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The Wild Swans. "Do you believe in miracles?"

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Сценарій виховного заходу для учнів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови на основі казки Г.Х. Андерсена “Дикі лебеді”. Захід можна представити як на тиждень іноземної мови в школі, так і на інше свято.

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The Wild Swans

Сценарій виховного заходу для учнів  з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови на основі казки Г.Х. Андерсена Дикі лебеді”.


  • показати творчість і знання учнів з англійської мови, їх здібності й таланти;
  • формування комунікативної і соціокультурної компетенцій, почуття чуйності і доброзичливості;
  • розвивати артистичні здібності дітей;
  • розширити і поглибити знання учнів з англійської мови, удосконалювати їх мовленнєві навички та вміння;
  • виховувати естетичні смаки, людяність, чесність;
  • виховувати позитивне ставлення до вивчення англійської мови та формувати повагу до традицій країни, мову якої вивчаємо. 

Обладнання: музичний супровід, декорації подвіря, дерев, печери, палацу.

The Wild Swans




Brothers 1 - 11


Old Woman



Hunter 1, 2


Scene 1

Storyteller: Far away in the land dwelt a king who had eleven sons and one daughter, named Eliza. The eleven brothers were princes and each went to school with a star on his breast and a sward by his side. They learnt their lessons very well. Their sister Eliza was very pretty and she loved her brothers very much.

King: Look, my dear children! This is my new wife and your new mother. She will love you as your mother did.

Queen: What beautiful children you are! I’ve always dreamt about having such a big and friendly family. Eleven brothers and one sister. It’s wonderful. I think we’ll be a happy family.

Storyteller: But unfortunately she lied. Their father married a very wicked queen, who didn’t love poor children at all. They knew this from the first day after the wedding.

Brother 1: Today a big holiday is. Our father is very happy but I think our stepmother is a very cruel woman.

Brother 2: I think so too. Look! She gave us some sand in a tea-cup.

Brother 3: And she told us to pretend it was a cake.

Brother 4: I’m sure she’ll tell the king many untrue things about us, young princes, that he’ll give himself no more trouble respecting us.

Storyteller: And the Queen did in such a way. The week after she sent little Eliza into the country to a peasant and his wife.

Queen: At least I sent Eliza. Oh, how I hate her brothers! What can I do? Ha! Go out into the world and get your own living! Fly like great birds who have no voice!

Storyteller: But she could not make them ugly as she wished, for they were turned into eleven beautiful wild swans. Then they flew through the windows of the palace to the forest.

Scene 2

Storyteller: At fifteen Eliza returned home, but when the Queen saw her beauty, she got angry. She wanted to turn Eliza into a swan, like her brothers, but the King wished to see his daughter.

King: My dear daughter! I’m so happy to see you. Fifteen years have passed. You’re as beautiful as your mother was.

Eliza: Thank you, my dear father, for your nice words. But I’m not happy.

King: My dear! What’s happened? Who offended you?

Eliza: Nobody did. But I miss my brothers very much…

King: Stop talking about your brothers. They left me. I don’t want to hear about them anymore! You must forget them!

Queen: Yes, Eliza, your father is right. You have to think about your future. And be careful. Who knows what can happen!

Storyteller: Early one morning the Queen went into the bathroom. She took three toads with her.

Queen: When Eliza comes to the bath, you, the first toad, seat yourself upon her head that she may become as stupid as you are. You, the second toad, place yourself on her forehead that she may become as ugly as you are. And you, the third toad, rest on her heart then she will have evil thoughts. 

Eliza: (comes into the bathroom) What a beautiful bathroom! I have never been there. The water is so clean and warm. Of course, I’ll take a bath.

Storyteller: But Eliza was too good and too innocent for witchcraft to have any power over her.

Queen: How angry I am! How I hate this girl! What else can I do? I have a plan! I’ll rub her face with walnut juice, so that she is quite brown; then I’ll tangle her beautiful hair and smear it with disgusting ointment.

