Beauty and the Beast. "Disney's World"

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Сценарій виховного заходу адаптованого для учнів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови. Захід можна представити як на тиждень іноземної мови в школі, так і на інше свято.

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Beauty and the Beast

Сценарій виховного заходу адаптованого для учнів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови.


  • посилити мотивацію до вивчення іноземних мов, розвиток потреби і здатності практичного володіння мовною діяльністю;
  • формувати мотивацію до вивчення англійської мови; сприяти практичному застосуванню знань і умінь, отриманих на уроці;
  • розвивати творчі здібності учнів;
  • формування в учнів толерантного ставлення до культури інших країн;
  • створення умов для розкриття творчих здібностей учнів;
  • розвиток комунікативних навичок і соціально-психологічних властивостей особистості;
  •  виховання поваги до культури інших народів;
  • виховувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.


Обладнання: музичний супровід, декорації будинку, замку, саду .

Characters: Storyteller, Beauty, Beast, Father, Daughter 1, Daughter 2, Traveler, Clock, Candle.

Beauty and the Beast

Scene 1

Storyteller: One old man had 3 daughters. All the girls are beautiful but the youngest one is the most beautiful. Father loves them very much.

Father: Good morning, my dear children. How are you today?

Daughter 1: Morning. I am fine, thanks.

Daughter 2: Hello! Not bad.

Beauty: Good morning, Daddy. I am fine, thank you. Look! The sun is shining, the birds are singing. It’s a lovely morning, isn’t it?

Daughter 1: Oh, please, stop talking such silly things. It’s a normal day and that’s all.

Daughter 2: I agree with you, my dear sister. It is only a day. By the way, we are going to the ball or to the shop as we usually do. But we haven’t decided yet what to do.

Father: Please, my dear, stop talking these rude things. You, my elder daughters, must be such kind and nice as Beauty is.

Daughter 1: Ha! I’ll never be like Beauty. She is too dull.

Daughter 2: Ha! She isn’t interesting at all.

Beauty: Thank you, my dear father. But you know that my sisters are worried only about themselves.

Daughter 1: Wait a minute and I’ll show you who the best daughter is.

Father: Stop! Stop! Stop! I want to say that I’m going to go on a long journey to buy some things. I’ll visit many countries. And I want to bring you some presents. What do you want?

Daughter 1: Bring me a beautiful dress.

Daughter 2: I want a pair of pretty shoes.

Beauty: I would like to get a rose. There are no roses in my garden. Come back soon, Daddy.

Scene 2

Storyteller: The old man is at the market. There are many nice dresses and shoes. And how many colours! The eldest daughters will be happy. But there are no roses at the market. He’s sad because he can’t find a present for Beauty. But it’s time for him to return home.

Father: It’s already dark. The weather is bad. It’s rainy and windy. I can’t see the road. But who is this?

Traveler: Good evening, sir. I’m a Traveler. I’ve lost my way. Don’t you know how to get to the road?

Father: Sorry, but I wanted to ask you the same.

Traveler: So, if you know nothing, I wish you good luck. Be careful. This forest is very strange and I don’t want to be her any more. Bye!

Father: Bye. Oh, I’m so tired. I want to eat and sleep.

Squirrel 1: Good evening, sir! Who are you?

Father: I am an old man.

Squirrel 2: What are you doing here in such a horrible place?

Father: I have lost my way and I do not know how to find it.

Squirrel 3: Poor you! But we are squirrels. We live here, in the forest and we can not help you.

 Squirrel 1: What are you saying?! Of course, we can help him.

Squirrel 2: What do you mean?

Squirrel 1: All of us know that there is an old castle there.

Squirrel 3: Yes, I remember, my granny told me about it.

Father: So, how can I get there?

Squirrel 2: Go straight this road and you’ll come up to the gate.

Father: Thank you.

Squirrel 1: Bye. Wish you good luck!

Squirrel 2: Bye.

