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Do you like tales? The Ugly Duckling

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Сценарій виховного заходу для учнів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови на основі казки Г.Х. Андерсена “Гидке каченя". Захід можна представити як на тиждень іноземної мови в школі, так і на інше свято.

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The Ugly Duckling

Сценарій виховного заходу для учнів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови на основі казки Г.Х. Андерсена “Гидке каченя”.


  • активізувати навички усного мовлення;
  • формування комунікативної і соціокультурної компетенцій, почуття чуйності і доброзичливості;
  • удосконалювати мовленнєві навички;
  • розвивати пізнавальний інтерес;
  • розширити і поглибити знання учнів з англійської мови, удосконалювати їх мовленнєві навички та вміння;
  • сприяти естетичному вихованню учнів;
  • виховувати естетичні смаки, людяність, чесність;
  • виховувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.

Обладнання: музичний супровід, декорації подвіря, дерев, хатинки.

The Ugly Duckling



Ugly Duckling

Mother Duck

Brother Duckling

Sister Duckling

Old Duck







Scene 1

Storyteller: Once upon a time there was a Duck who lived by a pond. She had her nest there and was sitting on the eggs. At last the eggs cracked open one after another, and all the little yellow ducklings appeared. They were very nice but one duckling was very big and strong. He was not like the others.

Mother Duck: Hello, my dear children! I am very glad to see you. How are you?

Brother Duckling: Hello, Mummy. I am glad to see you too. I am great!

Sister Duckling: Hello, Mummy! I am glad to see you too. I am fine!

Ugly Duckling: Hello, my dear mother. I am glad to see you too. I am good.

Mother Duck: Ok, my dearest and loveliest. Let’s go to the pond and I will teach you to swim. But don’t be afraid. Everything will be all right.

Brother Duckling: Hooray! Our Mummy will teach us to swim.

Sister Duckling: I think it will be fun. Do you want to swim?

Ugly Duckling: I am not sure. I am very big and I am not like you are. But I will try.

(At the pond)

Brother Duckling: Mummy, are we at the pond?

Mother Duck: Yes, we are here. Now jump into the water and swim.

(Everybody jumped into the water)

Mother Duck: How well my children swim. Even the ugly one can swim well. Do you like it?

Ugly Duckling: Yes, it is great. I like to swim very much. It is so fun! I am very happy!

Brother Duckling: I like it too. Brother, sister, do you want to play?

Sister Duckling: Yes, let’s play together.

Scene 2

Storyteller: Early the next morning, the Mother Duck and her family went to the yard. The Mother Duck had to show her children to the other ducks, geese and hens. It was a special day for the Ugly Duckling.

Old Duck: Hello, my Cousin Goose. How are you?

Goose: Hello, sister. Not bad. But my legs hurt. I think the weather is changing.

Old Duck: It seems to me you are right. Wow! Who is there? This is Mother Duck with her family.

Mother Duck: Good morning. (To her children) Don’t say a word. You may speak when these ladies let you. Be very quiet and obedient. Do you understand?

Children: Yes, mother.

Old Duck: Your children are very pretty. But this one is very ugly. What do you think, Cousin Goose?

Goose: You are as always right. I don’t like this ugly duckling. I do not know if he is a duckling, maybe he is a turkey…

Old Duck: I do not think so. I have never seen such a big and ugly bird. He is not a chick, a turkey, a gosling. What will we do?

Mother Duck: Please, ladies, he is a very good duckling. Let him stay with us. And he can swim very well.

Old Duck: As I have already told, I don’t like him. He won’t live with us.

Goose: I have an idea. Let’s peck him. And he will go away.

Old Duck: Listen to me! Everybody who doesn’t like this ugly duckling, peck him!

(The ducks, the geese flew at the Ugly Duckling and pecked him. Even his brother and sister pecked him).

Ugly Duckling: Stop! Stop! I will go far away from here and you will never see me again. Oh, I am so ugly.

Scene 3

Storyteller: And the Ugly Duckling ran along the road. By and by he came to a little hut. In this hut there lived an Old Woman with a Cat and a Hen.

Old Woman: I am an Old Woman. I have no children but I live there with my friends. Are you here?

Cat: Yes, we are here.

I am a cat

My name is Hat

I like to play

 In my cozy flat.

Hen: Hello everyone!

I am a hen.

I am little and nice.