Eliza: What have you done? Why don’t you love me?

Queen: If to be honest, I hate you from the first look. I’m the Queen and I want to be the most powerful person in this kingdom. (To the King) Look, my dear husband. This servant pretends to be your daughter.

Eliza: Sir! Look at me! I’m your daughter. Don’t you recognize me?

King: You are not my daughter. You are not my beautiful Eliza. Go far away from here. I don’t want to see you.


Scene 3

Eliza (in the wood): Why is she so cruel? Oh, my dear father. How could he believe her? How I miss my brothers! I love them very much. I’ll find my brothers and we’ll come back home.

Storyteller: Eliza had been short time in the wood when night came on and she lost the path. Poor girl fell asleep. When she awoke, the sun was high in the sky. Suddenly she saw a lake. 

Eliza: How ugly I am! I’m quite terrified at finding my face so brown. But everything will be OK. I’ll wash my face and my skin will gleam forth once more.

Storyteller: So, Eliza wandered far into the forest, not knowing whither she went. She thought about her brothers. Suddenly she met an old woman.

Old Woman: Good morning, dear child. What are you doing here in such a horrible place?

Eliza: Good morning. I’m looking for my brothers, eleven princes, riding through the forest. Haven’t you seen them?

Old Woman: No, but I saw yesterday eleven swans with golden crowns on their heads, swimming on the river close by.

Eliza: Can you show me the way?

Old Woman: Of course, poor child. Go this way and soon you’ll see a river which flows into the great sea. There you can see the swans.

Eliza: Thank you very much. I’ll never forget you. Bye!

Old Woman: Bye and be careful!

Scene 4

Storyteller: Eliza walked a long way. When it was evening she saw eleven white swans with golden crowns on their heads, flying towards the land, one behind the other. The swans alighted quite close to her and flapped their great white wings. As soon as the sun disappeared under the water, eleven Eliza’s brothers stood near her.

Eliza: My lovely brothers! I’m so happy to see you. You even can’t imagine what has happened. I was looking for you through the woods and forests, rivers and seas.

Brothers: Hello, our little sister. We are glad to see you again too. We know how it was difficult to find us.

Eliza: So, how are the things going on? How do you live?

Brother 1: We, brothers, fl y about as wild swans, so long as the sun in the sky.

Brother 2: But as soon as it sinks behind the hills we are people again.

Brother 3: Therefore we always must be near a resting place for our feet before sunset.

Brother 4: For it we should be flying towards the clouds at the time we recovered our natural shape as men, we should sink deep into the sea.

Brother 5: We don’t dwell here but in a land just as fair, that lies beyond the ocean, which we have to cross for a long distance.

Brother 6: There is no island, nothing, but a little rock rising out of the sea.

Brother 7: If the sea is rough, the foam dashes over us , yet we thank God even for this rock.

Brother 8: We have permission to visit our home once a year. We fly across the forests looking at the palace, where we were born.

Brother 9: This is our homeland, to which we are drawn by loving ties; and here we’ve found you, our dear little sister.

Brother 10: Two days longer we can be here and then we must fly away to a beautiful land which is not our home.

Brother 11: And how can we take you with us? We have neither ship no boat.

Eliza: You are so poor! How can I break this spell?

Brother 1: We don’t know. But tomorrow we’ll fly away.

Brother 2: But we can’t leave you here. Have you courage to go with us?

Elisa: Yes, take me with you.

Storyteller: Then they spent the whole night in weaving a net. It was large and strong. In the morning the swans flew up to the clouds with their dear sister. 

Scene 5

Storyteller: At last she saw a real land with its blue mountains, cities and palaces. Long before the sun went down, Eliza sat on a rock in front of a large cave.

Brother 4: Now we’ll expect to hear what you dream of tonight. Good night, sister.

Eliza: I may dream how to save you. Sweet dreams, brothers.

Storyteller: And this thought took such hold upon her mind that prayed to God for help. Suddenly a fairy came out to meet her. She was very beautiful.