Squirrel 3: Bye.

Storyteller: But suddenly the old man saw a large castle. The doors of the castle were open but there was nobody in the hall.

Father: Good evening. Is there anybody in? Who lives in this house?

Clock: Hi! We’re here!

Candle: Shh! What are you doing? He doesn’t know about us.

Clock: I don’t care. I haven’t seen people for many years and I want to get acquainted with him.

Candle: And how do you imagine this situation? If he sees us in such charmed images, he will scare.

Clock: So, what will we do?

Candle: Let him to have supper and then we’ll see.

Father: Oh! There is a dining-room with a large table in the middle of it. There is much food there. Thank you, Master; I’ll eat something because I’m hungry as a hunter.

Storyteller: After supper the old man wanted to sleep. The nearest door was open. It was a fine bedroom.

Father: Master, you’re very kind. I’m tired and go to sleep.

Scene 3

Clock: Shh! What are you doing?

Candle: I want to look how he is sleeping. Oh! Look! He is getting up!

Father: Good morning, Master. Thank you for new clothes and shoes. I’m so happy. I’ll go round the castle.

Storyteller: And the old man went round the light and beautiful castle. There were many fine rooms in it. But suddenly he saw a large garden with many rosebushes.

Father: Oh! What a beautiful garden! How nice is here! The birds are singing. But all the birds are near one rosebush. Wow! It has only one flower but the most beautiful. This is the rose for my daughter.

Clock: Stop! What is he doing? Don’t do that!

Candle: Don’t cut the flower! The Master will be very angry.

(Suddenly everybody hears a loud crack).

Beast: What are you doing? I was very kind to you. But you can’t touch my flowers.

Clock: Oh, the Master is very angry.

Candle: Yes, it’s true.

Father: Oh, please, don’t kill me! I’ve got three daughters and the youngest, Beauty, asked me to bring her a rose. She is a nice girl and I love her so much!

Beast: All right, I won’t kill you. Take the flower for your Beauty. But in return she must come and live here. Take this magic ring, put it on your finger and in a moment you’ll be at home.

Father: Thank you.

Beast: But remember, I’ll wait for your daughter. If she doesn’t arrive in seven days, you must return here yourself.

Scene 4

Storyteller: The daughters were happy. Dad was at home and he got so many presents. The eldest sister tried a nice yellow dress on. The second sister tried on new white shoes. Beauty smelled a beautiful red rose.

Daughter 1: Yes, this yellow dress suits me, doesn’t it?

Daughter 2: Of course, it does. But my white shoes are nicer than your dress.

Beauty: Dear father, thank you for such a beautiful rose. But why are you so sad, Daddy?

Daughter 1: Don’t you see? He is tired and he wants to have a rest.

Daughter 2: No, I think he wants to eat. Dear sister, let’s have dinner together.

Daughter 1: Ok. And then we’ll have a rest.

Beauty: At least they’ve gone. Daddy, what’s happened?

Father: Oh, my girl! Do you love your father?

Beauty: Yes, I do.

Father: My dear daughter, I took this rose in the garden of the Beast. He was very angry with me. I must go and live in his castle. In the evening I will put this magic ring on my finger and you’ll never see me again. Please, forgive me…

Beauty: No, it’s my fault. I will go to the Beast.

Storyteller: And Beauty took the ring, put it on her finger and disappeared.

Scene 5

Storyteller: Beauty opened her eyes. She was in the beautiful castle. But there were no people in it.

Beauty: What a wonderful castle! Hello! Is there anybody in it? Do you hear me?

Clock: Hello!

Candle: Stop! You’re doing silly things again. She mustn’t see us. She will afraid of us.

Beauty: I hear your voices. Who are you?

Candle: Let it be… Hello, my dear girl. What is your name?

Beauty: Hello. My name is Beauty and I’ve never seen a candle who can speak.

Clock: Hello! Not only Candle can speak but the clock can speak and even sing too.

Beauty: You are so funny.