I like to skip, I like to jump,

I like to run about.

I like to play, I like to sing,

I like to laugh and shout.

Cat: It is time for breakfast. And we are hungry.

Hen: Yes, we are very hungry. What are we going to have for breakfast?

Old Woman: I have got some fish for you, Cat. And I also have got some corn for you, Hen. Let’s have breakfast.

(Somebody knocked at the door).

Cat: We are not waiting for anybody.

Hen: Who is there?

Old Woman: Come in, please.

(The Ugly Duckling came into the hut)

Ugly Ducking: Hello! It’s nice to meet you.

Old Woman: It’s nice to meet you too. You look too tired. Where are you from?

Cat: Are you from the village nearby?

Ugly Duckling: No, I came here from distance lands.

Hen: Are you alone? Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Ugly Duckling: No, I haven’t.

Old Woman: If you are hungry, you may join us.

Ugly Duckling: Thank you.

(After breakfast)

Hen: Can you lay eggs?

Ugly Duckling: No.

Cat: Can you catch mice?

Ugly Duckling: No.

Cat and Hen: Ha-ha-ha!

Old Woman: Well, then sit in the corner and do not talk.

Ugly Duckling: But I don’t want to sit in the corner. I like the sunshine and warm wind. I want to swim very much.

Cat: Ha! He wants to swim. It is cold outside.

Hen: The rivers are frozen. You can’t swim. And do not talk. You are too ugly.

Ugly Duckling: But you are my friends.

Cat: We are not your friends.

Ugly Duckling: So, I will go. You don’t like me. I will fly far away from here.

Scene 4

Storyteller: And the Ugly Duckling flew away. But when winter came it began to be very cold. The Duckling was very cold and hungry. Suddenly he saw some animals in the forest.

Ugly Duckling: It is winter. It is very cold. Now I can’t swim as much as I liked in summer. I am very hungry. But who is there?

Squirrel: Hello. I am a squirrel.

I am small and I am red.

I like to jump, I like to run

I like to play, it’s fun.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

Ugly Duckling: Hello! I flew and flew and now I am here. Oh! You are so nice. Let’s be friends.

Squirrel: I don’t know. You are too big and fun, but you are so ugly. Besides I have got a friend. It is a hare.

Hare: Hello! I am a hare.

I am not big.

I am white.

I like to run and jump.

My tender paws

Do not like frost.

Oh, who are you?

Ugly Duckling: I am a duckling. I have no friends. And I like to swim very much. I can teach you.

Squirrel: We don’t like to swim. We like to run and to jump. So, we can’t be friends.

Hare: Yes, we can’t be friends. And we don’t want to make friends with you. You are so ugly. Go away from here.

Ugly Duckling: You are so cruel. Ok, I will go.

Scene 5

Storyteller: And the Ugly Duckling flew away again. He was very unhappy because he didn’t meet anybody who liked him. He was waiting for spring because he wanted to swim again very much. At last spring came and the Ugly Duckling became a beautiful swan but he didn’t know about this.

Ugly Duckling: It is spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. How wonderful to be here. I like spring because I can swim in the warm river again. But I am not alone! Who is this beautiful white bird? Oh! It is me! I have changed. I am not the Ugly Duckling any more. I am a beautiful swan! I will fly and show everyone my beauty!

Squirrel: Look, Hare. What a beautiful swan is flying in the sky.

Hare: Wow! He is so nice.

Ugly Duckling: Don’t you recognize me? It is me – the Ugly Duckling. And I have to fly away. Good-bye!

Squirrel: Wow! Good-bye.

Old Woman: Cat! Hen! Come here! There is a beautiful swan near our little hut! What are you doing here?

Ugly Duckling: Don’t you recognize me too? It is me – the Ugly Duckling. And I have to fly away. Good-bye!

Old Duck: Look, Cousin Goose! It is a beautiful white swan, isn’t it? What is he doing in the yard?

Goose: I don’t know. Maybe he is looking for his covey.

Mother Duck: You are both wrong. He is my son – the Ugly Duckling. But now he is a beautiful swan. Come here! And we are very sorry for our behavior.

Ugly Duckling: Hello, everyone. I like all of you because you were in my life and I want to say that you don’t have to love a nice and pretty person. We must be friendly and love each other no matter how we look like. Do you agree with me?

All together: Of course, we do!

Storyteller: The End. Let’s invite our actors.

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