Eliza: Good evening, madam.

Fairy: Hello, dear child. I know what you dream about.

Eliza: Yes, I want to help my brothers. Don’t you know how I can do it?

Fairy: Your brothers can be released if you have only courage. Do you see the stinging nettle? These you must gather, break them to pieces with your hands and feet, and they’ll become flax, from which you must spin and weave eleven coats with long sleeves; if these are thrown over your brothers, the spell will be broken.

Eliza: And that’s all? I agree.

Fairy: But remember, you must no speak a word until it is finished.

Eliza: How it’s difficult! But I promise you to do everything for my brothers.

Fairy: Their lives hang upon on your tongue. Remember all I have told you.

Storyteller: At sunset her brothers returned and were frightened. But when they saw Eliza they understood everything. They loved each other very much.

Scene 6

Storyteller: One coat was already finished and Eliza began the second one, when she heard the hunter’s horn. In a very few minutes all the hunters stood before the cave and the handsomest of them was the Prince of the country.

Prince: Hello! How are you? How did you come here?

Hunter 1: Don’t you see? She is a peasant. She lives here.

Hunter 2: Don’t be silly! She is very beautiful. Look, your majesty.

Prince: Come with me. You can’t remain here. I’ll place a golden crown upon your head and make your home in my richest country.

Hunter 1: Please, believe him. He wishes only for your happiness.

Hunter 2: A time will come when you’ll thank him for this.

Storyteller: And the prince took Eliza to his palace. He fell in love with her and ordered to be ready for the wedding. Everyone liked Eliza except one person. The Archbishop didn’t like her.

Archbishop: Please, your majesty, listen to me. Your Queen is not as honest with you as you think.

Prince: Don’t say silly things about my wife. She is your queen and you have to respect her.

Archbishop: Your majesty! You have to listen to me. Last night I saw our queen among hideous creatures. She gathered the burning nettles. I’m sure that our queen is a witch!

Prince: Don’t tell me such words. I don’t believe you. You want to slander her.

Archbishop: Don’t sleep at night and you’ll see.

Storyteller: Two large tears rolled down the Prince’s cheeks. At night he didn’t sleep and saw Eliza’s disappearing in her own chamber.

Hunter 1: Your majesty! From day to day your brow becomes darker. And I don’t understand the reason.

Hunter 2: Last night I also saw our queen in the churchyard. I saw the ghouls sitting on the tombstone.

Prince: If it’s true, the people must condemn her.

Scene 7

Storyteller: So, people demanded to burn Eliza because they thought she was a witch. It was still twilight when the eleven brothers stood at the castle gate demanded to be brought before the Prince.

Brother 1: Your majesty! Please, listen to us. Our sister is innocent. We have to see her.

Brother 2: Yes, she isn’t a witch. She wants to save us.

Brother 3: It’s true. Our stepmother is a witch. And when the sun rises, we turn into the swans.

Prince: I don’t believe you. If your stepmother is a witch, so your sister is a witch too. Go away!

Storyteller: At this moment the sun rose. The eleven brothers were seen no more but eleven wild swans flew away over the castle.

Hunter 1: See the witch, how she mutters. She has no hymn-book in her hand.

Hunter 2: She sits there with her ugly sorcery. Let us tear it in a thousand pieces. 

Storyteller: But suddenly the eleven swans appeared. Eliza hastily threw the eleven coats of mail over the swans and they immediately became eleven handsome princes.

Eliza: Now I may speak. I am innocent. It’s true that my stepmother is a witch and I had to save my brothers. I had to keep silence and do all the best for them.

Brothers: We told you! Listen, everyone! She is innocent!

Prince: How blind I was! Please, forgive me, my dear wife. I love you so much.

Eliza: And I love you, my dear husband. I’m sure everything will be OK. All is well that ends well.

Storyteller: And all the church bells rang and the birds came in great troops. Everyone was happy as the Prince and Eliza were.









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