Candle: We are very glad that you are here.

Clock: Yes, we are very happy to see an alive person because there is nobody at this charmed castle.

Beauty: Oh, I understood. But…

(Suddenly she heard a voice).

Beast: Welcome, Beauty. You are queen and mistress here. Speak your wishes, speak your will. Every wish we will fulfill.

Beauty: Who is that?

Clock: It’s our Master.

Storyteller: So, Beauty began to live in the castle. The Beast did everything to make girl happy. She always had nice food and amazing dresses. But she felt sad because couldn’t see the Master.

Beauty: Your castle is like home to me, but I don’t see your face, my kind Master. Let me look at you.

Beast: No, I am very ugly.

Beauty: You can’t be ugly if you have a kind heart.

Beast: Then, don’t be afraid of me, dear.

(Suddenly the Beast appeared in front of Beauty).

Beauty: I’m not afraid of you. Would you like to be my friend?

Beast: Yes, of course I want to be your friend.

Beauty: Don’t hide your face from me. Let’s walk together, talk together and play different games.

Scene 6

Storyteller: Beauty was happy at the castle. But one day she became sad.

Beast: My dear, what’s happened? Why are you so sad?

Beauty: I miss my family, my father and even my sisters.

Beast: I’ll show you something. Here is a magic mirror. Look inside and you’ll see your family.

(She screams).

Beast: What do you see?

Beauty: I see my living room and my father. He is very ill. Oh, my dear Dad! I must go home to visit him. Please, let me go!

Beast: Sure. But, please, be back in seven days or I will die.

Clock: We’ll wait for you.

Candle: We’ll miss you.

Storyteller: Beauty put the magic ring on her finger. In a moment she was near her father and sisters.

Beauty: My dear Daddy, I’m so glad to see you. It’s me, your daughter, Beauty.

Daughter 1: Look who is here! And where were you when our father was ill?

Daughter 2: You know he stopped speaking when you disappeared.

Father: I hear a familiar voice. Beauty, is it you?

Beauty: Yes, it’s me. Father, I love you so much.

Father: And I love you too, my dear child. You are here and I think everything will be OK.

Beauty: But father, the Beast is my best friend and I must go back to him in seven days or he will die.

Daughter 1: We’ll see…

Daughter 2: Ha! She thinks she will return here…

Scene 7

Storyteller: Day by day Beauty took care of her father. It was already the seventh day of her visit. In the evening she had to return to the Beast.

Daughter 1: I think we must do something. I want Beauty stay with us. I don’t want to let her go.

Daughter 2: Let’s shut all the windows and put all the clocks in the house back.

Daughter 1: It’s a good idea! So, Beauty thinks it’s only four. But it is already ten o’clock.

Beauty: Something is wrong. I have terrible feelings. Oh, no! It’s already night! Where’s the ring? Oh, it’s here. I must hurry up. I must save the Beast.

Storyteller: The castle is still and sad. Black cloth is everywhere. The garden is covered with snow.

Beauty: My dear friend, where are you? I can’t find you.

Candle: We are here, dear girl!

Clock: We are near your favourite rosebush.

Beauty: Oh, hello my friends. Haven’t you seen…?

(Suddenly she saw the Beast on the ground).

Clock: Yes, here is our Master. He doesn’t breath.

Candle: He is dead.

Beauty: Oh, my poor Beast! Why did you die? I love you so much!

Clock: Look! The sun appeared in the sky and the snow disappeared.

Candle: It’s summer again. Look at our Master! He is a young prince again!

Beast: My dear, a wicked magician turned me into the Beast. But your heart is so kind that you could see a man in the Beast. Please, stay with me.

Beauty: Of course, I’ll stay with you. But my father and sisters will live here too if you don’t mind.

Beast: As you wish, my queen.

Storyteller: Beauty and the prince were very happy. They had a very merry party. There were many people at the castle. They sang and danced. And there were many beautiful rose in the garden.

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