LANGUAGES IN OUR LIFE. The most beautiful languages of the world

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LANGUAGES IN OUR LIFEThe most beautiful languages of the world

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Such a romantic French. And the first most beautiful language of the planet, of course, wants to name the language of love and romance - French. The language of such world-wide literary geniuses as Victor Hugo and Voltaire is soft and tender. And how beautiful French sounds is the most popular phrase in the world I love you - “Je t’aime” everyone knows, not even a polyglot.

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Delicious italian. The word parmesan, spaghetti, lasagna, bolognese and bechamel are so familiar to everyone, and so entered into our dictionary that we all perceive them as our own. But these wonderful words from one more and second on our list of the beautiful language on our planet - Italian. This language is famous for its softness, lightness and melody.

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Hot and emotional spanish. Each language is perceived as his country, culture and traditions in general. And so we associate Spanish as a hot, sultry and very emotional and of course beautiful language, like the fine representatives of his country. And if you get into sunny Spain without knowing this beautiful language, do not be discouraged. Why you ask? Because the essence of the conversation can be understood only by intonation.

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Aristocratic and elegant English. The most aristocratic, beautiful and discreet language in the world is, of course, English. He is thin and sophisticated, like an Englishman with all his manners and principles. It was spoken by the brightest representatives of the political world, among whom Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and the most charming, kind and humane princess of all times and peoples, Lady Dee or Princess Diana. The English language is still very courteous and polite, all these sir, miss, mrs oh and you can get confused ...

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Exotic Turkish. Increasingly, the East is gaining popularity and everything connected with it, so many fans of Turkish TV shows rushed to learn this beautiful, oriental language. Which is quite exotic and mysterious, but at the same time alluring and intriguing. The language of Roksolana and Suleiman is poetic and tender like a rose sage spoken by a Turkish sage. Whether this is really so can be understood only by studying it.

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Huge and majestic Armenian. Armenian is a little wise and, at first glance, quite complicated, but if you read the words, you can hear all its softness and tenderness. Why is the word "Janna" in translation - my dear, beloved does it sound ugly and rude? Of course, no, it sounds gentle and beautiful.

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Colorful and fun greek. The beautiful Solar Greece is beautiful on all sides, because even its language is very beautiful and melodic. Harmonious and specific Greek language is easy to learn and communicate, because it does not disguise the meaning, but just conveys it. The philosophical language of the famous ancient Greek speakers such as Plato, Aristotle, Democritus and Cicero cannot be any other.

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Carnival Brazilian (Portuguese)We all remember from our childhood how mothers and women fled to the TV to watch the favorite Brazilian TV series “Tropicana” and “Slave Isauru”. Throughout the viewing of these wonderful stories of love and life, one could learn the equally beautiful and melodious Brazilian language.

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Ukrainian colorful language. Ukrainian language is very similar with all the Slavic languages, but is distinguished by its exquisite folklore and colorfulness. Ukrainian famous poets, among whom Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko and Lesya Ukrainka were proud of the fact that they could write in their native and such melodic language, calling it nothing other than “our mova solov’їna”

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“Great and Mighty” - Russian. The Russian language in comparison with other languages ​​of the world is the most eloquent, powerful and beautiful. Such geniuses of Russian literature as Pushkin and Lermontov, Blok and Fet, Tyutchev and Turgenev spoke on it. It is impossible to convey the depth of the human soul and the beauty of a woman in any other language of the world. Do not believe? Listen to this ... "Everything is harmony in it, everything is marvelous, everything is higher than peace and passion, it rests shamefully, in its solemn beauty" or "The beauty of charming innocence, the hopes of lovely features, the smile of the joy of heaven and the looks of beauty itself. Doesn't it sound royal, generous, majestic and lovely? This is our true Russian language!

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Simple and beautiful Japanese. For some, it may be open and surprising that the Japanese language and its hieroglyphs may be consonant and beautiful. But it is so. The language of beautiful poetry called xokku simply can not be charming and not interested.

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Melodic and fairy-tale - hindi. Someone from us did not watch and does not like fabulous and good Indian films. What a beautiful Indian language we discover beautiful songs not dubbed into other languages. How much passion and fire in it, enthusiasm and sadness, fun and sorrow. Indian language is called Hindi, and it is very gentle, sonorous, bright and emotional.

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Firm and categorical German. Yes, German also enters our rating of the most beautiful languages of our planet. Not everyone will agree, considering it to be strict, dry and unemotional. But this is not so, the beauty of the state language consists, after all, not only in the beauty of sound and melody. This, at first glance, stingy on emotion language, has other advantages. He is accurate, eloquent, concise, simple and logical in this is his beauty.

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Wonderful and tonal Vietnamese. Did you know that this wonderful language has tonality, and each vowel sound can be made in six variations that will change the meaning of the word? And the intonation itself makes one worry about the excitement of how the phrase is spoken, because it may sound different or friendly or threatening. I am not and very surprised by this, but it really is. So here, here are the wonders of nature.

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Serious and courageous Georgian. There is no doubt that the real game is a real warrior, a father, a breadwinner and a man. Georgian language reflects the whole essence, character and temperament of its mountainous and recalcitrant people, and it is also very dynamic, vibrant, emotional and beautiful. From the conversation and intonation of the two Georgians, one can understand the nature of the conversation and its culmination.

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Sacred Hebrew - the language of all believers. Can a repentant speak the language of the creator of this world? Yes, Jesus Christ himself spoke Hebrew. But this is not what makes it beautiful and consonant, but the fact that people, speaking on it, open their soul and heart.

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Portuguese - "sweet tongue"So, Miguel de Cervantes himself was the most famous Spanish writer who discovered this beautiful language. Brazilian singer and journalist Olavo Bilak called the Portuguese language "The last flower of Latium - wild and beautiful." Indeed, the Portuguese speak very softly, calmly and slowly, which makes their tongues stinging and tender like sweet nougat.

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Expressive and clear Arabic. Drawings and Bedouins always interest and fascinate. The Arab Emirates beckon with its luxury and abundance, and strict traditions scare and frighten. But what is the language of Arabic? Of course, the same multifaceted, luxurious and expressive, like everything else in the Arab world. It is not easy to learn it, but the one who succeeds in it will become his in a fabulous and mysterious eastern world.

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Conclusion. In fact, people never think about the beauty of their language, taking it for granted. Communication is the key to success, and our languages are great helpers for us; they erase all kinds of barriers, borders and distances between people. A person is able to learn up to 50 different languages and travel around the world talking with representatives of different nations and nationalities. And arguing which language is more beautiful is the business of linguists and philologists, let them leave it to them, let them do their own thing.

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