city,country”

Now look at the blackboard ,read the poem and think of the title of this poem.

Some people live in the country

Where the houses are very small.some people live in the city

Where the houses are very tall

But in the country

Where the houses are very small

The gardens are very big

And in the city

Where the hoses are tall

There are no gardens at all.


Warm up” I am a personality “

Let’s do something pleasant to each other .Let’s say compliments to each other.

You are so (pleasant,kind,strong,happy,lovely,tidy,clever,wise…)


Warm up “Food

Your task is to name 5 things.

1)Things to eat(bread,pizza…)

2)Things to drink (water,juice,tea…)

3)Red fruit (apple,plum,strawberry…)

4)Yellow fruit (banana,lemon,pear…)

5)Things made from milk (cheese,yogurt,butter…)

6)Things vegetarians do not eat (fish,egg,ham…)


Warm up “My Hobby”

What is your favourite  lesson?

What is your favourite  season?

What is your favourite  fruit?

What is your favourite  clothes?

What is your favourite  kind of travelling?

What is your favourite day of the week?

What is your favourite month?

What is your favourite city?

What is your favourite country?

What is your favourite book?

What is your favourite holiday?

What is your favourite number?

What is your favourite hobby?

What is your favoirite letter?

What is your favoirite colour?









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