Брейн-ринг "З історії рідного краю".

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Матеріал можна використовувати у позакласній роботі з англійської мови з метою розширення знань студентів про історичну і культурну спадщину України,формування традицій і звичаїв українського народу, виховання почуття патріотизму.

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"The history of the native land"























Тема.  Життя суспільства. The history of the native land.


Цілі: розвивати усне мовлення студентів ; розширювати світогляд та знання студентів  з теми   «З історії України»; розвивати мовну здогадку студентів, мовленнєву реакцію в ході діяльності та словесно-логічну память; виховувати в студентів  любов та повагу до рідної країни.     


Наочність: підручник   Opportunities , англо-українські словники, запитання (картки) національна символіка України (прапор, тризуб, козаки, човен, зображення тризуба, прапора, булави, литаври, сурми, списа ).   


Тeacher I'm glad to see you, dear students, teachers and quests! Today we have met on the "Brain-Ring"   Its topic  is "The history of the native land".We'll talk about our country —   Ukraine, about historical events, national traditions.


Well, you can see two teams in our group. Let me introduce them.

The first team is "Freedom".




The second team is "Luckies".




The captain of the   "Luckies" team is…


The captain of the   "Freedom" is …  


 And the members of the teams are…



(Представити учасників гри по  шість студентів у кожній команді.)                                                  




Т. Today we'll see witch of the teams know the history of Ukraine better and how you speak English.


Meet our adjudicators: (Запросити викладачів для оцінювання роботи)             



  You'll get 5 Points for each level if you manage with it properly. 


Do you know the geography and the history of   country well?


Where is our country situated?


What is the capital of our country?


Does Ukrаіnе have a long history?


So, I see you can take part in our "Brain-Ring" Good luck! And go on!





Level I


Look at this student and say who this man is?  Why do you think so? (You'11 get from 1 to 5 points).




Level II


What do you know about Cossacks? Here is a short quiz. (You '11 get 1 point for each answer).


I. The first Cossacks' fortess(Sich) in the region of Zaponzhia was built by:

a)   Ivan Mazepa;

b)   Dmytro Vyshnevetsky;

c)   Bohdan Khmelnytsky.


2. Zaponzhian Sich was founded:                

a)   500 years ago;

 b)   400 years ago

c)   600 years ago.


3.    Zaporizhian Sich existed:

a)    more than 100 years;

b)    more than 200 years;

c)    more than 300 years.


4.    Cossacks' ship was called:

a)    Chaika;

b)    Galera;

c)    Lodia.


5.    If a Cossack lost his sable (shablia).

a)    he was given the new one;

b)    he was said to get the new one;

c)    he was turned out.



Level III

Recite the poem


Poem by Yevhen Polishchuk



Blue sky and yellow field of grain

Is on the flag of my Ukraine

Its emblem speaks to all world.

With freedom - such a lovely word

Bread – salt will give to a friendly guest

Ukrainian people without request

They work and sing the song of praise

To God who`s able from ash to raise

Ukraine rejoices in the Lord.

Reviving from His mighty Word

Forever lives who`s born again

Long live and pray, my land Ukraine!





Level IV


Characterize the Cossacks.



Which of the surrounding words in the group do not go with the noun? See shema)


                            clever                 rude

                    lazy                                                    independent

friendly                               COSSACKS                                           courageous

                     silly                                                    optimistic

                                        brave                  shy





Lever V


Speakers' Competition


Score: 5


T. Let's stretch out the lot. (Учасники команд витягують жеребки.)


So these pupils will tell us what do they know about Zaporizhian Sich.




Level VI


Competition on the best translator


Score: 5


T. You must translate these words as quickly as you can.


Let's stretch out the lot.


Good luck! Let's begin!












To locate












To pass




Kyiv Rus





Level VII


T. Make up sentences with following words. Your time: 1 min. (You'll get 2 points for each correct sentence)



●a long history

●has got

●the term Ukraine


Was first mentioned


●has become


●In the chronicle


●the Trident

●our state






1. The trident has become our state emblem.


2. Ukraine has got a long history.


3.   The term Ukraine was first mentioned in the chronicle of ancient Slavs.




Level VIII


T. Listen to the definitions of some notions. Find the words and write them down.

Score: 5 points for each word.


1.   Something that Cossacks cherished above all? (Freedom)

2. Something that was proclaimed by the Verkhovna Rada? (State                sovereignty)

3.   Two main qualities of Cossacks' character? (Courage, heroism)

4.   The first democratic formations in Europe? Zaporizhian Sich)

5.   The centre of some place? (Heart)



Level IX


T. Listen to the sentences and say: True, False or Don’t Know!


1.    Zaporizhzhya region is notable for its.archi-tecture.

2.    The skiffs' were workers, artists, teachers, and drivers.

3.    The skiffs' came to our land 100 years ago.

4.    The capital of the skiffs was Alexandrovsk.

5.    The traditional skiffs' food?

6.    The terrible Mongol-Tatars came to Ukrain­ian Land.

7.    They proposed friendship to Ukrainians.

8.    The boundless steppes of Zaporizhzhyan land is a cradle of Cossacks.

9.    Peasants and cattle-breeders fought for free­dom and independence of the Ukrainian people.



Level X


Captain`s quiz:


Use the words from the box to complete the sen­tences:




to be notable



1.    Zaporizhzhya region is___ for its glorious history.

2.    The skiffs' ____came to our lands 2800 years ago

3.    A ____was the favorite domestic animal.

4.    Skiffs' were brave____.

5.    The Zaporizhzhya land keeps the skiffs' ____ in its barrows













1.    The Dnieper was called     at those times.

2.    The territory of our region__the terrible mongol-tatar__

3.    But the most __place in Zaporizhzhyan and was Khortitska Sich — the__of the Zaporizhzhyan Cossacks.

4.    The Zaporizhzhyan Cossacks, the real he­roes of Ukraine, fought for__and inde­pendence of Ukrainian people.



Level XI

Fans` quiz:


Choose the correct answer.


1.    The river at those times was called:

a)    the Dnieper

b)    the Konka

c)    Borisphen                                              


2.    The territory of our region witnessed:            

a)    the invasion of Poles

b)    the fascist invasion

c)    the terrible mongol-tatar invasion


3.    The most famous place of Zaporizhzhyan land was:

a)    the hydroelectric powerstation

b)    the Khortitsa island




Level XII


Match the words and their explanations:


1)    a place, providing protection                a)    horde or refuge

2)    to be in charge, to be a leader               b)   ethnic

3)    causing or involving threaten               c)   shelter

4)   the act of attacking without                   d)   peasant provocation                                            

5)    a group, a gang or a troop                     e)    head

6)    to protect, resist an attack                     g)   aggres­sion

7) having a common national or    h) oppres-cultural tradition                           sion

8)    to have roots, ancestry                          a)    originate

9)    a worker on the land                             a)    danger­ous

10)  Prolonged cruel treatment or                a)    defend control




Level XIII


Find the, English equivalents to the given Ukrainian words.


1.    Земляні укріплення запорізького коза­цтва.

2.    Православні.

3.    Християнство.

4.    Кріпацтво.

5.    Синонім до слова "agreement" (договір).

6.    Завойовник.

7.    Назва легендарного острова,  колиски Запорізького козацтва.



Summarizing. Підбиття підсумків «Брейн-рингу»


Т. Well, now our adjudicators count the the scores and we'll know who the winner of our game is!


(Оголошення переможців «Брейн-рингу», на­городження студентів)



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