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DICTIONARY DAY: The origin of the holiday. NOAH WEBSTER: Father of the American Dictionary

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Презентація DICTIONARY DAY: The origin of the holiday. NOAH WEBSTER: Father of the American Dictionary
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DICTIONARY DAY:(The origin of the holiday)NOAH WEBSTER: Father of the American Dictionary

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ACTUALITY OF THE PROJECTTo know more about this holiday, its origin and history

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TASKS OF THE PROJECTTo create multimedia presentation. To inform the results of the investigation

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AIMS OF THE PROJECTTo find out the concept “dictionary” To create mind-maps. To publish bulletins

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REALIZATION OF THE PROJECTTo find information. To study vocabulary. Analysis of the texts. To draw a conclusion. Search of interesting materials. Publishing of bulletins. Presentation for the pupils

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MEANING 1 Dictionary – 1. a book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order and explains their meanings in the same language, or another language; 2. a book that explains the words and phrases used in a particular subject.(Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English)

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MEANING 2 Dictionary – 1. a book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order and explains what they mean; 2. a book that lists words in one language and gives translations in another. Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

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MAIN TYPES OF DICTIONARIESEncyclopedic. Linguistic

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TYPES OF Li. NGUISTIC DICTIONARIESTranslation dictionaries. Explanatory dictionaries. Specialized dictionaries

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CRITERIA FOR CLASSIFICATION 1 The language in which the information is given. The kind of information. The form of the dictionary. The prospective user. The nature of word list

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CRITERIA FOR CLASSIFICATION 2 Monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. Explanatory, translation, pronouncing, etymological, ideographic dictionaries. Hard and soft dictionaries. Advanced learners, students, children. General unrestricted and restricted dictionaries

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NOAH WEBSTEROctober 16, the birthday of Noah Webster, is Dictionary Day in America. Show your appreciation for this most useful of reference books by celebrating Dictionary Day with your children - learn some new words, learn how dictionaries came to be, spruce up your dictionary skills, or even create your own dictionary!

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HAPPY DICTIONARY DAYThis is the official holiday in which we celebrate the birth of Noah Webster, who would be 261 years old if he were still living and breathing on this planet.

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THE ORIGIN OF THE HOLIDAYDriven by a desire to unify the American way of speaking and spelling English, Noah Webster started work on the first American dictionary at age 43. He thought Americans should have their own distinctly American (rather than British) way of spelling, pronouncing, and using words. But at that time, Americans in different regions had no unifying standard of language. Webster's dictionary was the first step in changing that. After 27 years of labor In 1783, Noah Webster created what is considered to be the first dictionary of America. It had 70,000 words in it. It's no accident that National Dictionary Day is on Noah Webster's birthday! He is the father of the American dictionary.

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Famous lexicographers. Lexicography – the job of writing a dictionary. Lexicographer – the person who writes a dictionary

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WHY USE A DICTIONARYthe spelling of a wordthe origins of a wordthe meaning (s) of a wordderivatives of a word (the root plus any added suffixes)the history of a wordthe part of speech of a wordthe abbreviation of a wordthe capitalization of a wordthe syllable divisions of a wordthe pronunciation of a wordsynonyms and antonyms for a wordhow to spell any irregular forms of a word (such as plurals or past tenses of verbs)

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CONCLUSIONSWhy is using a dictionary so important?A student of English without a dictionary is like a hunter without a gun! It’s so funny if you think your teacher can be your dictionary, too because the teacher is not always available. So it is very important for you to have one because It shows you the meaning (s). It shows the spelling. It shows the pronunciation. It teaches some grammar. It gives you good example sentences. Helps you learn more and better. You will feel relaxed in class because you have checked every word before. So do not forget to buy an advanced dictionary for home and one pocket one for your class or anywhere else.

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QUESTIONSWhy do you use a dictionary?What can a dictionary tell you?How many uses of the dictionary do you know?Do you know how to use a dictionary?How often do you use a dictionary?

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LITERATUREThe Internet. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

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HOMETASKMake a theme crossword ;Write a short story or a fairy-tale about dictionary (ies);Create a presentation about your favourite dictionary;Write a letter to Noah Webster;Make a table game about famous lexicographers;Publish a bulletin about British and Ukrainian lexicographers;Your own variant;

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PROJECT Ma. NAGERTatiana v. koshevenko. As an English teacher, I promise you if you learn new words like this, after some time you will be able to understand nearly all movies and serials, read and understand English passages very well and, better than anything else, you can speak like a native English person easily!!I know, I know it takes a lot of time first but you will feel so nice in class because you know everything about the words. Try it!

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