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Контроль знань по закінченню модуля 5 з граматики, аудіювання, читання, письма та говоріння
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Test: Module 5______________________________________________________________________


A. Match

1. mouse  a. species

2. recycling  b. bin

3. public  c. bear

4. endangered d. pad

 5. polar e. whale

 6. killer                                    f. transport

B. Circle the correct words.

 1. A: Come on. I think it’s time to leave. B: You’re right. Where’s the exit / entrance?

2. I think it’s important to plant / protect the environment.

 3. Your hands are very dirty. Do you need some more air / soap?

 4. We went on a trip to the ocean / jungle, but we didn’t see any dolphins.

5. Did you send an invitation / organisation to your cousin in Norfolk?

 6. I can’t find the cursor / mouse on this screen.

 7. Don’t worry. I’m sure we will find a(n) solution / argument to your problem.

8. How about / Why don’t we going to Gary’s fancy-dress party next Saturday?

C. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

                   by             on               down              up                         off

1. A: So, do you want to meet outside the cinema tonight?

B: Hold______________ ! I can’t come tonight. I’m going to a concert. Sorry!

2. I think I’m going to cut ________________the tree in the front garden.

 3. Danny! Can you turn____________ the tap, please! We must all save water!

 4. I broke the living room window____________ accident.

5. Don’t throw that can in the street! Pick it______________ now!


A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of going to and the verbs in brackets.

1. I ____________________(stay) at home and watch TV. I____________________ (not go) anywhere.

2. A: ___________________________(you / buy) a new monitor from the computer shop?

B: No, I ______________________(look) around a bit. I don’t really need anything.

 3. A: What___________________________ (the girls / do) next summer?

B: They___________________________ (travel) but they__________________ (not be) away for more than a month.

B. Match

1. Greg had an accident and he’s in hospital                          a. Thanks

2. I’ll go to the supermarket. You stay here and relax.       b. If you don’t, you won’t go out at the weekend.

 3. I promise I will tidy my room tomorrow. c. Don’t shout or I won’t tell you.

 4. Will you help me take out the rubbish?  d. I’ll go and visit him.

5. Why are you late again?                                           e. Of course I will. Give me some bags.

C. Circle the correct words.

 1. Gareth’s got a new job and he mustn’t / doesn’t have to work on Saturdays any more.

 2. You don’t have to / mustn’t put your cup on your computer!

 3. The jeans didn’t fit me so I had to / must change them.

4. Mike arrived early so he doesn’t have to / has to wait for ten minutes before the shop opens.


D. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

 1. If Peter ______________(break) the laptop, his dad___________________(not give) it to him again.

 2. The park ___________________(look) great if we ____________________(plant) more trees there.

 3. If we _________________(read) the leaflet, we ___________________(learn) all about the castle.

4. I _________________(take) these bottles to the recycling bin if you __________(clean) them for me.


Listen to three short dialogues and complete the sentences.

1. Kevin is going to get________________________ from the computer fair.

2. Kim will turn off____________________________ .

3. Sally and Nathan are going to_________________________________ tonight.


 Read the text and write T for True or F for False.

CLEAN UP! Torbiton Beach

Next weekend, the organisation Clean up! will be at Torbiton Beach. The beach is very dirty and people never go there to swim. If lots of people help out next weekend, then Torbiton Beach will become a wonderful place to spend a summer’s day. Clean up! are hoping over a thousand people will join in and help them clean up the beach. If anyone in the area wants to join in, they are welcome. Work will begin at seven o’clock in the morning and finish at eight in the evening on both days. There will be food and drinks to buy at the car park near the beach. Clean up! hope the people of Torbiton will continue to keep the beach clean after they finish work there. If the project is successful and the beach becomes more popular, then Clean up! will get to work on other beaches in the area.

1. Torbiton Beach is a popular place for swimmers. 

 2. One thousand people from the organisation Clean up! will clean the beach.

3. Work will finish on Sunday evening at eight. 

 4. Food and drink will be free for everyone.


Write an e-mail to invite a friend to come to your house for the weekend. Mention what you are going to do. Use some or all of the ideas in the box.


read / book   watch/DVDs

study / Science exam                                            go/shopping                                                                                                                                                                        

eat / pizza                                                               surf/Net



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